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ICP -- Method Man's Bloody Face Was His Own Fault

8/20/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Violent J from Insane Clown Posse claims Method Man dug his own grave when he took a flying beer can to the face -- because according to the clown, Meth riled up the crowd first with a nasty insult.

Violent J tells TMZ, the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos -- ICP's trademark music festival -- were chanting the word "family" when Method Man and Redman took the stage last weekend ... a word J claims is a term of endearment among Juggalos.

J claims Method Man didn't know the significance of the word, telling the crowd, "F**k family. It's all about hip-hop" -- and according to the man in black-and-white face paint, that's exactly where MM went wrong ... and paid for it with a bloody face.

As we first reported, Meth plans to sue over the incident -- but J tells us, "I don't feel responsible at all" ... referring to the impending lawsuit as "straight b*tch sh*t."

Despite the bad blood -- Violent J adds, "We don't think it should have happened ... We respect Meth and Red to the fullest."



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Methood Man's carreer must be in shambles if he is rapping at an ICP gathering.

1525 days ago


Clowns are for kids and fat meth heads. if you want to listen to awful music ateast listen to bubblegum crap where you might relate to normal people not theese whores

1525 days ago


Ok all you people need to quit whining about something you know nothing clearly no nothing about - lets hate on people cause there different and not "Cookie Cutter" like everyone else screw that. this kind of stuff happens everywhere not just here and beat up? give me a break what whiners ohhh big deal methond man has a little cut on the cheek he was so badly beat up. just cause someone thought this guys sucks and threw something at the stage does not mean everyone is like that, there have been many concerts where stuff is thrown on stage. and no all juggalos are "meth heads" drugs are everywhere there are meth heads everywhere, ones that listen to country music, pop whatever im a juggalette and guess what i have my high school diploma a good paying job kids a husband I own a house and guess what I DONT DO DRUGS EVER!!! QUIT STEREOTYPING
and the person who wrote there are alot of drugs available, well quite living under a rock there are alot of drugs available everywhere, betcha someone on your block sells them. why dont you comment on how they should shut raves down? those are drug havens.

and for campy who wrote this:

The crowd became angry and violent towards the performers after taking meth? That's very interesting. I thought meth was one of those sex drugs, like the poor man's cocaine. The entire violent crowd, if it was indeed hopped up on meth at the time according to ICP front man Douchey-J, should have been screwing in the port-a-pottys or something

are you on meth? where did you read this?? that was never said
maybe you should read what you right instead of making things up.

Ive been to 2 gatherings and its not violent at all i Had a great time, and stupid Tila reality whore tequila was told not to go and she did anyway so its her own damn fault.

1525 days ago


If MM did indeed throw some Fu's at the crowd then he got what he deserved. That's not very smart of him and he has no right to sue.
If Tila T. was indeed warned about the danger and still went on stage to insult the crowd then she got what she deserved. What exactly was she trying to prove? And then her idea to flash her fake boobies and thinking that's going to calm the crowd? wow. brilliant. She won't win any lawsuits.

1525 days ago


violent j is right , you wanna disrespect our family at our family affair then expect the repurcussions that come along with it , and we all know this is just a get rich quick scheme for method man since his stint in prison on tax evasion cause he hasn't put out anything relevant since after his prison time , and plus hes just looking for free publicity just like tila , cause everyone who performs at gotj has to sign a waiver saying psychopathic records is not responsible for what happens when they're on stage (i'm guessing) , also method man is supposed to be so hard but hes whining over one damn little cut please if thats hard then whats a crybaby

mmfwcl to all my juggalo and juggalette family

we will prevail in the end

1525 days ago

ya mama    

Whatever these were the same clowns trying to ride ODB's coat tails to fame when he got locked up when they produced that whack azz album......Juggle deez Juggalo stop gettin high and practice writin ya rhymes better Bitch!!

1525 days ago


For every bad comment about I.C.P...another reader looks them up and hates it or loves it..when will u papers and media outlets get it together..u dont like ..THENS STOP TALKING ABOUT IT..meanwhile ur makin ur little paycheck,they make 250,00- a show...good job america keep saying u hate something,thats what makes us rich...

1525 days ago


WOW, what losers - they watch a band that's too uninspiring to play without total face makeup, use the word "family" for other fellow audience members they don't even know AND they have to throw bottles at people in order to "be heard." Complete group of losers and their gatherings should be shut down, considering the violence.

1525 days ago


Arent these fans known for being violent and alL. Seems like ICP just refuse to take responsibility for anything. If people are performing at your concert, you are responsible for the safety of those people. They should have gone out there and said something to these fans to not be violent towards guest. These were people that ICP had allowed perform after all. Even with that Tila girl. I dont like her at all but I dont think she deserved being hurt when she wasnt even provoking them. Sorry but I dont think anyone deserves that. I dont give a rats ass if they told her they heard rumors\, it was still their responsibility to secure safety of their entertainers. They just need to stop placing blame on everyone else. Sorry but thats just pathetic.

1525 days ago


icp is the ****. that dumb azz should have kept his mouth shut.too bad it wasnt a 64 of old-e........

1525 days ago


ya'll juggalo haters must be drinking on some hateraide...1st off icp isn't the only group and for some odd reason thats the only group ya'll pin point out (ya'll obviously don't know much about this topic so i don't see why all ya'll are even commenting on this)...they like red and meth what don't ya'll get and i'm sorry to tell ya'll but stuff gets thrown all the time at everyone at GOTJ (doesn't matter who you are) 2nd WHOOP WHOOP! MMFWCL. JUGGALO FAMILY!!

1525 days ago


I would laugh my a$$ off if Method shows up next year to the gathering talking all sorts of **** to the juggalos and the first time they throw something Method Man gives the go ahead for all of his boys to bum rush the facility and beat the **** out of anyone wearing face paint including violent J and anyone else associated with ICP. Has anyone actually seen the people that go to these concerts, the are the biggest bunch of *****'s I have ever seen that would never challenge anyone to a fight one on one because they would get their a$$ kicked so they put on their face paint like a bunch of children throwing objects because its tough to point them out in a crowd if they all look the same. Like I said, I think Method and company should organize hundreds if not thousands of people to arrive outside the gathering after the concert has begun and prepare to kick the **** out of these fools video taping it all so we can expose the whole ICP nation for the little bitches they are!!!

1525 days ago

Hee Hee    

To all Juggalos/Juggalettes...

Are you people retarded? Seriously, are you all actual retards? ICP is quite possibly the absolute worst supposed "hip hop" group ever created, they're an embarrassment to the genre. The lyrics are so ridiculously stupid that they're actually hysterical. To top it off, they're dressed up as clowns, clowns!! And you expect people not to laugh? Im pretty sure the ridicule isn't because they're not "cookie cutter" (as one retarded juggalette stated), but because they suck, bad.

1525 days ago

mrs. smith    

I agree 100% with Leelou.

1525 days ago


Method Man got hit twice I believe. Twice. And there weren't many more that threw anything at him if any. I was there, and no, I wasn't high.

I love ICP's creativity. It's not about what's "normal." To quote Violent J: "but for everybody here, i can promise you this --
you'll never hear us rap about the typical bull****
pimpin - all the money they got
all the ice they wear and all the people they shot
all the freaks they pull and all the cars they drive --
only we'd rap about ****in a beehive!"

Is it goofy? yes. Do I expect everybody to understand ICP's appeal? Hell no. Am I a juggalette? yes. Do I have a college degree? Yes, in biochemistry *******s. Was everybody there throwing ****? No, not even close. Did I throw **** at Tila? Hell no. I went back to the tent and slept. It was four in the morning for God's sake. Are we mad at those who threw ****? Of course. Is the Gathering of the Juggalos the only place where **** gets thrown at the "entertainment"? I'd hardly refer to tila and MM as entertainment, but no. Have people been hit in the past? Yes. Did they sue? No. Haystak even invited us to throw ****. You have to know your audience. He did, and he got lots of love from us.

My point is that people are over-generalizing the Juggalos. We use the word "family" as a response to a world that talks about us as seen is these comments. Outcasting an entire group of people just for liking a certain kind of music tends to make that group stronger and more easily identifiable. Just saying. Anyway I'm sure someone will find a fault or two in my post and rip it apart, but just thought I'd throw a couple cents (and some sense) in there.

1525 days ago
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