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Rachel Uchitel Milks Another Tiger

8/20/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel has finally met a tiger she can't squeeze $10 million out of ... and TMZ has obtained the footage of the exotic encounter. 

Tiger Woods' mistress numero uno recently shot a series of Facebook videos for Cameo Stars -- a la Lindsay Lohan -- in which she canoodles with an adorable (and equally deadly) tiger cub.

During the shoot for the video messages -- which are launching this fall -- Rachel handles the growling, hungry tiger like a pro ... and at one point feeds it milk out of a baby bottle like she's got a B.S. in zoology.



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Jesus. What happened to role models?

1504 days ago

Mista Celebrity    

Hey girls! Want to become famous AND rich?~! Just sleep with a famous person, and you too could get lots of money and opportunities to be in the media and on TV! What's the big deal as long as it involves cash and fame?!? Don't wait, ACT NOW! Remember....YOU are the helpless victim and need to be PAid TODAY!!!

1504 days ago


Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

If I were Elin, this would definitely make me track this broad down and whoop her ass.

1504 days ago


She should get sued since Tiger paid her 10 million to shut up and the tiger obviously represents him.

1504 days ago


I just don't understand these woman that announce to the world that they are an easy lay for money. They use to be called prostitutes, which was against the law. Now all you have to do is hire Gloria Allred and your set for life. What kind of message are we sending our young daughters, that it is ok as long as you hire a lawyer and a PR man?

1504 days ago

solar panel    

Symbolism? Coded message? Tiger. Big nipple. Big paws. Grabbing. Can't feed itself. A leash. Pooper scooper. Ya, I get the message.

1504 days ago


Stupid airhead, you now making sure you will be a celebrity by sleeping with a married man, american media is so sick!!!!!!!!!!

1504 days ago


If I were Tiger, I'd cut off any money not yet given because she is continuing to put herself out there and constantly reminds him of what she was. Now that he has lost his wife, why should he pay this whore any more money?

1504 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I have a feeling Tiger's lawyers are going to be giving her a call about this. It is obvious why she is doing it and she received the $10 mil to not talk about or have anything to do with Tiger Woods and people will associate this with Tiger Woods.

1504 days ago


If she got 10 million why is she doing anything other than laying around at the beach,thats what I would be doing.Plus smoking some very good weed

1504 days ago


to quote Elaine Benes "fake.. fake....fake fake"

at my beach i could throw a handful of sand and hit 20 girls hotter than that

1504 days ago


When people only remember you for who you slept with that has to make you proud. Ugh.

1504 days ago


you guys need to get of the "She got $10 million" crap

the settlement was for under $1 million, and TMZ knows it, but would rather keep pumping that $10 million farce.

1504 days ago


What a skank!! What exactly is she "famous" for? Sleeping and getting paid for it with a married man? JEEZ...a piece is a piece and that is all!

1504 days ago


wow..I'm still trying to understand why all these messed up guys keep saying she's hot..she's Not..last time I saw a pic of her on the beach she looked like a damn slim jim..burnt brown and wrinkly and I'm bi so I like to look at fine women but this oogly is not one of them

1504 days ago
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