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Adderall May Have

Unhinged Lindsay Lohan

8/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's Adderall dependence -- the result of a medical misdiagnosis -- may have been the reason she went off the rails.

As we first reported, the docs at the UCLA rehab facility believe Lindsay was misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ... and was prescribed Adderall to treat the phantom affliction.

Dr. Joe Haraszti -- a prominent L.A. addiction specialist -- tells TMZ ... people who take Adderall when they don't need it can experience similar effects as people who use cocaine or methamphetamine.

Dr. Haraszti tells us ... people who unnecessarily take Adderall can display manic symptoms ... and often do things like "driving around until all hours of the morning ... smoking heavily ... tweeting ... and texting all night long." The doc adds, "They can become very impulsive."

The doc also notes that people in that situation "might then complain of insomnia and then take Ambien or other sleep aids to help fall asleep ... it's a vicious cycle"

Dr. Marc Kern -- another addiction expert -- tells us alcohol abuse is also very common among patients who take Adderall.

Dr. Kern tells us, "The Adderall counteracts the sedative side effects of alcohol use … making these people often drink more than someone who does not take the drug."

Bottom line -- a bad medical diagnosis may have set the ball rolling that unhinged Lindsay's life.


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Catherine Malllory    

Good morning Doug,
Nice to see someone else is up.
Could you please tell me what the Jennifer Anniston reference is to? I have never seen her name mentioned before in regards to this issue.
Thank You.

1470 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

Who SWALLOWED the adderall?

1470 days ago


Horse poop. Blame the medical community only because she was allowed to "diagnosis" herself and get the meds. Got the script for weight loss and dug the extra bonus of the other effects. Spin, spin, spin. How many dumb ****s going to believe this? The same ones who voted in November :)

1470 days ago


And she is NOT an addict either. The docs took her off everything (well, maybe she still smokes) - drugs, alcohol - and she had no withdrawal symptoms. That doesn't happen to an addict. Please actually READ the article before you post.

1470 days ago


You need a parent who isn't a gullible fool, who questions a diagnosis like this, who gives a damn. She didn't have that. People believe doctors, sometimes without questioning, and this is what you get. Many doctors in this country are more like pharmaceutical reps or even drug pushers (as in the case of Michael Jackson's doctor), who are apparently only interested in prescribing drugs and getting paid and not in truly caring for their patients. People also seem to forget that just because a drug is prescribed by a doctor that doesn't mean that it isn't dangerous.

1470 days ago


And then there's the dilaudid. She had to either be in constant acute pain, or....wanted to get high. She had to have lied through her teeth for them. I would love to hear statements from the doctors as to why they all made so many "misdiagnoses" and prescribed so many intoxicating type drugs for someone who had absolutely nothing wrong with them. She's an ACTRESS. Good luck scoring when you get out Lindsey.

1470 days ago


i think tmz is showing too much sympathy for lindsay, she's an addict!!! bottom line. There are two things that help determine if a person is an addict: consequences and the amount of usage. lindsay has a lot of consequences, ie: going to jail, and she also uses a lot. She's an addict!! stop trying to make it sound like she's not!!

1470 days ago


of course she dont have adhd. shes a liar and she believes she is above the law. she made a cute movie when she was young and now shes a tabloid plague. I really dont see the hype. she wanted some speed. I was prescribed it for 5 years and just lied to the doctor. prescription drugs are too easy to get .its really sick. all these psychiatrists are just drug pushers with a degree...and also that adderall is not good stuff..i sniffed it ..smoked it.. all that... it makes u sooooo paranoid ..especially if you abuse it.. call me crazy but i think alot of this **** was made up..adhd..all these things just to make money

1470 days ago


I suspect that UCLA is using neuropsychiatric speak to say "She's a hopeless mess and out of money".

1470 days ago


When Lindsey got scooped up she was pretty much reduced to being treated like a bottom feeder by the media. Her actions and attitude warranted that reaction. Now suddenly it's "bad judge" "misdiagnosed Lindsey" "wrongly accused Lindsey" "set Lindsey free". Let's all calm down and Google Lindsey Lohan and remember how she got where she is. Remember Cannes? The tweets? The kleptomania? The fall-flat-on-her-face-drunk?

1470 days ago


Perhaps, people can be made aware of the dangers of taking Adderall if not needed.

1470 days ago


Lindsay will have some story to tell when she gets out.

Good to see that on Wednesday August 25th it is likely the injustice that happened on July 6th due to Marsha Revel will be rectified.

1470 days ago


When oh when will we get the picture when it comes to psychotic drugs? This is a typical example of so callled professionals making a false diagnosis, prescribing dangerous drugs, guessing at treatments, basically messing with your mind and central nervous system with the distinct possibility of killing you or causing irrepairable damage. I have personally witnessed many over the years since I got sober getting hooked on all this junk, some have commited suicide, some are in mental hospitals doing the thorizine shuffle, tragic consequences. Prayer works, treating the root causes works, treating symptoms and masking the causes onl leads to disaster. Stop the insanity, stop lookng for the quick fix.

1470 days ago



She lied to get drugs so she could abuse them.

Just the same way she lies about mouth pain to get demerol. I have migraines that take me out for days at a time and only going to the hospital to get meds make them go away, but I dont have a prescrip for demerol.

She's got those dr's in her pocket. She pays them to write those scripts..I can guarantee it.

1470 days ago


#19 And she is NOT an addict either. The docs took her off everything (well, maybe she still smokes) - drugs, alcohol - and she had no withdrawal symptoms. That doesn't happen to an addict. Please actually READ the article before you post.

Posted at 2:08 AM on Aug 20, 2010 by aston

You can withdrawal safely from alcohol and drugs without a detox, rehab center ! I think you need to read the article again because the people contributing to this article are NOT medical professionals that are treating Lindsay Lohan.

Honestly what kind of quack doctor's out there that could actually claim she is no longer going to be a menance to society because she was mis-diagnosed for one prescription. This lady will be out in a few days, obviously, once again playing the game and will be dead in a year ! And Mommy dearest WOW she's more messed up than her daughter ! What was she taking the day she interviewed with Matt Lauer ?

1470 days ago
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