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Jay Mariotti, Famous Sports Columnist, Arrested in LA

8/21/2010 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN personality and popular sports columnist Jay Mariotti was arrested this morning in Los Angeles, this according to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department website.

Mariotti was arrested on a felony charge at 4:30 AM -- a police source tells us it is a domestic violence charge.

He was held on $50,000 bail and released shortly after noon.

Mariotti is a regular on the ESPN show "Around the Horn" and a writer for the popular sports website Fanhouse.com.

UPDATE: A rep for ESPN said the network had no comment.

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I hope Saturday Night Live is on top of this.
If there was choking involved, they could do a skit called "Around The Throat."

1527 days ago


you guys are happy that this happened which means you idiots are happy that he may have hit a women

1527 days ago


Don't worry, he'll do 2 weeks in rehab and be back on "Around the Horn" by the end of September. It's not like he's LeBron James or T.O!! Keep it moving...there's nothing to see here folks.

1527 days ago


Jay whats his name has a show on ESPN? I remember when he had a little show in Denver radio.....back in the 80's.

1527 days ago


Jay this could be the best thing that ever happen to you, but I doubt it. I would think that this is just the beginning of all your bad karma that you have coming your way.
I hope they rip you apart for this, but that's just my thoughts.

1527 days ago


This is so typical of TV personalities in USA . They sit behind there cameras and mics and judge ( especially black atheles ). Every week on around the horn the most negative comments are from this ******* . He killed tiger woods , TO , Donte Stallworth , Barry Bonds , and a host of others . Now lets see if he can talk his way out of this won . He championed all tiger woods sponsor to let him go for cheating on his wife .... lets see what happens when you beat your wife . He deserves JAIL TIME ... My opinnion

1527 days ago


Maybe he was simply demonstrating how the Met's Fransisco Rodrieguez punched out his girlfriends father

1527 days ago


tmz staff keep up...according to deadspin.com jay has been released on bail & ESPN has posted an article from the (AP) on their homepage

also where is jay's mugshot?

1527 days ago


i am cracking up @ Mariotti getting arrested for a domestic

his first statement should start with "I implore ESPN, AOL and Fanhouse to immediately FIRE me. For me to ask them to do anything less would be hypocritical on my part, considering my comments in the past."

1527 days ago


Oh finally caught this jerk of jerks..bye jay

1526 days ago

Bitter Scribe    

What MarkP #15 said. Mariotti infested the sports pages of the Chicago Sun-Times seemingly forever. His repulsive, smarmy holier-than-thou act; his numberless and endless feuds; his willingness to attack anyone viciously and unfairly, only to do a 180 if his victim suddenly started to perform; the childish, taunting nicknames he freely bestowed; on and on. What a pimple on humanity's butt.

1526 days ago


Mariotti is a joke. All the time he attacked athletes regarding indiscretions: while in the comfort of his home he is an abuser. ESPN must remove him and any other media must do the same. Mariotti should never work in sports or any other broadcast or paper media again. He is a terrible role model and I don't want our children exposed to him. What do I tell my eight year old when he asks me to explain how he can beat his wife and not pay a price?

1526 days ago


Couldn't happen to a bigger piece of trash...

1526 days ago


this guyis always speaking bad about athletes and now the table has turned maybe he'll come to understand that "cir***stances" dictate actions. now we will see what he has to say about his shortcomings! i think he should give an open apology to all the athletes whom he has shown his arrogance and holier than thou attitude towards, damn hypocite!

1526 days ago


Jay is one of the most self riteous SOBs on sports tv... cheers to the cops who took him in.

1526 days ago
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