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Whitney Cummings: I May've Gone Too Far at 'Roast'

8/20/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Whitney Cummings claims she's "not a horrible person" -- despite the barrage of insults she hurled at Comedy Central's Roast of David Hasselhoff ... though she may have one regret. 

Whitney Cummings Roast
As you may remember -- Cummings sent jaws to the floor at The Hoff's Roast when she suggested that Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke, along with Pam Anderson, should both drink a "vat of Magic Johnson's blood."

But last night outside Sam Tripoli's Naughty Night at the Improv on Melrose -- she admitted, "I did say some things about [Hulk's] daughter that weren't necessary ... but I don't think I was the meanest."

Cummings -- who has a Comedy Central special of her own on the way -- also noted, "It's a Roast ... the idea is to be edgy and mean."


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I totally have the hots for this girl. She was hilarious at the roast. She shouldn't be apologizing for anything. Why hasn't SNL offered her a gig? She would be great on that show.

1524 days ago



1524 days ago

Big Daddy    

I watched with disdain this thing of a woman trash people. It's one thing to be funny and clever, it's another to be "Shocking" , and it's another to have nothing but anger mixed with sarcasm that someone THINKS is humor.
***mings is the latter. Get some therapy to deal with your personal issues first then you can learn to be "funny"... Humor ain't your bag lady. Look at some of the old roasts and join the human race.
You may have "The looks" but it'll be lonely when you end up like Artie Lang......
Smart you Are...Humorous you are not..

1524 days ago

I Chinee    

I like Whitney ***mings. She was hilarious at the Hoff's Roast and the Roast for Joan Rivers they did months ago.

1524 days ago


What happened to the days where they made fun of the roastee and the comedians involved? I don't find it necessary to go after someone NOT being roasted.

1524 days ago


I have many friends who have died from HIV/AIDS and statements like that are not funny.

1524 days ago


No reason to be sorry... that's what roasts are about.. I thought she was VERY FUNNY!

1524 days ago

Texas Gal    

I'm not a fan of Pam or Hulk Hogan, but too far is too far...and she went WAY too far. Wonder what Magic thought about it?? Yuck!

1524 days ago

Mary P    

Sorry, I'm not a PC fan, but Brooke wasn't even there for one. It had nothing to do with her. Wishing AIDs and making fun of a deadly disease is just not funny. But damn, at least Pam Anderson was there.

I think the roast was mostly good but that one and the joke on Gary Coleman was too much. There's a difference between a good roast joke and trying to go for vulgar shock value. Though all that said, I didn't think anything Whitney said was all that funny - it was rather dumb. So has her other jokes for Rivers (yay for abortion jokes.). Prime example that just because you are pretty doesn't mean you are funny, but you'll still get paid.

1524 days ago

todd lee    

Who cares what whitney said about hulks daughter? shes a skank and his wife is a bigger skank....and get over the AIDS jokes, people. They are jokes!!!! Stop the "i knew someone with AIDS" crap.

1524 days ago

todd lee    

Whitney is funny as hell, she is funny and sexy on Chelsea Lately (even thought Chelsea is totally UNFUNNY)

1524 days ago


It may have been over the top, but it's just a roast. I'm sure she really didn't mean it. It was all meant in fun, even if it was a bit gross.

1524 days ago


AIDS jokes are just jokes. That's like outlawing blonde jokes because you know a blonde. So you know someone with AIDS, good for you. So do I. He still laughs at AIDS jokes.

He even makes jokes about AIDS. And he says some people deserve AIDS. Then he goes on a rant about homos. it's quite amusing, because he's a homo.

Ahhh...humour at others expense is the best medicine.

1524 days ago

Mary P    

TMZ should also mention the jokes that were said that didn't make it to air which most were about blow jobs (a sign a comic has nothing good, repetitive jokes about stupid topics). If the hepatitis joke had made it to air, this whole thing would have been worse.

Pam and hoff worked together for a long time. You two are like a famous duo. You two are like Abbott and a slut with hepatitis.

You’ve spent years of your life on baywatch with pam Anderson, Carmen electra and yasmeen bleeth. If you don’t have genital warts, I think hepatitis c owes Tommy Lee an apology.

I wouldn’t $%^& you if I was hulk Hogan and you were brooke Hogan.

Pam, You’re like kate gosselin. You’re a old, you’re blonde, and you’re a fame whore. The only difference is the 8 babies that came out of your vagina were aborted.

See how many dumb comments (and these aren't even all of them) she comes up with? More attacks on Brooke - like I said, why bother with her, she's not even the child of the one being roasted - and thinks that deadly diseases are the basis for things funny. She can't do a roast without some stupid abortion joke. She's so limited in her comedy.

1524 days ago

Mary P    

Iamsuperdan - since when do blondes suffer horrible, life draining deaths? Stop comparing something totally different. I don't know anyone with AIDS but I know it's not something to just laugh off. I do know many who've died from cancer, sucking their life away, 1lb at a time to totally rob their body of functioning organs and I'd feel the same way if someone made a cancer joke at the expense of comedy. There are just some topics, like deadly diseases that rip at the souls of friends and family just as they do of the sufferers you leave alone. It's called integrity.

1524 days ago
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