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Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Cops to the Rescue

8/21/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finally had a moment to themselves the other day -- thanks to the actions of some quick thinking cops.

Sources involved in the situation tell us Rob and Kristen were on their way home from LAX airport earlier this week -- when they noticed several paparazzi weaving through traffic to keep up.

We're told ... the couple -- concerned for their safety -- ducked into a nearby police station, hoping the cops could help out.

We're told the officers figured out a way to sneak the "Twilight" stars out of the building ... and they were able to get back on the road ... without the paps on their tail.


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Robert and Kristen are amazing people and two talented actors the least we can have is respect for them, live their lives and it's just that they want to stop this intrusion that is offensive

1522 days ago


The best advice I would give them is to live their lives and stop worrying about the paps. They're slime and everybody knows it. They should have made a big show of it at lax, holding hands through the airport, smiling and laughing and even hugging and kissing. The happier they look as a couple the less people will care. The pap's are just hanging around waiting for a pic of an lovers quarrel. I know they'll make one up anyway, but hey if they play their parts right, it'll make it more difficult for them. They, well, Kristen should stop acting like an immature drama queen. Don't get me wrong, I like her, I think she's and independent woman with a brain, she can act, and she's strong. Every woman I know that is like that is called a lesbian, regardless of her sexual orientation. You don't have to be a lesbian to be tough. But Kristen seems to be at war with the paps. All I can say to her, is pick your battles honey. That ain't one you can win by flipping them the bird. They love that, and it makes you look stupid. So smile and wave, hug, kiss, hold hands, be happy and ignore the idiots.

1522 days ago

Joe Blow    

Gotta say I thought Kristen was excellent in Adventureland and Pattison was pretty good in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I'm hardly a Twilight fan, but you have to give credit where credit is due sometimes.

1521 days ago


these photogs have gone from taking pictures , to stalking.leave these poor people alone.they deserve some measure of privacy.look what happened to heath,anna,michael and princess diana.who knows when one idiot will do something worse.i'm sure they are worried about their personal safety as well.

1521 days ago


all I can say is...welcome back to the states. I don't blame them for not wanting the paps follow them home. Not wanting to wake up to a cluster f**k outside your door everyday sounds reasonable to me

1521 days ago


wow there are like a million haters up here. kristen is a great actress. she has a reason to think everyone is out to get her, ummmmm kuz they are! this is insane and really absurdly annoying! pictures of them kissing now pics of their so called house..what's next a flick! damn people leave them alone. They never asked for this life and for people like TMZ, E-News and them aren't making it any easier. She said in an interview, "she wouldn't cheapen her relationships by talking about it and making her personal life, which is not fun for her entertainment for someone else's life." I mean C'mon the girl doesn't even want to leave the house anymore. and between her not leaving the house, and only leaving to go work..i don't even get to spend time with her anymore. So all you ********s need to get a life. LIKE REALLY FAST!!

1521 days ago


I agree with those citing the Princess Di incident, which a lot of u were probably not even alive to witness on the news. Much less remember. I wonder if that ever runs through Rob's mind whenever he/they are being followed? He was very young when her death occurred, but being a Brit I'm sure he has been taught all about their beloved Princess of the People.
Her death was senseless and could have been avoided. She could be Alive right now, maybe preparing the wedding of her oldest son. If not for one thing.....the never ending desire of the paparazzi to obtain those $$$ shots.
More deaths will occur, I have no doubt of this. UNLESS....something is done about the paparazzi. Gov. Schwarzenegger enacted a law where paps must stay a certain amt of feet away from the celebrities while taking pics, it was my understanding that it went into effect on Jan. 1st of this year. Any Cali people know if it actually went into effect? If one is abiding by it. U see these people all up in Rob and Kristens face (or name any other celebrity) I think I'd respond the same way Kristen does. Lol....want ur pic? *flips bird* lol
And I am not on the bandwagon where those cry out,"you chose to be a celebrity, now live with it". That's wrong. I chose to be a nurse. Doesn't give anyone the right to invade my privacy 24/7. No one, whatever career they chose deserves to have their privacy invaded. In fact, their civil rights are being invaded. When they're out on the red carpet and doing press junkets that's one thing. But, to follow u everywhere u go, camp outside ur home, follow u to the grocery store, etc. All of that is out of bounds!
Who else will have to suffer a death the way Princess Di left us. I cried when I heard the news, and as I watched the funeral procession to the cathedral. Who will we be mourning next if this is allowed to continue? You KNOW it will happen again......and these kids don't deserve to be another statistic because everyone just "has to" know if they're together or not. Come on.....they're too young. Leave these kids alone. Enjoy their movies, and let it be.

1521 days ago


This is a joke story. It is just damage control for KS flipping off paps at the airport. How horrible for her co stars in OTR. As soon as TWILIGHT is over she will fade away. Can't act and has the worst behavior of anyone in HW.What a joke!!

1521 days ago


Kristen has been in numerous movies prior to the Twilight Sage, has done several since the movies were first starting, is slated for a couple more in the near future (as well as the last two Breaking Dawn movies) and I'm sure she'll do fine in the future. I think she'll be happy to go back to doing Indies, and fade back.

1521 days ago


Her behavior is worse than anyone else in Hollywood. Oh, puh...leeze!
When was the last time she was arrested for drunk driving? Car jacking, drunk driving, and cocaine possession? Violation of probation? Falling down drunk, coming out of nightclubs? Hmmm....
Yet she:
Had a pic taken ONCE smoking a bowl (just before the 1st Twilight movie came out), and several pics of her flipping the bird at paparazzi. Whew....that's really worse than anyone else in Hollywood.
Try again! Lol

1521 days ago


@52 ITA with you. I have the impression that the Lady Di accident isn't that well known in America. In Europe it was very shocking and not only for the English people. Okay, the driver was drunk but he would've never driven if there weren't paps waiting for Diana and her friend. And it prooved also that not every driver is trained to deal with paps in traffic. I'm quite sure that Rob is very aware of the danger of these situations even when he was still young when Diana died. I even believe he had to promise his parents never to put himself in the same risky situation, heck the fact that he doesn't continue his way but ask help to cops. Not only his or Kristen's life but also those of other drivers is put in danger and he doesn't want to be the cause of it.
I don't understand why cops wouldn't help: it isn't about celebrities, it is about dangerous situations on the road. In my country they would try to stop people driving like crazy.
About Rob and Kristen: it strikes me everytime when I read hate comments, that the posters in fact doesn't know nothing about them and that makes the whole thing so childish and immature. I would never spend time and energy reading or posting about people who doesn't interest me.

1521 days ago


#43 Kristen got off the plane with Rob at the L.A. Airport; there's video on Youtube showing them walking together through the airport. It also shows them getting into the awaiting car together in the back seat.

And for those who say the story is bs because K & R have bodyguards... Just because Kristen have bodyguards, doesn't mean their driver can "ditch" 3-5 paparazzi cars weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds. I believe they went to the police station, they were tired and wanted to go home privately and without a mob and Rob has approached the police in L.A. a month ago for being followed home... only they didn't help him that time.

Also, for those saying Kristen is a tomboy so she is gay and is his beard... I've never thought she was gay. I was a huge tomboy, built forts, played football with my 3 brothers, walked like a boy to keep up with my brothers, played with army men instead of dolls, wore their hand-me-down Levi's, but I ALWAYS liked/loved boys. Sorry but Kristen has always loved boys too. She had an almost 5 year relationship with Michael A. You can see the sexual chemistry with her and Robert Pattinson, you can't fake that stuff and Kristen seems to be the most real person and would never "pretend" to be something she is not... they look to be a for real couple, just my opinion. And yes, the purpose of being a "beard" is for Kristen to flagrantly show your affection out in public with Rob and they've spent the past year and a half keeping their relationship out of the public eye... so yes, that blows the beard theory.

1521 days ago

Lisa Venable    

Dude you guys are fu***** idiots let them fu***** be man. You guys are creepy as hell. Let them live their damn life, while you live yours. God damn people.

1521 days ago


She still has time to prove herself, however shes a bit boring.
Robert couldnt have played Edward if he wasnt good.

1521 days ago


This board is ridiculous. No one should be harassed to the level that these two young people are being harassed. Their love life is their own business. I have no doubt that they are a couple and do not chose to discuss it to the press which is their right. It should not be the right of money hungry paparazzi to endanger their lives by the constant barrage of cameras in their face especially when traffic and driving is involved. Wasn't Princess Diana enough? Do we have to lose other innocent people so that the horrible photographers can take intrusive pictures and earn a buck. Find a reputable job and leave them alone.

1521 days ago
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