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Britney Spears

Master of Her Own Destiny

8/23/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With no end in sight to Britney Spears' conservatorship, we've learned there's one person who could set the ball in motion -- and that's Britney herself.


Britney's conservatorship -- which was created in February 2008 -- shows no signs of ending. The conservators have not filed a petition to end it and there are no indications, based on our sources, that it's wrapping up any time soon.

But we did a little checking and it turns out ... Britney herself can ask the judge to end the conservatorship. Before that happens, the judge would have to satisfy herself that Brit essentially was capable of making decisions for herself and her kids.

But if Britney were to request an end to it, we're told the judge would take the request seriously. That doesn't mean the conservatorship would automatically end, but the judge would almost certainly re-evaluate it.

As we first reported ... there are really two conservatorships at play -- the one over Britney's person and the other over her financial affairs.  Our sources say Britney has no interest in ending the latter.

As for whether Britney wants to end the conservatorship over her person ... we're told she runs hot and cold.  Fact is ... daddy Jamie Spears has given her a lot of freedom this year, so  it's not like she's living in a ball 'n chain world.

But the taste of freedom ... a little scary.


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She's so gross and trashy, any appeal she had went out the window when she popped out a couple kids and got married...the head shaving was the nail in the coffin.

Enough with Britney TMZ, she's so done!!

1487 days ago


So Far So Good! If She Challenges The Conservatorship And It Ends; I Hope She Doesent Fall Flat On Her Face AGain!

1487 days ago


Your "sources" are full of crap. Do you really believe Britney has "no interest" in ending her conservatorship and doesn't want the freedom to do as she pleases and spend her money as she pleases?? Get real! Truthe is, she's being threatend by people close to her that she better keep quiet otherwise they'll keep control over her for forever - which they're already doing.

1487 days ago

Fred Farkel    




You're both dumber than tree stumps.

You both need your daddies to run your lives. So shutup and enjoy your lives. Daddy will take care of bidness.

1487 days ago


Wow. How Batsh*t crazy do you have to be to not have any control over your life for 2 1/2 years -- court ordered? I always thought it was a drug problem and poor choice of "friends" that bought her a ticket into kookyland. If that were the case, she wouldn't still have Daddy over her shoulder. Just the thought of a grown woman, and mother, being looked after by her father is so weird. She must be genuinely ill. Sad. Yet, not mentally ill enough for her not to go on tour and make a buttload of money to pay all those folks looking after her affairs. Sketchy.

1487 days ago


or too dumb to know how smart she really is....

1487 days ago


I have always believed she truly loved Kevin Federline and when that failed she lost it. She was "Britney Spears, Pop Star, Millionare, etc." but couldn't have the one thing she wanted...him!

BTW, I'd let someone control my affairs if my bank accont basically tripled like hers did!!

1487 days ago


I hope she doesn't end the personal conservatorship. She almost died when she was taking care of herself. Her mental health is an issue and probably will always be an issue. Freedom is NOT running amok. That being said, the very best to Britney as she's certainly had a horrible time of it.

1487 days ago

your not all that    

If it ended, then she might have to take care of her brats more often.......CLEARLY she dosent want THAT.
Just lock this mental midget in the MENTAL HOSPITAL in Louisiana where she belongs.

1487 days ago


5150, the modified version!! Put that in a lip syncing song... Next album!!!

1487 days ago


Some day we may actually find out what is wrong with her. I work in a hospital and know many people who made bad life decisions and never got a conservatorship. I'm glad she seems to be doing better. I just think it's strange that she's mentally ill but does lip syncing concerts where she can barely walk. She has a very large family to support.

1487 days ago


brittney for president

1487 days ago


Wouldn't it be outstanding if Britney were released completely from her conservatorship on the same day that Lindsay Lohan is spit out of "rehab"? West Hollywood is quivering.

What I wouldn't give to be a Mercedes dealer (or a cocaine dealer) if that happened.

1487 days ago


Britney is a Sagittarius and money management tasks bore us to tears so I totally get why she has her dad still handling everything. I wish my dad would handle my finances!

1487 days ago


She really needs these conservatorships. She does have mental issues. Those don't go away. The come and go forever. At least her parents cared enough to take control. Britney is lucky in that.

1487 days ago
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