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ICP -- Method Man's Bloody Face Was His Own Fault

8/20/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Violent J from Insane Clown Posse claims Method Man dug his own grave when he took a flying beer can to the face -- because according to the clown, Meth riled up the crowd first with a nasty insult.

Violent J tells TMZ, the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos -- ICP's trademark music festival -- were chanting the word "family" when Method Man and Redman took the stage last weekend ... a word J claims is a term of endearment among Juggalos.

J claims Method Man didn't know the significance of the word, telling the crowd, "F**k family. It's all about hip-hop" -- and according to the man in black-and-white face paint, that's exactly where MM went wrong ... and paid for it with a bloody face.

As we first reported, Meth plans to sue over the incident -- but J tells us, "I don't feel responsible at all" ... referring to the impending lawsuit as "straight b*tch sh*t."

Despite the bad blood -- Violent J adds, "We don't think it should have happened ... We respect Meth and Red to the fullest."



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It is what it is    

I was there, I dont care for ICP but there Festival was cool. Who didnt want to see tila tiquela get poop & trash thrown at her. & theres a reason these artest show up. They have respect for the clowns Hell, look it up Even emeinem Was a Huge fan that lied about the clowns showing up to his relase party & got way butthurt over it & started dissing them & stopped doing that because the clowns were Owning him with there comback songs singing about his mom & so on. Rolling stones #1 most hated band & proud of it.

1445 days ago

juggalo for life    

all you haters need to realize we arent meth users we just like to crack haters in the head with cans or baseball bats if you dont know you should shut your lip before you get your sack stapled to your forehead

1368 days ago

Joseph B. Moore    

Just like they say in the music, little bitches acting tough behind computer screens. You know what? Go ahead and hate all you want, that's what you little ****s know how to do the best is be a little hater and bitch and complain about other people. Who the **** are you? You ain't God, you think you're better than us? HA!! That's funny ****!! I thnik it's funny that it gets all of you all hyped up and you come onto this website and talk a bunch of ****. Let me guess, hmmm, you guys have heard maybe one or two songs and you see the clown paint(which is not about painting your face you ****ing idiots,it's about that it doesn't matter if your black or white or whatever color to rap,or wear Fubu or whatever,it's about looking past the color and recognizing something magnificant!) and people think," these guys paint their faces? The must be queer!" You know what if all you can see is the face paint and all you can do is hate on something that you have no idea about then you're ****ing queer. Get a life!!! You're jealous because it's a family atmosphere when you go to these concerts and everybody acts like brothers and sisters!!! The ***** at these concerts, Holy **** are there some hot Juggalettes out there!!! So you bitches keep hatin and Juggalos will keep elevatin!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

1349 days ago

Axe the Ace    

Whats up This be a Juggalo From West Side Anderson Indiana and heres what I gotta say about this: What the hell is going on with stupid people at ICP concerts? You know the risk of getting on that stage? I best wear a hatchet on your chest and cheer with the fans or your going to get a rock to the face! I is for INSANE for a reason, please forgive my family though TMZ. And by the way Method Man, **** YOU ITS ALL ABOUT FAMILY!

1311 days ago


To all the HATERS we juggalos will just keep on growing in size. juggalos are family the biggest at a matter of fact and we are and always will be juggalos and jugalettes.....JUGGALO4LIFE

1240 days ago

justin budka    

what u got a problem with meth head juggalos bet u would say it to a real klown mothafockel mmfwcl yall

1132 days ago
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