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Sharon Murphy -- 'Disturbed' by Simon's Bed Report

8/18/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Murphy is lashing out at the L.A. County Coroner's report on Simon Monjack's death -- especially the part that references her sharing a bed with Simon.

TMZ broke the story ... according to the final report an investigator walked through Simon's bedroom with a woman who identified one side of Simon's bed as "her side of the bed." The woman's name was withheld from the report, but law enforcement sources have identified her as Brittany Murphy's mom Sharon.

In a statement, Sharon says, "I am very disturbed that the L.A. Coroners [sic] office continues to release things to the media that are misleading." 

She continues, "The TMZ story with it's [sic] salacious headline suggesting that my prescious [sic] son-in-law Simon and I slept in bed together, infering [sic] sexual contact is journalism at its lowest." Sharon also denies there were medications in the house prescribed to a "Sharon Monjack," as the Coroner's report states.

For the record, our story made it clear the Coroner's report did not suggest sexual contact between Sharon and Simon.

A Coroner's Office spokesperson tells us, "Our report speaks for itself."


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It's sad, scary, confusing. I feel really bad for Sharon.
I think it would be good for her to talk to a professional, (psychologist)... Her daughter passing, her son in much happening so fast.

I hope that someone can talk to her....I really hate to see people making comments about her...when really nobody knows the real story.

1505 days ago



1505 days ago


How strange that both her daughter and son-in-law died in the same house she was living in within a year of each other. Hmmm...

1505 days ago


WTF is wrong with these people?

1505 days ago


It's a very disturbing thought, BUT, we don't know the cir***stances. Maybe he was in a bad way and she stayed with him during a difficult time. (not sexually). Also, when she said that was her side of the bed, was that during the investigation of Brittany's death, or after Simon died? Maybe she slept in that bed because it was her daughters, and she obviously was close to Simon. Hearsay. If she was actually sleeping with him, that's just creepy and wrong. But I think there were alot of weird things going on. I can't believe a husband and wife died months apart, both young, and from the same thing, and no one is concerned that this is a FREAK incident beyond FREAKY! If you've lost someone, you know how much just a smell of that person can mean.

1505 days ago


She continues, "The TMZ story with it's [sic] salacious headline suggesting that my prescious [sic] son-in-law Simon and I slept in bed together, infering [sic] sexual contact is journalism at its lowest."
As I was reading this, when I saw the word precious, errr, prescious, I thought it was going to say.... my precious daughters husband.
Then I read, my precious son-in-law. Come on now, tell me that isn't strange. *shudders*

1504 days ago


res ipsa loquitur

1504 days ago


That’s what you call trailer park trash!!! I believe this is true and to be honest, it probably was going on when Brittany was alive. Sharon is going to burn in hell if she crossed her own daughter like that. I only have one word NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1504 days ago


Leave this poor woman alone. My God, she just lost her daughter and then her son-in-law who obviously cared for her very much.

I feel for this woman. My heart goes out to her.

If she reads this comment, then stay strong. Please know that everyone doesn't think like tmz does...they have zero class or respect.

1504 days ago


When the coroner's office reported that Sharon opened the draw in the bedside table and said, "this was HER side of the bed", I believe that she was referring to her daughter. This office needs to a) clarify the comment and b) stop releasing personal information to the public.
And TMZ, you look desperate for a story! Go back to making Oksana look guilty.

1504 days ago


I suggest that TMZ leave the children out of these comments as they are the innocent ones, they did not ask to be born. I personally know of one of them. This child needs to consentrate on school life and not be thrust into adult's negative and depraved comments and following them around. They are not in showbusiness and are under 18 years old. So leave them alone if and until they are ready to pursue this lifestyle.

1504 days ago


You didn't have to say it, you morons. It's clear that when sharon said "it was her side of the bed" she was referring to Brittany. Otherwise she would have said "that was MY side of the bed". Along with your horrific crash photos, I'd say you're about as low as the Globe right now. Nah...The Globe is a class act today compared to you.

1504 days ago


correction: opened the 'drawer'

1504 days ago


She didn't make a full denial. ... Why not?

1504 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

ok the ONLY thing i can see being misleading here is sharon pointing to the side of the bed identifying it as britney's otherwise she would have said "that's MY side of the bed"


and what if brit was obtaining illegal scripts under her mothers name, with simon's last name? it's plausible as sharon has done ALOT of covering up over their 2 deaths.

I'm far from that woman's biggest fan but...

1504 days ago
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