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Rachel Uchitel -- Pissed at TMZ!

8/20/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel is none too pleased with the TMZ post earlier today ... showcasing her latest Tiger moves.

Rachel Uchitel TMZ

As we told you ... Rachel posed with a real tiger for a Facebook virtual message. 

She wants to make a couple of things perfectly clear.

Thing One -- She never signed a release after shooting the virtual message -- we're thinkin' she had second thoughts, because she got $10 mil from Tiger Woods with one big string attached ... if she even appeared to be talking about Tiger, it'd be back to the whole Vegas hostess thing.

Thing Two -- The only reason she agreed to do the message in the first place is because the point of it all was to save animals, especially animals in shelters as well as endangered species.

Rachel Uchitel Tiger VideoThing Three -- The money she pulls in from the message will go to charity.


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Tiger is NOTORIOUSLY CHEAP. All I can say is that if that cheap ass MOFO paid this whore 10,000,000 just to keep her from talking about what the world already knows...then ****er must have some SERIOUS skeletons in that walk in closet of his.

1494 days ago


Better to be pissed at than pissed on!

1494 days ago


Another homewrecking whore trying to make money. This slut, like Tiger, needs a good slap upside the head and to fade into obscurity. What an obnoxious, lowlife, sknaky hooch this tramp is!

1494 days ago


This ho has enough money, if invested wisely, to go to college, get an education and live out the rest of her life in more comfort then most people. She's stupid if she doesn't do it. Of course she cavorted with a man she knew was married so I doubt that she will do it, just because it would be the smart thing to do.

1494 days ago


Ahh.poor Rachel. Boo F**in whoo

1494 days ago


no uchitel she's a hooker stories
she is not a celeb or person of interest
she's nothin but a HOmewrecker

1494 days ago


If you had any class Rachel, you would name the charity! You are getting all the negative press because you don't deserve anything else period.

1494 days ago


siegfred and roy are getting old so maybe rachel can take over their act...she's good at tigers.

she can have tiger jump into a ring of fire..or stick a tiger's head in between her pie hole...she can even have derek jeter and david boreanaz as guests!

1494 days ago


Im pretty pissed at TMZ for mentioning this cow too.

Seems TMZ has nothing of significance to post about *celebrities* any longer and just fills the site with media whores and whores in general

1494 days ago


how the hell does posing with a tiger help save animals in shelters like dogs and cats. Also, how the hell does doing a entertainment piece with a tiger that was born trained and used for the entertainment industry shed light on endangered species or the fact that there are more tigers in the entertainment industry then there are in the whole world.
Just another ignorant girl in hollywood.

1494 days ago


Maybe the Tiger could suck on those fake titties of Rachel's and get zero.

1494 days ago


Does she really not see this "innuendo" as a blatant breach of her agreement with Tiger Woods. She could have chosen another endangered animal, to have a photo shoot with. She is soo stupid. The whole point was that she would not do or say anything that once again reminds anyone of her past connection to him. I hope stops all her future payments, and sues her for what he has already paid her.

1494 days ago

andy's friend    

Rachel, hopefully you read this since you seem to crave the spotlight, if not why wouldn't you just take your 10 million dollars that you got for being a whore and just go away. Andy would be HORRIFIED to see the person you have become, actually most of the people that loved him think this was exactly what was under the surface waiting to come out, you are vile. Such a typical move for someone who really only cares about themselves,, oh yeah and animals, better keep them around, who else is ever going to love you. You are trash.

1494 days ago


She's a skank whore.Who cares who she is pissed at?

1494 days ago


To the person who said "white people will cash in on anything": you are racist, and ignorant. There are shameless money grubbers of every race, color, and creed.

Also, to be fair let's label Tiger Woods with the same labels that Ms. Uchitel is getting. He is also a slut, whore, etc. I agree she is a skank, but it takes two to tango. In this case, guilt is 50/50.

1494 days ago
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