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Kate Plus Back-to-School Shopping for 8

8/21/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin rounded up her eight offspring to take them back-to-school shopping at a department store in Pennsylvania today.
Let's hope she had a coupon.


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I long for the days when she had short hair, wore tee shirts and shorts with flipflops. Now she dresses like she's going to a club. Must be a future episode of Kate Plus Eight!

1488 days ago


Am I the only person who can't wait for winter just so Kate will put some clothes on? I really miss her in sweats.

1488 days ago


She does not look like a hooker! Just because she looks like a "young hip mom" doesn't mean she looks like a hooker! Freaking open your mind! And I'm pretty sure, her kids are really proud to have a great mom like her!

1488 days ago


Somebody needs to tell her she ain't 20 no more. Looks like a hooker in heels. Poor kids.

1488 days ago


I never have watched the show, but I question any mother who would take all 8 kids to the store at once. All she needs is the LIST and she can do the shopping with them. Kate realizes that she is nothing WITHOUT the 8 so she drags them along everywhere. As for the outfit, I like it.

1488 days ago


Looks like a low-rent hooker. I like how she lied on The View and said she didn't get implants. Can't blame her, though. One points North, the other South. lol. She's nothing but a short, thick-legged, cross-eyed ugly b#tch who isn't worth the time it's taking me to type this. Those kids look real happy, don't they? Can't wait until TMZ never shows her ugly face and ****ty looking extensions anymore.

1488 days ago


It looks like she's about to give someone a lap-dance, I hope she doesn't make her kids watch! I wonder if she is trying to get John back by dressing like one of the twenty year old's he's screwing?

1488 days ago


All the money these kids make for her at least Kate could do is go to a decent shoe store! Ater all these kids are the money makers not her.

1488 days ago


The twin in the grey on the right looks sad. Back when I did watch the show, I remember one of the twins seemed to be having a hard time with all this. I think more alone time with her is needed.

Posted at 12:02 PM on Aug 21, 2010 by Susan

I noticed her right away as well. When I saw her I said, " It looks like she's having a bad day, or perhaps a bad life."

1488 days ago


Is it me or does this Kate look more and more like a stripper? Pull that shirt up, no one wants to see those!

1488 days ago


If Kate had a coupon, she used it at the dollar store when she bought that cheap outfit she's wearing!

None of the children look happy. The girl all the way over on the right has the same facial expression Kate always wore (pre- op) on the show. The little boy holding Kate's hand must have inherited the fame-whore gene, as he looks dead-straight at the cameraman and points to himself saying, "Take a picture of ME!!" Forget the other ones!! I'm the famous one here!"

1488 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

so sad those kids look unhappy "no smiles" she must be such a bitchy mother.

1488 days ago


Is it just me or does Kate ALWAYS dress her kids in matching outfits..I mean seriously, the 3 younger girls are all wearing the exact same dress and her boys are all wearing the same outfits too. I mean really, it's bad enough they look physically identical to each other, but she's too lazy to actually take time out to let the kids each have their own style and be individuals. They look like a tiny group of clones or something. At least the two older girls finally get to wear something different.

1488 days ago


She doesnt have the body for those clothes or style and they look rediculous and trying to hard. If I were George Clooney and other genuine stars with TALENT going to the Emmy's I'd be telling my agent I wasnt going if she was there (or any other realty 'star').

1488 days ago


My post should have said that she could have done the shopping with the kids since she had the lists.

WTF? why are you so angry? Are you Jon Gosselin? The lady is leaning down on one side; of course, one of the breasts is going to point in another direction.

1488 days ago
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