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The Situation Makes More Money Than He Should

8/23/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In news that is sure to make you re-evaluate all your life choices -- The Situation is estimated to make more than $5 million in 2010, this according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Sitch takes in roughly $60,000 an episode -- after bonus incentives, a source tells HR. Dude is also expected to rake in $1 million this year in appearance fees.

And there's more -- Situation is also getting paid for "developing" several products -- including an ab-centric workout video and a line of chewable supplements.

The HR also claims Sitch scored a six-figure deal to promote a line of vodka -- plus he'll get partial ownership in the company. He's also released a rap song on iTunes and has signed endorsement deals with Vitamin Water, Reebok and a clothing company.

And get this -- The Situation got a six-figure advance on his autobiography. The book on tape will probably be fascinating.


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Daisy Dooks    

For God's Sakes! Does this punk actually think he is going to make money being a reality star! NOT! He is a punk and a gangster...nothing more, nothing less..oh yes, he is also a guido!

Posted at 9:52 AM on Aug 23, 2010 by sherri

your comment makes no sense. If you read the articla, you see he IS making money from being a reality star. Sooooo..... um, yay.

thats all I have to say

1520 days ago


YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4 YES!!!

1520 days ago


Well he's set for life, if he doesn't squander the money. Got to give him credit for parlaying physical fitness, drinking, partying, scr*wing a bunch of women who easily open their legs, etc, into 5mil. All he has to do now is thank TMZ and his fans for keeping him relevant. Good for him.

1520 days ago


Well said Mike P and James.

While we sit here on our big fat a$$es, the troops are fighting for me to have the freedom to browse this web site.

Thank you James for serving this country. I wish we would put our money where our mouth was more often in terms of support for the vets and troops still there.

It always makes me feel like I'm helping by continuing to get book donations together as I am the book sale queen for a major library in Illinois. I always remind people to not forget our troops, help ANY way you can folks.

Granola bars, baby wipes, NO CHOCOALTE, but hard candy and suckers are good. How about a letter even?

so..... here is this grease ball, making money off of his retard personality, zero class self, while people like James get to scrape by...something is wrong here!

1520 days ago


I love the last sentence of this article, "The book on tape should be fascinating" LMAO I would buy that if it was some douche talking like Tony Danza on crack, so frigging funny!!

1520 days ago


It's stupid people that make this guy rich. If people didn't watch these kind of trashy worthless reality TV shows, then he'd be worth nothing, and they would just fade away. At least, the original reality type TV shows had some goal to them. Now, it's just throw some trashy idiots on a show and watch them act stupid. That passes for entertainment. BTW, I've never seen this guy's shows.

1520 days ago



1520 days ago


What is this guy's real name. Does he realize how stupid he sounds by using that name?

1520 days ago


what standards have we let the media lower us to in our lives?

1520 days ago


Good for him! All the negative comments are jealous people.
I only made $130,000 last year. 5 Million in a

That's incredible for this guy.

To the poster in the army who made $20,000 last year....are you kidding? Go back to school, get educated.
I'd kill myself if i made $20,000...

Posted at 9:50 AM on Aug 23, 2010 by dustin

If he wasn't overseas fighting to protect your dumb-ass then you wouldn't have to worry about killing yourself for making that little, because you'd already be dead. The fact that James put his life on the line to protect ****weeds like you is proof that america isn't fair. Why do the jackasses that talk big game and think they the **** cuz they have some money feel like they are better then people who make less but do the BRAVEST job of anyone in the world.

Dustin you keep sitting behind a desk or w/e earning your 130 thousand, but when your dead and gone nobody will know who you were but we will never forget our troops.

1520 days ago



It's people like you who make me "sick", someone who probably never served a day in his life.. but sits back and lets the brave guys do the protecting, you need to look in the mirror dude.

1520 days ago


These are a bunch of NY'ers trying act like they are from NJ. All are UGLY!!! and need to look in the mirror!

1520 days ago


gd45- newsflash: LIFE isn't fair, no matter what country you live in. Accept that fact and you'll be a happier person.

MikeP- Your optimism is clouding the truth. The truth is that most kids enlist for a free ride to college. It doesn't mean it's a bad thing, those kids aspire for an education that they otherwise would not have access to.

1520 days ago

the kid    

Good for him. Theres no doubt about it that this guy is a clown, but why all the hatred for someone who was put into a position to make money and do as much as he can to grow it. If anyone in here could grab 15 mins of fame and parlay that into a career where you can earn millions why wouldnt u? No matter how corny or much of a douche the guy is, its people all over this country that are making him rich. I dont see why anyone can be mad at him...maybe hes not as dumb as you all think...just sayin

1520 days ago

Broke as a joke    

Gross. The "Situation" is what is wrong with America.

1520 days ago
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