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The Lead Singer

of Rush

'Memba Him?

8/19/2010 1:35 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Geddy Lee is famous for being the lead singer of the '70s heavy metal band Rush. Guess what he looks like now!



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Bill F. Murray    

Rush is still awesome!

1526 days ago

pink floyd    

rush has the the best drummer in the world...neil peart.

1526 days ago


never liked rush much

1526 days ago


Lets be clear - Rush is not heavy all. However, they do rock!

1526 days ago


...'70s? ...Heavy Metal?

Do you guys know anything at all about Rush? Sure, they started out in the seventies, but they're still around and going strong today. Would you likewise refer to REM as an "eighties" band? Thought so. As for "heavy metal," that's totally inaccurate. "Power prog rock" would be more like it.

1526 days ago


Uhhh....Rush is definitely NOT heavy metal.....

1526 days ago

Sin D    

#6 is correct...nothing wrong with metal....but RUSH ain't. the top 10 greatest shows I ever seen, and I seen hundreds. 3 dudes+5 instruments=mass amount of music. You WILL be a fan after a RUSH concert. Do it snapperhead.

1526 days ago


Heavy metal???? Tell me your NOT serious TMZ?? Harvey knows better than THIS! Better start letting HIM proofread any 'music from the 60's or 70's' articles from now on you little 'classic rock-illiterate' little children working in the TMZ 'news room'! How sad:( Rush for your info is PURE ROCK N'ROLL boys & girls. Geez. And do they ROCK or what?!! AH-MAZING! Just listen to 'Spirit of Radio' & learn a few things for heavens sake. Rush can certainly take full credit for some of the best lyrics EVER WRITTEN in the history of R&R:)

I think Geddy Lee looks better NOW actually:) Love the signature washer & dryer they always have onstage. My hubby is a production mgr. at our local hockey arena(where they also host many a music concert) & was also a roadie in his 'younger years' & I once asked about the washer/dryer thing & if they were merely props & much to my amusement found out that, YES! They ARE actually doing their laundry in there! LOL! LOVE IT!

1526 days ago


RUSH = 70's heavy metal? That is the best thing I read all day.
If you do listen to RUSH, YOU GOTTA LOVE EM :)
Breaking news... TMZ needs a fact checker!!

1526 days ago


Some nice photos of Rush's set(yep, there's those washer/dryers still-lol)

Just wanted to add that 'Mike' is right on target-'Progressive Rock'. TMZ-at least get yourselves a bit of 'info' before writing these articles? Hell, 'Wiki' might be a good place to at least START. How many seconds would that have taken? 'bout their webpage? Rush definitely has a pretty amazing home website!

As to "70's band"....(sigh & BIG roll of the eyes on THAT ONE) Try 70's, 80's. 90's & right up until TODAY! Rush has NEVER STOPPED!!! :) :)

Anybody not familiar with Rush? Ya just have no idea what your missing. My, my(sigh)....where, oh WHERE has all the really great music gone????? Check these guys out. You definitely won't be sorry & will be a fan FOREVER MORE:)

1526 days ago


What does TMZ mean by "resurfaced?" Rush never went away, and is still packing in large venues like they've always done. They tour every two years, and have never ever gone away.

1526 days ago


Rush was the best concert I ever attended. Geddy's bass playing is unparalleled. Check out the "Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage" dvd released this past June for an epic biography of these wonderful musicians.

1526 days ago


Holy crap, are you KIDDING me?! I always thought Rush’s lead singer was a woman.

1526 days ago

hot snot    

rush SUCKS and their monotonous noodling and his high pitched "i just got kicked in the nuts" voice is HORRENDOUS! worse than nails on a chalk board. I can't wait until that guy kicks the f'n bucket. Rush needs to disappear

1526 days ago


Rush is still going strong and always has been. Over the last 30 years in the NW, every show has been a sell out. I just caught them on the latest tour in Seattle. As you can see from the pix's, it was a great production!

1526 days ago
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