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Heidi and Spencer's

Sex Tape Summit

8/21/2010 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are at the same hotel in Costa Rica ... where Spencer is giving his estranged wife a very clear ultimatum: "Either do another reality show with me or I'm going to release amazing sexual content."

Spencer tells TMZ he and Heidi arranged last Sunday to meet at the hotel under the pretext that he would turn over two of their dogs. Spencer brought the dogs to the hotel, turned them over to Heidi, and then made it clear to her that he was not leaving until they settled their issues.

Spencer tells us Heidi knew since they met four years ago that all he wanted was to become famous ... and nothing will stand in his way now. According to Spencer, Heidi is "freaking out because she doesn't want to do reality TV anymore."

Pratt says they have been staying in separate hotel rooms and they have been having ongoing, semi-hysterical discussions -- in which Spencer has demanded that Heidi tear up the divorce papers and do a revealing reality show on why she needs to get away from him.

As Spencer puts it, "You cannot turn off the Speidi machine."

Spencer is very clear ... he will release a flurry of sex tapes if she does not agree. Spencer added, "I am a wild sexual freak and I love sex."

As TMZ first reported, Spencer has been in touch with Vivid Entertainment prez Steven Hirsch, who is salivating to release the tapes. Spencer believes he and Heidi can make more money off of these tapes than Kim Kardashian made off hers.


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OMG, she looks 40!

1532 days ago


He is such a gross little douche bag. She is a semi-aware real doll. Nothing they do surprises me - all they want is to be in the public eye. Yuck. If I wanted to see ****ing akin to theirs, I'd go to the zoo.

1532 days ago


Vivid: I will pay $100 or more to watch a professionaly produced Porn movie with Heidi (who the **** is this Spencer dude?).

Heidi was born to do porn as far as I can tell!

1532 days ago


if you people honestly think this is real, I bet you live in your mom's basement and eat captain crunch while watching tired reruns of south park. He will queef out their sex tapes if she doesn't do a revealing reality show? Give me break. She will do the reality show and he will still sell the tapes.

She is not acting like a woman that is being bullied by her husband. If they ever really got married. Black mail is illegal and she would have phoned Gloria Alred months ago, I'm sure Gloria would LOVE to get her hands on that stupid little idiot Spencer "trying to grow a beard and cant" Pratt.

I call b.s. on the entire thing. She is in on everything, they are in the hotel f****** and when it's all said and done, she'll have all the benefits of a sex tape on the market, while baring no responcibility, because after all, she didn't sign off on it. Can vivid release a sex tape without he consent? If she was really upset she would have Gloria Alred on speed dial.

1532 days ago



1532 days ago


Seriously? This is a farce. The get divorced, act like they hate each other, release the sex tape, make big bucks, then get back together.

Since when do people leave the country to give pets back? That gives it away right there. There is no extortion going on, she agreed to the whole deal, again, this is set UP! They are vacationing in Costa Rica and got busted. They may have PAID for 3 rooms, but they are sleeping in one bed.

Ewwww....ick...this guy is gross. I don't want to even see his fugly face, much less his equipment. Ack! Barf!

1532 days ago


Heidi should sue Spencer for Extortion!

1532 days ago


I'm not reading all those comments before me, and somebody may have said this already but COME ON! Both of them are fame whores. Don't you think that she signed over her rights and releases a long time ago. He took control of their "careers" ages ago and I bet she signed all the realese forms way back when.
To be a douche is to do as douches do.

1532 days ago


remember back a few years ago when Lauren told Heidi that Spencer was a "sucky person" I bet Heidi is now kicking herself that she didn't listen and Lauren is sitting back laughing her butt off... I know I am.

1532 days ago

Alex Harvey    

Someone please shoot Spencer and put him out of our misery. I'm no fan of Heidi either, her 15 fifteen minutes expired along time ago.
But, I can't blame the chick for wanting to get the hell away from that idiot.

1532 days ago

Dirty Sanchez    

These two morons need to make a tape of both of them hanging themselves. That, I would watch. Maybe even pay for.

1532 days ago


Wow, extortion huh? If I believed this entire thing wasn't anything but a publicity stunt, I'd say he was in some real trouble.
Why the f*ck would anybody want to watch either of them on a reality show? He could get AIDS from Perez Hilton and I wouldn't give a damn. He's a nobody.

1532 days ago


he just said he's a "wild sexual freak", and that he "loves sex"

1532 days ago


He can't release it without her approval so if she does you'll know she at least agreed in private.

1532 days ago


I sure hope this is all a fake scenario cooked up by both of them. Otherwise - Spencer could be in a dangerous state of mind and Heidi should be careful to never be alone with him. He used to look just sappily, vacuously happy all the time. Now he looks deranged.

1532 days ago
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