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Madonna Accused of 'Material Girl' Theft

8/19/2010 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A clothing company is taking legal action against Madonna, claiming the material girl has ripped off the "Material Girl" trademark.

L.A. Triumph, Inc. claims in a new lawsuit it's been marketing "Material Girl" clothing since 1997, selling millions of bucks worth of threads under its trademark.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, Madonna, aka Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, has jacked the name "Material Girl" for her junior clothing line Material Girl Brand -- which launched this year.

L.A. Triumph wants a declaration from a federal judge that Madonna's use of "Material Girl" creates "deception" in the marketplace. 

In addition to the declaration, L.A. Triumph wants the judge to order Madonna and her company to turn over all of the profits they've made from their clothing line.

We've called Madonna's rep.  So far, no comment.



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I think this is a double edged sword for Material Girl clothing. I saw this ad in In Style magazine today and actually thought it WAS Madonnas new line of clothing. I was waiting for it to arrive so I could shop the line for my niece. Since Macys has been advertising that they were going to be selling Madonnas line, and the fact that the clothing LOOKS just like her style, I did think it was hers. So on the one hand LA Triumph, Inc. will benefit when people get confused and buy there look alike clothes thinking it is hers. And while there is no patent on fashion, she could come back to them and claim that they stole her "look" and used HER name without permission years ago. The trouble is, while Madge may be known as Material Girl for years, it is not a formal name and unless she filed a copyright on it, those words are open game. LA Triumph should rethink. While she may have stolen their name, they are truly gong to benefit from this since people will buy their stuff like crazy thinking it is Madonna's. I sure thought it was!

1494 days ago


Just go take a look at the material girl website, there's a TON of madonna pictures and magazine articles about her in the section "who's that girl"

They messed up, bad.

1494 days ago


If Madonna didn't trademark the name and the company did then that's her loss. This isn't a name game or a copyright issue it's that Madonna is trying to use a name for her clothing line that has already been granted trademark status by another clothing company. Personally I can't stand all these lame copyright suits... like Trump and his 'your fired' he didn't start it, shouldn't own it, but since no one had claimed the rights legally he got it...It's all BS.

1494 days ago


I don't even like Madonna, but they are frakkin idiots to think that she stole from them. They obviously were riding on Madonna's back in the Material World. Hope they have a second name in mind.

1494 days ago


Oops! Isn't that step one of a business plan? Checking the names and copyrights is usually where people start...somebody messed up.

1494 days ago


Please. I'm sure they have a lawyer that would tell them if there was a problem with something as simple as a name. Who cares what Madonna did or wants, it's what holds up in court that matters.

1494 days ago


Dubstep'n, I was refering to the first comment. learn to read and observe retard!

1494 days ago

Fredric Felder    

Clothing line can't get sued.. Material Girl was a Song... Where Madonna Swagger Jacked Marilyn Monroe. Material Girl is a Clothing Line.. Hence they did a Clothing line under it first.. I can have Material Girl Car wash.. as long as it's not in the same business line... I won't be sued. McDonald's Carpet Cleaning Hell my last name could be McDonald's... Only way it can be thrown out is to say I was inspired by my song Material Girl from the 80's my line is for a different demographic and such and I have the same right to use this name... we will see...

1494 days ago


I believe Madonna should file a cause of action in return. She has used that title for over 30 years longer than this company has used it for their clothing line. Perhaps they jacked her name in order to have a false affiliation with her and sell their clothing! Do it! Madonna is one savvy woman. I'd bet she will prevail in this annoying lawsuit.

1494 days ago


#29: She will DEFINITELY win a suit against them, if past treatment of people known by a catch-phrase or nickname is any indication. Google "Girl from Ipanema."

1494 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

Is L.A. Triumph and its lawyers from the USA? Evidently they don't understand how USA trade mark laws work. They owe Madonna, not the other way around. She has owned the copyright and trade mark, even if not registered, since 1985.

1494 days ago


#40 Tiffany. You're a moron. Just because someone is an "underdog" doesn't mean they're right. It also doesn't mean they'll win...even though your pathetic little victim mentality screams in torture over the possibility. Go shame yourself you stupid git.

#33 Kooky. I am in love with you. The sandwich sounds tasty, but dear god...put some effing BUTTER on something. What's with all the low fat?

1494 days ago

who dat    

It comes down to who registered the trademark and who is damaged by the others use. Madonna being a worthless slut only can hurt the use of the name by the other party.

99% of you should refrain from commenting because you have no concept of the legal issues involved.

1494 days ago

who dat    

The other company (that sued Madonna) have been marketing "Material Girl" clothing since 1997. If Madonna had the trademark registered, i can say with 100% certainty, that she would have sued long before now. If the companies legal team is competent, they will prevail. Including profits from any sales.

1494 days ago


I will bet you that madonna never trademarked the name; she's too arrogant & stupid. I hope the clothing line takes her to the cleaners...

1494 days ago
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