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Defendant in DiCaprio Case

Claims Cover-Up

8/23/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accused of slashing Leo DiCaprio's face with a drinking glass was in court this morning lashing out at the actor, claiming he started the physical altercation and the whole thing is a cover-up.

082310_leo_getty_tmzAretha Wilson's lawyer asked the judge for a toxicology report on the actor the night of the incident, as well as his medical records. 

The lawyer claims the case is a cover-up -- that Leo didn't even report the incident for 3 days, and the 5 witnesses are telling inconsistent stories.

In addition to the toxicology report (Leo went to the hospital that night for stitches and doctors may have done a toxicology), the lawyer wants Leo's rap sheet.

As for what started the fight at the home of Rick Salomon, Paris Hilton's sex tape partner, Wilson's lawyer says his client said to Leo, "You guys are a bunch of f*gs.  Why don't you go butt f**k each other."  The lawyer says that set Leo off and he approached Wilson in a threatening way.

Leo's lawyer, Blair Berk, says, "These are outrageous lies and a classic case of trying to re-victimize a victim in a violent assault."

Berk adds, "That this woman became a fugitive from justice for 5 years to avoid responsibility and that Mr. DiCaprio has fully cooperated with the prosecution from day 1 should say everything.  This woman has a long criminal history of violent criminal attacks on others and should be given no attention whatsoever."

Berk's bottom line -- "Mr. DiCaprio simply wants justice."


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Oh yea, she's credible...oh honey, crawl back into the sewer from which you crawled. A ho bag like you needs to spend a few weeks in the looney bin....while you have your head examined. Nice try.

1485 days ago


It looks like she has a slash on her face. He probably did something to her. I think there's more to it, he seems like a bit of a nut to me.

1485 days ago


Didn't she break a bottle over another mans head?

1485 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I guess he won't be going to anymore parties hosted by Rick Solomon.

1485 days ago


It's like looking at a horrific accident; I can't help staring at that butt ugly ho and wondering WTF!? Was RS advertising his party in the gutter or skid row?

1485 days ago


plucked out and painted on eyebrows show a very angry woman

1485 days ago

Donald Ray    

So the little ***** White *** got sliced, so fkn' what? He's NOT special, just a decent actor. He probably grabbed the sister's ass, thinking he'e 'entitled' due to pigmentation.

1485 days ago


#17glamh8er You think it's a surprise he's got no scar - babe what are you smoking lol!! This happened over 5 years ago, HE can AFFORD plastic surgery to fix his face, she can't!!
Since making movies is his income his sweet little face needs to look like all nice and new, not like he's a member of a gang or some hard ass hm?! Just saying!!
What is the Justice system coming to these days when the victim is the one who has to prove his innocence and people like this can drag every little detail of your life out, going back to the year dot!! I get amazed by murderers who go out of the way to blame the victim for their death, just because they were alive, claiming all sorts of sexual, mental and physical abuse as a reason for murder when in reality none of it was ever reported!! The victim's family have to hear some s*** defence that drags their child's name through the dirt, none of those claims can ever be completely wiped from a person's memory either because the victim is not alive to defend themselves!! None of it is ever substantiated and it's like the murderer is not just killing the victim but their family and friends too!! Yes, you're innocent until proven guilty but it's the assaulter who has to prove she didn't do it and whether he was pissed, pissed off at her and her loud mouth doesn't matter - she cut his face and he did not assault her!! If the woman's been on the run for 5 years you just know since she's now brought in a cover up in her defence, she's going to say she was framed by the cops, Leo and anyone else she can sue later, claiming she was too terrified to turn herself in hm?!

1485 days ago


Donald Ray you also need your head examined. Sister? That sister is a very disturbed woman with a long history of violence.

1485 days ago


How is it that she's the one with the scar on her face and DiCaprio isn't? I do think there is something fishy about this whole incident.

1485 days ago


I think Leo is a skeeve. What the hell was he doing at Rick Soloman's house? That guy is a walking genital wart. They were probably all on coke and that lady had a freak out.

1485 days ago


Eh, Superman, she's got a long history of assaults, doesn't mean she got any scar from that night. Looks like the woman loves her beer bottles.

1485 days ago


this is from a TORONTO web site from 2008 - A woman accused of slashing movie star Leonardo DiCaprio in Los Angeles won't be sent to stand trial in the U.S. city any time soon after she was found guilty in Toronto yesterday of assaulting her ex-boyfriend.

Aretha Wilson, 38, turned to her family and shook her head as Justice Bruno Cavion convicted her of assaulting ex-boyfriend Wyatt Cote, 34, moments before he fell to his death from his eighth-floor Toronto balcony on Feb. 5, 2006. She will be sentenced May 5 2008

1485 days ago


according to TORONTO newspapers Aretha Wilson, 38, turned to her family and shook her head as Justice Bruno Cavion convicted her of assaulting ex-boyfriend Wyatt Cote, 34, moments before he fell to his death from his eighth-floor Toronto balcony on Feb. 5, 2006. She was to be sentence may 5th 2008

1485 days ago


Leo received 17 stiches to the back of his ear and neck, so the scar is not visable to his face. It nearly missed his Carotid arteries which supply oxygenated blood to the neck and head. Aretha nearly damaged Leonardo arteries in which he would have died immediately. So there is no cover up in this trial as Aretha states, Aretha is a nut case and must pay for her crimes.

1485 days ago
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