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Jen Aniston -- Credit Card Situation Was 'Not Cool'

8/19/2010 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston -- one of the  mega-stars allegedly scammed by a Beverly Hills "skin artist" who was arrested yesterday -- claims the whole situation was "not cool."


Aniston just appeared on "GMA" -- and explained, "We had a situation that was not cool so I just stopped going to her."

As TMZ first reported, U.S. Secret Service agents busted Maria Gabriela Perez yesterday for allegedly "skimming" credit card info from her famous clients -- like Aniston, Liv Tyler and Melanie Griffith -- and making more than $200k worth of fraudulent charges.

Aniston told GMA that her damage "wasn't to the extent of the other girls" ... but noted, "I knew something like this would eventually happen because there's no way you can get away with that. It's terrible."


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to #18. excuse me lady! don't compare this woman with AJ. She is a mother of 6. I beleive Aniston's every day life surrounded with people who are working to make her "happy" or you can say "young" If you are woman you would understand how much energy can put for 6 kids! A'J is intelligent and humanitarian talented actress compare to this dull-uncool woman.

1523 days ago


She get me so hot its like I have a duraflame log in my pants.

1523 days ago


41 is middle aged (maria)? I must be ancient at 49 then. Sheesh!!!!

1523 days ago


Hope that didn't ruin her credit score. Wouldn't want her to have to give up the Dr visits, diet pills, makeup, brow waxings etc.
And too bad we now have to keep seeing adds for the latest Rachel movie. gawd she can't act

1523 days ago


Jennifer Aniston needs to go away to the retirement village for arrogant narcissistic million-year-old former ingenues

1523 days ago


I worked for a major credit card company, and I can tell you most big celebs have management companies that recieve the bills and take care of payment for them. This story doesnt suprise me, however the suprising thing is that somebody was paying enough attention in one of those management companies to check on these charges and find they were fraudulant, I have personally seen some top celebs credit card bills and I dont know how they were able to figure out the charges in question were fraudalent, frankley when you see what some celebs spend and where they spend its just plain ridiculous. If Aniston and the other celebs that got ripped off were handling there own finances chances are they would have never known they were being ripped off.

1523 days ago


Oh my-Sounds like a few people a a little jealous of Jen-At least she never tries to be something she's not. But I do wish she could move away from all those romantic comedies to play a more interesting character. Your cool Jen.

1523 days ago


You can't even compare Jen and Angelina. Angelina is a brilliant actress, a mom of 6 children, a humanitarian and a United States ambassador and still looks ridiculously beautiful doing it. Jen on the other hand can't act to save her life, is a complete narcissist who is beginning to show her age because she is still smoking cigarettes to stay thin and will probably never have kids because she is too selfish. Did I mention that she has a ****ty personality?

1523 days ago


You people must really be bored today. Jennifer Aniston is the most classy act in hollyweird. As far as Brad the dirty bum, he does this every so often, cannot wait for the Holie to do this to Brad, that is why is has to be on the set of her movies, he know's she will sleep with anyone or anything at a momemtns notice. SHe is way to skinny now for anyone to be interested in the HOlie. Jennifer is a beautiful woman and very intelligent. She is on a talk show, you do not need to prove yourself on Regis, they are idiot's on that show, not very bright, so Jen was just fitting into the show. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA JENNIFER ANISTON RULES.

1523 days ago


#28 haha on her and you when the movie she is trying to promote tanks like all of her other movies. Class act? When you try to diss 80 year old Regis, the nicest guy in the business? She is an effing loser.

1523 days ago


I am soooo tired of seeing Jennifer Aniston EVERYWHERE!!

1523 days ago


She HAS done movies other than rom-coms but everyone always says they don't like her in them (but then dumps on her when she goes back and does another rom-com). Can't have it both ways people...

She basically has Meg Ryan's old come Meg Ryan never got dumped on for basically only doing rom-coms? She certainly was no Oscar caliber actress either just like Aniston. Don't get the big deal here. Jolie plays the same character, too, and just because she has kids and does some well publicised strategically planned charity benefits she is some saint. Both AJ and JA have the same career for all practical purposes.

1523 days ago

Lauren Turner    

I have always liked Jennifer Aniston, but judging by her recent rants and raves on various talk shows from Regis to Late Night, she needs to work on her vocabulary and self expressions. In the words of Author, Will Estell in his book, Wisdom & Wisecracks. "Be careful not to get blinded by hype...even your own.",Jen.

1523 days ago

Tery Huff    

Jen is not a sixteen year old girl from the sixties. Pretty, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

1523 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Too bad every time I see this woman I think to myself, "I bet she wishes Brad wouldn't have gotten away"

I don't think of her as being a good actress in any movie or anything and I never watched friends. I only think of her as Brad's old squeeze who is better looking than his new squeeze.

1523 days ago
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