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Kate Plus Back-to-School Shopping for 8

8/21/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin rounded up her eight offspring to take them back-to-school shopping at a department store in Pennsylvania today.
Let's hope she had a coupon.


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Yeah, it's gonna be called "Klubbin'with Kate".

1488 days ago

Dread Fred    

Got to give her credit as she wants to do right for her kids, best of luck to her.

1488 days ago


She is dressed like a hooker!!!!! Nice way to set an example.

1488 days ago


Kate looks trashy i feel so sorry for her kids the dads an idiot and the mom needs to act like a mom not a hard core trashy lady of the night

1488 days ago


Don't think she'll need a coupon. She makes 250,000 for each episode of her show. She is such a sell out and has sold her kids out. She is a joke.

1488 days ago


What ever happened to the days when she dressed like a mom and NOT like a hooker??!! Seriously who goes back to school shopping, dressed like that?? She's an attention whore!

1488 days ago


Should have said "she could have done the shopping WITHout them."

1488 days ago


She sure looks awful. Not one of those poor children is smiling. I feel awful for them.

1488 days ago


Who does Kate think she is shopping in her hooker shoes and mini skirt... Victoria Beckham? When did she go from being a mom to being a hoopty?

1488 days ago


kate/HATE STOP spending the children's $$$$ on trying to make yourself look young, you're an OLE HAG kate/HATE!!!! Where's your "bodyguard" wink, wink!!!! Hoooooooray 4 JON!! Hooooray MAX, CHARLES, DAX & MIKE!!!!

1488 days ago


Another parent pimping out their kid(s) for $$. There's alrady another another show on TV "Raising Sextuplets" enought already. TLC: the Gosselin litter story has been played out! Enough of these trashy parents, PLEASE!!!!

1488 days ago


Don't think she'll need a coupon. She makes 250,000 for each episode of her show. She is such a sell out and has sold her kids out. She is a joke.

Posted at 2:52 PM on Aug 21, 2010 by Lisa

I don't know...$250,000 an episode is a lot of cheddar for a single mother with 8 kids to raise. Kinda hard to turn down when you don't have any other offers that can gaurantee you that your family is well fed, housed, clothed and very well educated. Not to mention how much day care would cost for 8 kids on a nurses salary. Doesn't sound like a joke to me.

1488 days ago


im sorry but i kinda feel bad for those kids...they seem happier with ther father...sigh :( the devorce teared them apart..:(

1488 days ago


I didn't really look at the picture too closely until I read some of these comments. The kids DO look unhappy. Not in a typical kid way.
As much as I dislike Angelina Jolie, at least SOME of her kids look happy. Hope she can see the same things we do in these pictures and make some changes!

1488 days ago


Tiffany, I CAN almost assure you that kate/HATE IS much more interested in "fame 4 herself" & IF kate/HATE needs 2 use the children, so be it!! kate/HATE ha$ $pent $oooooooooooooo much of the children'$ monie$($$$$$$$) on HER$ELF!!!! Wonder where the "bodyguard" wink, wink i$, the one who helped kate/HATE choo$e her new rack! Of course, I am NOT prevy 2 her finance$, but it sure as heck $eem$ that way!! These children $eem 2 look a$ though they desperately NEED, NEED child therapy!!!!!! Hooooooooooooray 4 JON!!

1488 days ago
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