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Dr. Murray Taunted -- 'Murderer! Murderer!'

8/23/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was at the receiving end of a brutal verbal attack earlier today -- as several enraged MJ supporters called him a "murderer" as he left an L.A. courthouse ... with a police escort. 

As we previously reported, Murray's legal team scored a minor victory today -- as the judge granted their request to get fluid samples from Michael Jackson as part of their defense in his involuntary manslaughter trial.


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Calling The 500

We're trying to find 500 people who can write--factually and intelligently when requested--with an eye to the pragmatic aspects of reclaiming Michael Jackson's public image.

What if around 500 people were to be made aware of misinformed, biased, or Michael Jacksonotherwise negative mainstream press about Michael Jackson--the kind that potentially influences much of Joe Public? What if these 500 could muster facts and cool persuasion to respectfully respond to Michael-bashing press every time it opens its maw? What if The 500 could refute the notion that anyone standing up for Michael Jackson is just another "crazed fan?" How about if we happen instead to be concerned and intelligent citizens who've had enough of this cesspool of judgment and persecution--this trampling of ethics in pursuit of dirty dollars--that characterized the media during Michael's trial, and continues unabated today?

We at MJTruthNow think it's possible that if 500 people were willing and able to write the occasional letter, post the comment, or make the call, they could actually function as a check on the kind of irresponsible journalism that ruins lives UNJUSTLY. They might even provide a protective function for We need 500Michael's children. We'd like to gather a group that takes over the megaphone in the public sphere on Michael's behalf. As a bloc, we would respond every single time we're made aware that the trash story, the baloney story, themalicious story is being force fed to a gullible public. We intend to call the media on their dreck whenever possible. No longer will silence imply agreement with mendacious or lazy reporting on the part of mainstream media and medialoid.

We need good writers who can stay on message and write persuasively. We do have a fairly strong idea about what kind of writers will be most effective, but don't intend to micro-manage anyone's comments apart from offering guidelines.

If you think The 500 is for you, please contact us at so that we can add you to the newly formed GoogleGroup for The 500. From there, once we've built a little critical mass, we will get to work by issuing a set of guidelines and resources to our writing membership, to be followed by regular brief messages about where to direct your comments.

1522 days ago


To #181 Cherwood: That is one beautiful post and so true. We MJ should not be doing all the name calling and stuff to each other. And I also agree with the rest of what you said as well!

What I want to know is 1. Who paid the back child support for Murray so that he would not loose his license? 2. Who paid his mortgage so that his house would not go into foreclosure? 3. Who is paying for his legal team? 4. Who paid for his vacation? 5. How is he being supported now financially? I was under the impression that he was broke! Where is all this money comming from and from who? His patients and supporters couldn't raise that kind of money - so where is comming from?

And, according to the new board - AEG & Dr. Death tried to stage an intervention. BS! I don't believe it for a second! Because Michael would have dismissed Murray on the spot, and basically he would have told AEG off - that it was him not AEG that was money!

In answer to your one question however. When the samples were taken from Michael - body parts & fluids. The coroner takes several samples of each and are placed in marked vials - this also pertains to any and all fluids. These vial are then keep in a special form of deep freeze. So that when removed and tested - it would be the same as if they had taken it that very day. This is especially true in high profile cases! Such as Anna Nichole, and Marlyin Monroe for example. In this special form of deep freeze, these vials can be kept for many years with there being no change occuring. Just thought you would like to know!

In Addition:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED MICHAEL - REST IN PEACE! ALL YOUR FANS LOVE AND MISS YOU TERRIBLY! And if you can hear our prayers, Just know that All Of Your Fans here are trying to seek Justice for You!

1522 days ago


State of Emergency - The Totally Nourished Edition - 2.0....
Hey Pegasus!!
Thanks for the kind words! As for Murray's backers,I personally think some persons with pretty deep pockets are behind it. Thing is, it's no coincidence that Murray was "chosen" to be Michael's doctor. AEG, the media and others want us to believe that Michael chose Murray because he knew he could pay him to get the Propofol. But why Murray, out of all of the doctors Michael has had in the past?
What about Klein? As unethical as he appears to be, why wouldn't he be a more likely candidate?
The answers to those questions, IMO is that Murray was chosen based on his financial condition AND ethical track record:
-Murray is shared a clinic in Houston with Quanell Armstrong which is considered a known "pill mill" in Houston
-Murray has had massive debts for years, putting his practices in jeopardy, and causing him to owe back child support for years
-Murray's home is STILL currently in foreclosure--his home is owned by RED ROCK COUNTRY CLUB, which is part of SUN COLONY, an affiliate of COLONY CAPITAL-owned by TOM BARRACK
So looking at the above, Murray was the right man, in the right place, at the right time. He may have known Michael previously for treating MJ3's colds, but who brought him in for that and why? He was supposed to be a cardiologist for Heaven's sake!! I think they chose him because they knew they could manipulate him to play along with their plan for a price...and that's exactly what he's doing....
And as for AEG, I don't have as much backup against them as I do Barrack/Tohme, but I do think they were involved somehow because their name keeps coming up time and again, and because Randy Phillips rushed to protect their name so quickly after Michael passed...
The thing I tend to review when trying to make sense of this case is what happened IMMEDIATELY following his death? Who were the first people to get their screen time to tell their side of the story?
-Randy Phillips/AEG
-Nurse Cherilyn
-Jermaine Jackson
-Frank DiLeo
Now, I'm not saying all of the above are conspirators, but I do think they were part of it somehow, possibly they were being used as a means to an end....
Bottom line, the trial will bring out some points in this case, but as someone posted previously, I highly doubt we'll hear all of the truth because I don't trust Judge Pastor, nor Cooley--who has taken campaign contributions from AEG in the past so it's anyone's guess who's side he's REALLY on...
You wrote:
And, according to the new board - AEG & Dr. Death tried to stage an intervention. BS! I don't believe it for a second! Because Michael would have dismissed Murray on the spot, and basically he would have told AEG off - that it was him not AEG that was money!
And you hit the nail on the head there!! No way would Michael have allowed Murray to join forces with AEG to confront him like that. I saw that article elsewhere and I knew it was just another attempt to tarnish Michael's name and make Murray look good. I know Joe meant well--he's saying that if Murray knew Michael was so bad off he'd stage an Intervention with AEG, then he was totally wrong to give him Propofol. Thing is, Joe and Oxman weren't thinking, as usual, because Murray had already hung himself out to dry there by telling the LAPD that he was trying to wean Michael off Propofol for 6 wks, meaning he thought MIchael was addicted to it. But as we know, giving a known addict meds--INAPPROPRIATE meds at that, is ILLEGAL!!!
BTW: Thanks for the breakdown regarding the body fluids. I have no medical background so I had no clue about this!
No Peace till Justice!

1522 days ago


CONRAD MURRAY MURDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1521 days ago
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