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Larry Birkhead -- Do You Swear to Tell the Truth ... ?

8/20/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead returned to an L.A. County Superior courtroom this morning to continue spilling his guts about Anna Nicole Smith's prescription drug use.

On Thursday, Birkhead testified that he saw Smith take numerous prescription drugs -- but claims that Anna had told him that she wasn't an addict. Birkhead also told the court that Anna insisted she had a high tolerance for certain meds.

Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor are all facing charges of conspiring to unlawfully provide drugs to Anna Nicole. They have each pled not guilty.


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My two cents ;)    

Larry you are a complete snake! You knew Anna was an addict. You allowed her to continue taking drugs. You at one point completely abandoned her. Leaving her to the wolves to fuel her addiction. Watch out pointing your finger because people are pointing back at you. Oh and you can thank Anna for your nice clothes. You Larry are the biggest freaking hypocrite, when are you going to admit you treated Anna like crap! Karma

1470 days ago

My two cents ;)    

oh and I am not jealous because i'd give anything to have Anna alive and well

1470 days ago


Who says gays don't make good parents. He's gotta lose that haircut. Think he's going for a "signature do".

1470 days ago


Anna's bodyguard BIG MOE said under oath during preliminary hearings in OCT. 2009 that LARRY BIRKHEAD GAVE ANNA NICOLE ecstasy, cocaine, alcohol even when she was pregnant.

Moe said many times Birkhead was just a gay sperm donor.

1470 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

Get a load of Larry' 1940s Preacher suit...I mean reeeallllly! Get with it dude.

1470 days ago


I saw this *** at Dancing with the Stars, never liked him. He shouldn't even have been there, he's a piece of ****.

1470 days ago


Never trust anyone with a frankenstein haircut...

1470 days ago

Kimberly W.     

Nice look Larry... Can you say hello Mr. G. Q

1470 days ago


Somebody please tell me WHY nobody takes issue with Birkhead for fathering a child with Anna Nichole when he knew, according to his own testimony she had a drug problem. So he was willing to have a newborn who's life could have been negatively effected by drugs, but nobody says a thing, and acts as if he is some hero for knocking her up... I see him , in my opinion, as an opportunist who wanted a baby with her no matter what, thinking there would be a big payday and he was the one who was on every cover cashing in, Howard NEVER cashed in when he had custody of the baby yet everyone makes him the bad guy.. Larry should not have considered a baby with a drug addict and why didn't he force her to get help, the very thing the others are being accused of. NOBODY could have helped, she was the one responsible for her decisions.

1470 days ago


Larry has ALWAYS been honest in court from the start. He's not going to start lying now. He will continue to set a good example for he and Anna Nicole's daughter. I wish him the best of luck with everything he suffered from Howard K. Stern.

1470 days ago


looks like he was forced to put on the new suit!!

1470 days ago


make him swear on his hair plugs bwahaha

1470 days ago


You know, sad as it is to say, that little girl might very well be better off with Anna out of her life. As someone mentioned, she may actually have a better chance now. With Anna, there *may* have been more money - but we all see what money brings. Hopefully she did not pick up Anna's drug addict gene - wasn't Anna doing drugs while pregnant with Dannielynn..?

And please..someone said Larry would not know what the truth was if it hit him in the face..Sounds more like HKS- not Larry!!

Anna was a very sick person, in more ways than one.

1470 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

And addicts are SO gonna tell the truth! Bwahahahaha!

1470 days ago


team Mel!.........oh,sorry ...wrong post..(heh-heh) in peace Anna.......if u were not already dead,this bull**** would have killed ya.........godspeed anna.....

1470 days ago
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