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Jayson Williams -- Another Year Behind Bars for DWI

8/20/2010 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Jayson Williams just got sentenced to a year behind bars for his DWI case ... but that sentence will have to wait until AFTER he finishes his current 5 years hard time for the shooting death of his limo driver.

Jayson Williams Sentenced to Jail

Williams was arrested for DWI back in January after he slammed his Mercedes-Benz into a tree in New York City.

Moments ago in Manhattan Criminal Court, Williams -- through his lawyer -- plead guilty to DWI and was slapped with the 1-year sentence, and he also has to pay $16,643 for the tree he hit.

Less than two months after the DWI, Williams began serving his five year sentence for the 2002 limo driver shooting.

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He got 5 years because he didn't intentional kill anybody. He was drunk and spinning a loaded shot gun around when it went off and killed the limo driver. So it wasn't murder it was involuntary manslaughter, 5 years is what a regular person with no criminal history would probably get. He also, with out any court order, voluntarily paid the limo drivers family millions. What he did was very stupid but I think he is doing the correct amount of time for it, no celebrity justice at all here.

1489 days ago


I really hope this is like his fourth dui. Theres people where I live who have had five duis and serve like thirty days. This is wrong he's getting screwed. His manslaughter case has nothing to do with this and I'm sick of the justice system trying to bust someone for a case their not even being charged with i.e. misty croslin and the poor father ronald whose serving like fifteen years for selling a prescription pill.

1489 days ago


I agree Misty Croslin is facing like 240 years when she is like 19 and her brother got like 15 years when he could gave got 3 - 5
What a f%ckin joke

1 year for a DWI and he plead guilty thats messed up

1489 days ago


He shouldn't have shot his driver.

1488 days ago

Big Daddy    

OK Who is this tool?

1488 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

BUT Lindsay Lohan has multiple drug n' DUI's & did 2 weeks?

1488 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

BUT Lindsay Lohan has multiple drug n' DUI's & did 2 weeks?

1488 days ago


I think we should just stop arresting black people for anything so they'll stop making everything a race issue ..Would they be happy then NO ...

1488 days ago


What a loser.

1488 days ago


Five years is standard for involuntary manslaughter in most states, so he got the same time anybody would. But $16,000 for a tree?

1488 days ago


I wouldn't judge him too harshly. He screwed up big time and made some terrible mistakes but he is actually doing something positive with this Matt Maher kid (former pro-soccer player) I was pretty skeptical but read some of jayson's blogs on this website (themattmaherstory.com) and it was not what I expected. He seems to be turning his life around. I can understand the sentence but lets not be so quick to judge

1488 days ago

Leigh Ann    

I HOPE EVERYONE REMEMBERS HE ALSO SHOT & KILLED HIS PET DOG FOR FUN. I wish someone would shoot him. He is human debris.

1488 days ago


$16K+? Must have been a pretty sweet tree.

1488 days ago


And @30:
Exactly right. Blowing off your dog's head (literally) is f'd up. Piece of dirt.

1488 days ago


I don't know why Black people think they can do what White people do and get the same thing in court. There are no Black Lindsey Lohan's, Charlie Sheens or Mel Gibsons. In court they are just black people. White people love to say that justice is blind in the U.S. And they are right. When it comes to them. But when you are black, justices' eyes are wide open. It sees you coming from a mile away. And it will sentence you accordingly.... The Idiot Killed someone, He Should get Life, but you play the Race Card What a Moron!!

1488 days ago
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