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Heidi on Sex Tape -- Let's Get Down to Business ...

8/24/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag is privately acknowledging the existence of her sex tape ... TMZ has learned -- and sources close to the former "Hills" star tell us she's finally willing to talk business.

We're told Heidi has agreed to listen to Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch when he arrives in Costa Rica to make an offer on the footage ... some of which is said to contain girl-on-girl action with Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon.

We're told Heidi wants Hirsch to provide her with the sales numbers on Kim Kardashian's sex tape -- which was also released through Vivid -- because Heidi may be interested in working out a "back-end deal" if Steve can't offer enough cash up front to satisfy Montag.

Hirsch told us he's leaving for Costa Rica sometime next week.

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Dear Lord! What happened to the sweet little christian girl? These people are so bizarre. Spencer needs to be put in the looney house and she's right behind him. How can their lives be peaceful? I feel so sorry for her.

1488 days ago


This works out for Hirsch, too. By pretending this tape is a really big deal, everyone involved is hoping the public will be fooled into downloading it. The tape doesn't need to be good. It only has to pique the public's curiosity just enough. I really don't see that happening, though.

Hey, who else thinks Heidi's surgery was part of the sex tape plan? I think Heidi and Spencer decided Heidi needed to be hotter if they stood any chance of successfully schilling a sex tape. Maybe Heidi got surgery and Spencer got little blue pills. I wouldn't be surprised.

1488 days ago


I hate posting twice on the same stupid story, but I have to throw this out into the ether. Maybe there is no sex tape. For all anybody knows, Heidi and Spencer could have paid Steve Hirsch to go along with their publicity stunt. That, and/or it could be that neither Spencer nor Heidi is actually in the tape. Could be look-a-likes shot at convenient angles. Who knows what the Speidi mirage machine is capable of churning out.

1488 days ago


Who the **** is she? is she somebody important? I can honestly say I never heard of her before this sex tape thing. from what I see on boards, there are mixed reactions of this. some wants to see her and some don't. I reckon she is from showbiz and that's why everybody is going pants about it. O' well its not a surprise that another female artist (is she is or was one) ****s on the camera to gain publicity. she should thank Pamela Anderson for giving idea of becoming famous quickly, not that Pamela Anderson needed it, and yes she's a model known all over the world. and I can't to seem to understand who is this girl? cheers!

1488 days ago


How disrespectful to say Bible thumper. Just because you don't believe in The Holy Bible STOP BEING SOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISRESPECTFUL. God gives Us Christians A FREE WILL. And if Hedi repented of her sin (which means turn from) God will FORGIVR HER. She is a disobedient child of God as of now.

1488 days ago


#71 Yeah? How many Hail Mary's cover that then you know off hand lol?!!
Heidi and Spencer made such a big deal out of becoming Born Again Christians and always making themselves out to be holier than thou - guess that was just p.r too hm since neither seems to have a Holy bone in their braincell lacking little heads lol!!
BTW rene, it never ceases to amaze me that all of the holier than thou bible bashers who commit rape, sodomy, murder, assault, and a whole spew of other crimes were also believed to be GOOD CHRISTIANS!!!!! The Bible, if you're not atheist, says no to same sex sex, no to murder or suicide, no to lying, no to stealing, no to adultery etc etc!! Guess God laid down enough rules for Christians after all and didn't plan on too much free will lol!! If you find that disrespectful wait 'til you meet God lol! However, the Bible also says he without sin shall be the one to cast the first stone and since we're all sinners in some way I guess we're all stuffed lol!!!
These two are just two amoral, immoral s*** and Spencer's done just what he wants in getting wifey's sex tape released so she'll be more marketable and when they don't divorce and get their new reality show so will he!! Personally, I never watched the hills and know only they have ego's too big for their z list status - puhleasse don't give them another reality show, I want to watch something other than Animal Planet lol!!!

1488 days ago


Is this like I have seen heide described as an actress and singer too? fame is an addiction and it is set to reject her, and spencer, finally?

1487 days ago


Well it'll be fun to see them crash and burn... Because they will...

1487 days ago


i use to like heidi but now that she looks fake and old i feel sorry for the girl.i think that this is all for money she wants those tapes out but thats nasty who to wants to see spencer and heidi having sex anyways? a plastic doll who can't feel anything and a creepy guy who makes people sick just by looking at him.

1487 days ago


Heidi is nothing but a pig, will sell her body and pride for $$$$$ Bet her parents and family are SO proud of her. That s*** bag she married drug her right down in the gutter with him. Cheap hoeeeeeee

1487 days ago


#74 swampfox I know I shouldn't even admit it but ROFLOL!!

1487 days ago


totally agree wiyh nancy drew.

1486 days ago


lol they already have

1486 days ago


I bet the real reason why these two attention whores *Speidi* are in Costa Rica is to RECORD the video that doesn't "exist just yet" but will suddenly appear when Steve shows them the money. These two characters will do anything for $$$$$ and for another 15 mins of fame.

1486 days ago


Who's Kim K & who care Put it out there for the whole World to See !

1477 days ago
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