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Tiger Mistress: Divorce Won't Erase Elin's Humiliation

8/24/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite her newly found marital freedom, Elin Nordegren will never live down the "pubic humiliation" ... this according to Tiger Woods mistress number 9ish Jaimee Grubbs.

TMZ spoke to Jaimee, who says Tiger is an "a**hole" and "deserves to be hated" for "treating all these woman, including myself, like rag dolls" -- but says deep down inside she still "feels sorry for the guy."

Jaimee also said she believes Elin's decision to dump Tiger is "totally legit" -- and says "regardless of how much money she settles on, it isn't going to erase her public humiliation from his choices."

And Jaimee knows a thing or two about public humiliation ... she was recently arrested for driving on a suspended license ... and photographed without a front tooth.

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No Avatar


How dare this whore comment on Elin's divorce? This slut was part of the problem.

What a sick world it is that the faithful wife who did no wrong is the one who gets publically humiliated, and this slut gets press.

The fact that she's even pointing out Elin's humiliation is just ludicrous. If Elin is humiliated, then wtf are you?

1521 days ago

arte help    

HA HA HA!!! He got what he deserved, I'm glad he's crashed and burned. Now go back to your ho's!!!!

1521 days ago


Tigers got bigger problems he may have keeped Rachels mouth quite with $10 million dollars, Elin knows all about the poly Max Extremes and could spill the beans.

1521 days ago


Their all fake and even toothless women

1521 days ago


"pubic humiliation" ...

What a typo!

1521 days ago


She should not be commenting about someone's public humiliation. Just rubbing salt on someones wound. There is a special place for you bimbo..... Being destroyed.....

1521 days ago


Elin has NOTHING to be humiliated about. It's Tiger that was the @ss who humiliated himself!

1521 days ago


Elin got what she wanted... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1521 days ago


WHY SHOULD ELIN BE HUMILIATED! She did nothing wrong. Mad yes, but he is the jerk! He started believing his own press.

1521 days ago


No humiliation at all mistress lady. Elin should be nothing but proud of how she has taken the high road this whole time. Elin is a great role model. Now all the mistresses on the other hand......

1521 days ago


you tramps have given yourself some serious needs in reality checks.

we feel sorry for elin because of tramps like you that exist and men like tiger that can't keep it in their pants long enough to respect their wives and their marriage.

she wasn't humiliated by s*** like you - she got to see what a dirtbag tiger really was - you did her a favor if nothing else.

as far as you feeling you have some almighty power to be justified to even comment on the whys and hows of her divorce are absolutely laughable.

you and the other how many skank$ he was with will always be known for one thing - being $kank$ after fame and money and being full fledged nothing but bottom of the trash barrel who%e$.

so stfu and go back to damaging your next marriage.

elin has the class to keep her mouth shut and walk away with dignity and respect and the sympathy of normal people.

you and your gang of trash are not normal but you'll always be deemed as ho's and leg opening skum.

congrats on that. now go cry to gloria allred for how bad you feel.

1521 days ago


I agree with PaulWS, Elin got what she was probably after all along $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1521 days ago


You can only embarrass yourself. Tiger's the one who was humiliated.

1521 days ago


I don't understand why all these women are hating on Tiger now! They knew he was married when they were messing around with him! Jaimie talks about the humiliation that Elin received because of her!!! GOSH!!! Don't mess with married men!!

1521 days ago


Treated like a ragdoll? These skanks have got some nerve! They all knew Tiger was married. They got off on the fact they were banging a married, rich celebrity. End of story.

WILLING PROSTITUTES (you know he paid some of them so they could go out and buy a few skank'arific outifts).

Just look at Rachel, the one who managed to keep her mouth shut. She also slept with other married celebs!! This is an occupation for many women. Some manage to get knocked up and are set for 18-21 years! Some get knocked up and are on the down low. Trust me, there are quite a few babies running around with famous dads who send checks behind the scenes.

I'm still not understanding what Gloria Allred was defending!

Tiger was wrong. We know! We get it! Old news. But these trollops are wrong, too. Close those legs and get a real job.

1521 days ago
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