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The Situation Makes More Money Than He Should

8/23/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In news that is sure to make you re-evaluate all your life choices -- The Situation is estimated to make more than $5 million in 2010, this according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Sitch takes in roughly $60,000 an episode -- after bonus incentives, a source tells HR. Dude is also expected to rake in $1 million this year in appearance fees.

And there's more -- Situation is also getting paid for "developing" several products -- including an ab-centric workout video and a line of chewable supplements.

The HR also claims Sitch scored a six-figure deal to promote a line of vodka -- plus he'll get partial ownership in the company. He's also released a rap song on iTunes and has signed endorsement deals with Vitamin Water, Reebok and a clothing company.

And get this -- The Situation got a six-figure advance on his autobiography. The book on tape will probably be fascinating.


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If this guy is a millionare I'm calling dr kervorkeon

1500 days ago

Kimberly W.     

GOOD FOR HIM!!! Wayyy before Jersey Shore it was already proven that anyones life can be made into a reality show. With all the crap on T.V no surprize here!!!

1500 days ago


This is so disqusting. In America in 2010, the most revolting people make the most money.

1500 days ago


I have served my country in Iraq and Afghanistan these past nine years. I have devoted most of my life to helping others. I made less than twenty thousand dollars last year and this year I will make less. I am having a hard time feeding my family and get treated poorly as a vet from some of the people where I live that were against the war. I am completely ashamed to be an American if this is what is considered a high wage earner.

1500 days ago


Don't worry America. He'll blow it, lose it, try to hide and then end in debt to the IRS.

1500 days ago


Wow, the Situation is in a very good situation. If he was my son, I'd be real proud of him. If my daughter brought a guy like him home, I'd tell her how lucky she is to be with the Situation. If I caught my wife cheating on me with the Situation, I'd quietly leave the room and put the do not disturb sign on the door handle. I hope some day, I am in such a great situation, as is the great Situation. No hate. Feel me.

1500 days ago


So what you're telling me is that you can be a drunk, ignorant **** and make millions of dollars?! Only in America.

1500 days ago

get a life ho    

Hey he's smart to capitolize on this crap.,.

good for him !

HE seems the most business minded of the bunch

1500 days ago


To James
You are completely correct. Its just a symptom of the complete "dumbing down" of our society in general. I wish I had an answer for you, but I do wish you nothing but the best. And I don't support the war either, but I fully support the men and women, who have and continue to serve.For I know their motivations are sincere, and in that belief are willing to put it all on the line. I'm just glad that your home, and
"keep the faith" Things always find a way of "working out", as they should.
Even for the "Situation", so he better get a good accountant

1500 days ago


I can't wait to see him on QVC selling his workout material.

1500 days ago

Ambulance Chaser hater    

I can see IRS sitting back watching him rake all this money in and waiting for him NOT to pay his taxes... Just wait and watch, he'll be sued by IRS in at least a year or so for not paying taxes....

1500 days ago


Bravo Situation!

1500 days ago

La La Land    

Wow that is pretty cool. I need to get into advertising to make money off of these delinquents..haha BTW the jersey shore sucks this

1500 days ago


@Janine, when is that on QVC, I want to set my HD-DVR to record it. Thanks in advance honey. lol :)

1500 days ago


Whatever, he was just a regular schmuck like the rest of us and honestly though he may have his annoying behaviors the guy hasn't done anything bad to anyone... I'd rather hear of someone like him getting this kind of break instead of some of those lying cheating corporate bast*rds. Good for him, hope he takes advantage of this windfall and invests and saves for his future.

1500 days ago
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