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ICP -- Method Man's Bloody Face Was His Own Fault

8/20/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Violent J from Insane Clown Posse claims Method Man dug his own grave when he took a flying beer can to the face -- because according to the clown, Meth riled up the crowd first with a nasty insult.

Violent J tells TMZ, the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos -- ICP's trademark music festival -- were chanting the word "family" when Method Man and Redman took the stage last weekend ... a word J claims is a term of endearment among Juggalos.

J claims Method Man didn't know the significance of the word, telling the crowd, "F**k family. It's all about hip-hop" -- and according to the man in black-and-white face paint, that's exactly where MM went wrong ... and paid for it with a bloody face.

As we first reported, Meth plans to sue over the incident -- but J tells us, "I don't feel responsible at all" ... referring to the impending lawsuit as "straight b*tch sh*t."

Despite the bad blood -- Violent J adds, "We don't think it should have happened ... We respect Meth and Red to the fullest."



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Anyone rooting for this violent J guy is crazy. I've been to many hip hop shows/concerts and never ever seen people throw objects at the artists. I guess this only happens at a white people hip hop clown concert and trust, no other race does this. Anyone who thinks these people deserve what they got is effing stupid. I don't think any artists should perform at these gatherings anymore. Just leave all of it to the ICP.

1527 days ago


We all know that Tila and Method Man gettin hit with objects was not right but Tila had her chance to get the hell out of dodge and she refused. She has only made her money by showin her ass all over the internet. And as for Method man hes a man he should have done his homework too by findin out that we r a family. And to come out and say F*** family he should have known he would have something thrown at him. People really need to look into what most of the family have been through in their life to understand where we have come from and what we feel. And for the comment to be made that Violent J is on meth. Man thats some real crap have u people really looked at this man. Hes not a small man by an means. So to say hes on meth is crazy. My husband and i r respect members of our community and we r proud to be juggalos. Everyone in our community knows we r juggalos and we get no negativity for it. Through out the country there have been incidents that have involved juggalos that have been classified as gang related thats have shed a negative light on juggalos worldwide. Being a juggalo is like being part of an extended family only with thounds of brothers and sisters instead of just a few. For those who want to soak us in gasoline and light us on fire ask urself one question Would u do that to ur brother or sister? Those of us who do not try to attract negative attention actually try to help our communities in the name of juggalos. There is little said about the good that juggalos do for people such as community clean ups and food drives to help out the less fortunate. So all we get looked at is being white trash which is no way true. For all u straight up haters who have listened to the music enough to not like it congratulations u have utilized ur freedom of expression!!!posting negative remarks in a forum like this with no personal experience just shows your my last remarks are....f*CK OFF HATERS!!!MMFCL WHOOP!WHOOP!

1526 days ago


I think Violent J is trying to grow a chia pet in his mouth. Get that man a tooth brush, gross!

1526 days ago


appears all that 'Juggalo' bull cant pay to fix messed up teeth..

Time for a new day job

1526 days ago

jessie weed    

everyone saying that he has "meth mouth" are idiots. not everyone is born with perfect teeth. maybe he didnt have the money to get his teeth fixed when he was a kid, for god sakes he grew up in a poor part of michigan with a single parent raising three kids. everyone that isn't a juggalo automattically think that they are bad people and it's just because they don't know the story behind the band. these are two people that came from nothing and with no help created both one of the most beloved bands in the world and at the same time one of the most hated. you can tell that obiously by reading the comments posted. anyways back on the meth mouth subject, ive met a couple of meth freaks in my life, and there teeth were black and falling out. now i'm a juggalo, but i'm not a methhead, i'm not a coke head, or anything. i pretty much stay away from drugs 100%,yeah i've smoked a little weed in my life but i'm not a bad person. just because a few idiots threw stuff at tila and methodman, everyone asumes that every juggalo alive is a druggy, a dropout, and just the skum of the earth and we're not, i'm not a drop out myself, im just about to finish up school and i'm going to college to become a certified welder. and there are plenty of other juggalos out there that are the same way. all i ask is give icp a break, both tila and methodman could have walked off stage, but they didnt. maybe it's them that you should be checking into, and calling methheads.

1526 days ago


look i've been a juggalo for a long time and have been to a lot of shows, i know what i'm getting myself into every time i go. i've been hit and i've been broken but i tell you this, i'll always be in the front row when the clowns are in town. you wanna know why? it's because i'm there with my true family. people who don't know me that love me. that's beautiful to me, it's pure magic. how can i say it's beautiful if people are hitting me? well because just like in every family you have some dumb folk, well, we got ours too. but that doesn't mean their not family. i may think it's wrong to hurt someone but guess what, i still stand by MY FAMILY 100%. these haters think that we're gonna go away, haha we've been doing this for 20 years don't think for one second it's about to end now. this is who we are and this is the way we will be forever even in the glory of shangri-la. we know you hate us and that's why we love each other that much more. as you can already tell, we've got each other's back til the end . unlike the mainstream h03s who f you and leave you. we stand proud together through the good the bad and the ugly. now can i get a WHOOP WHOOP FROM MY FAMILY? I LOVE YA'LL

1526 days ago



1525 days ago


First of all, Method Man should have known better, walking infront of a crowd of Juggalo's chanting "FAMILY" you shouldn't say f**k Family. Anyone who comes across a concert or The Gathering, Juggalo or not should know that when it comes to Family, things get out of hand.
Second, Who ever the the dumb as* kid was who threw the objects at Method and Tila, is just that A KID!! The new age Juggalo's and Juggalette's have no sense in respect. I've been down for 11 years, and it's harder now then ever because all these little youngins want to try and make a name for themselves in a world where your name doesn't matter.
Thirdly, Why the hell are they attacking ICP?? J and Shaggs didn't do a damn thing but warn them. A crowd full of Juggalo's isn't to faund of people who think their better then everyone!! It isn't J or Shaggs fault that some retarded a*s kid wanted to throw things that just so happened to bust some retarded a*s "rappers" in the face. Why blame the people who tried to tell them, long before their performences that the crowd was going to be out of hand. Tila and Method were both warned, I do give props for the both of them for still continuing to play after getting busted in the face.
Fourth, The Gathering of the Juggalo's has been around for many years, yes it has gotten out of hand few times. You can't ban something that has such a cruetcial role in society. If you ban The Gathering, then ban Woodstock, and The Grammy's, and the Red Carpet, Any premire of movies. Ban every artist, and actor.for Christ sake ban schools!! EVERY FAN OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE CAN AND WILL GO OUT OF CONTROL!! Why single it out on the Juggalo's and Juggalette's because a few bad seeds want to ruin it for the rest of us?? You can't take away the fun for everyone else just because a few want to mess up.
I recently saw a video on TMZ showing someone hitting Justin Beiber in the head with a water bottle, Where's the hatred toward that kid?? It's the same damn thing, but for some reason a little boy can take a bottle to the head and not sue the people NOT responsible for inccident, so why should Tila and Method be sueing J and Shaggs for something they had no part in?? They weren't telling the Juggalo's to throw things at them, they weren't helping them throw the bottles and what not. Why are they being held accountable??

1524 days ago


****ing Magnets How Do They Work???? Lol.

1524 days ago

DImpled Juggalo    

tila was an idiot for even goin out there it was all her own. they warned her they told her to keep the money just dont go out there she refused and went out there. Then as the bodyguards where surrounding her she kept "rapping" and screamin im not leavin. sounds desprate. and as for method man it was a misunderstanding he made a mistake he didnt understand. oh well **** happens but what i dont understand as why RICH WEALTHY people like these are complaining and trying to get more money. Whoop de do u got ****. u got **** throwed at you. whoop de do. and y should Shaggy or Violent be the targets of everything. its da BAD APPLES that started this. you dont see everyone saying we should start catholic priest or christians on fire for their extremely poor reprasentation

1518 days ago


yea i agree completely with dimpled juggalo. it's bull that they try to complain when they get themselves into some s**t! it's unfortunate of course but people just have to understand certain things haha, and not be ridiculous about it

1518 days ago

Cajun Juggalo    

i think its funny how you haters are dissing and hating us when yall do know anything about us lol f*ckin dumbass. 1. most of us follow God and we have Icp to thank for helping us Find Him. 2. true Juggalos are not violent. 2. yall needa do research b4 you start hating. 3. yes we are white trash but we dont care, we are proud of being who we are and if yall dont like it yall can go suck a cops d*ck.. MCL FTW

1492 days ago


f%^k everyone that hate icp i been a juggalo since 1995 and yall always got to hate on some white dude tring to make a life if yall only had is just to make music that what ya would do and for meth man he is just wrong for sayin f%^k family we are family and he didnt know probably but f$%k him he shouldnt did that

1484 days ago


you people need to not talk about what you don't know... You have no clue about don't talk. Pay more attention " because according to the clown, Meth riled up the crowd first with a nasty insult" METH is refering to method man. So again don't comment about what you don't know.

1474 days ago


i want everyone to read these comments left by every one else... now how can anyone say that juggalos are the violent ones. iv seen comments about burning, beating, and throwing rocks at us juggalos. you wonder why we are violent because every one around us makes us that way. anyone who has ever been to or seen a gathering knows that trash getting thrown at the act is normal. weather you tila taquila, methed man, shaggy, or violent j. iv seen other artists that have nothing to do with icp get things thrown at them at there own shows. at lalapalooza everyone and i mean everyone threw mud at eveyone weather they were on stage or not. i think all you people need to take a real carefull look at exactly who the problem really is.

1455 days ago
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