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Britney Spears

Master of Her Own Destiny

8/23/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With no end in sight to Britney Spears' conservatorship, we've learned there's one person who could set the ball in motion -- and that's Britney herself.


Britney's conservatorship -- which was created in February 2008 -- shows no signs of ending. The conservators have not filed a petition to end it and there are no indications, based on our sources, that it's wrapping up any time soon.

But we did a little checking and it turns out ... Britney herself can ask the judge to end the conservatorship. Before that happens, the judge would have to satisfy herself that Brit essentially was capable of making decisions for herself and her kids.

But if Britney were to request an end to it, we're told the judge would take the request seriously. That doesn't mean the conservatorship would automatically end, but the judge would almost certainly re-evaluate it.

As we first reported ... there are really two conservatorships at play -- the one over Britney's person and the other over her financial affairs.  Our sources say Britney has no interest in ending the latter.

As for whether Britney wants to end the conservatorship over her person ... we're told she runs hot and cold.  Fact is ... daddy Jamie Spears has given her a lot of freedom this year, so  it's not like she's living in a ball 'n chain world.

But the taste of freedom ... a little scary.


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The conservatorship allows her to have her boys 50% of the time. Without that stability it would be a very easy case for Kevin's legal team to show that she is not fit to have her children, based on her behavior in 2007 and 2008. It's the best way for her to guaranty regular access to her children. I think she is doing what is best for her boys, which shows she is indeed smarter than most of us give her credit for.

1468 days ago


#7 - "Maybe she is smart enough to realize how dumb she really is?"

I was thinking the same thing. The conservatorship has done wonders for her. She'd be a fool to request that it be ended. I'm not one of her fans, and her music is not my cup of tea, but I still think that a live, sane Britney is certainly better than one who is dead or living inside padded walls.

1468 days ago


Who cares about sh*tney spears. Pathetic, fake loser...

1468 days ago


Hey Harvey... what ever happened to that skeeze Sam? Did he ever file suit against Britneys parents?

1468 days ago

Policially Incorrect    

I think she is hot and Jessica Simpson is hot and if they need their fathers help in managing millions of dollars who cares more power to them. Hey at least they diminish the cahnces or IRS problems like Wyclef, Wesley, n Swizzzzzzzzzzz

1468 days ago



Hey Harvey... what ever happened to that skeeze Sam? Did he ever file suit against Britneys parents?

Posted at 9:31 AM on Aug 23, 2010 by SayWhat
where ya been? funny stuff on the mg boards over the weekend. check your email or im me when you get a chance.

1468 days ago


Keep them both in place. What does it hurt? Jamie has given her almost all of the freedom to decide whatever her personal destiny is and there is no need to end it because of it. Without her Dad, she would have died. He's the ultimate dad. There to help but not smother. This man is the gold standard for dads.

1468 days ago


Personally, I find it ridiculous that an adult woman is being legally prohibited from making her own decisions. If she were male, this would never have happened.

1468 days ago

truth and mercy    

I wonder if Britney needs to establish herself as an adult instead of the IMAGE of pop princess? I bet she was never taught HOW to do the ordinary boring mundane things most average people must learn. Perhaps Brit can hire a life coach to help her and her blessed kids! Praying for ONLY the BEST for her, and everyone! +

1468 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

LOL! I'm sorry but how is this mother of two again? She is a mother for christ-sake and no one believes that she has enough braincells in her head to manage her own affairs. One last jab at Brit before I leave. She went crazy off a "back-up dancer"? LOL!! LMAO.

1468 days ago


She may have some fans but she has destroyed her career with her mental illness. I bet the majority of people are sick and tired of hearing about her. She isn't doing anything on her own. Daddy won't even let her date anyone beside the "former help". PLEASE GO AWAY BECAUSE YOU ARE SO OVER.....

1468 days ago


None of us know what it's like for all the vultures to come out of the woodwork trying to get control of her. That's what Sam did, and that's what most every man in her life ever did before her dad took over. Justin didn't do that because he had his own money and he was busy with his work. The rest were just there for the money, and they'd hand her a drink with drugs in it to keep her so out of it they could get her to sign anything.

I feel sorry for her and I hope her dad stays in control of the money, because anyone else will try to take advantage of her because she has so little education.

1468 days ago

for now    

Beautiful Britney will keep earning millions of dollars
while low life people keep showing their hate and jealousy.
Also it's impossible for anyone to control her own destiny.

1468 days ago


FREE THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1468 days ago


Nobody should criticize Britney... She is doing much better and has been trying hard to be a good Mom... I am glad to see her doing well... Also, it seems that her boyfriend is a good guy and has helped her through all her problems... May God continue blessing her and her family!

1467 days ago
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