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Rachel Uchitel

Wants Tiger Woods Back

8/24/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel has just told a very close friend ... now that Tiger Woods is single, she wants him back and would "give up everything" to get him.

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods

The friend -- someone we know spoke to Rachel yesterday  -- tells TMZ Rachel said ... "I feel horrible for him.  He loved her.  But he was in love with me.  I hope he remembers that was real, and reaches out to me."

Rachel added, "I'd give up everything to be with him again."

Does that include the $10 million?

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Tiger might have to tie a board across his backside to make he doesn't fall-in at this point.

1519 days ago

Cynthia J    

If this article is true (which I doubt)what the hell is wrong with this "woman?" I've read some of the texts Tiger has sent to Rachel and the other 500 sluts. What self-respecting woman would even want to be involved with this ignorant juvenile sex-freak Tiger? If any man ever spoke to me the way Tiger has to these women, I'd punch him in his ugly face. Well, Tiger is DONE. He may win at Golf again but as a human being he is a total loser. He duped the public, his family and all that is good and decent. No one will ever respect this PIG again.

1519 days ago


Oh, I hope Tiger and Rachel do end up married. That way, Rachel can show us how a proper wife behaves when she catches her husband banging wh*res. Rachel won't get upset - she'll understand that it's just harmless fun and doesn't mean a thing. She'll stay home and wait her turn like she seems to think Elin should have done, and would NEVER swing a golf club or file for divorce. She will happily tolerate the cheating in order to keep her man, and not insist he stop like that crazy Elin did.

You go, Rachel! The best justice for you WOULD be to end up married to Tiger.

1519 days ago


If what she says is true, maybe he parked 10 million with her to help save some of his assets from the divorce settlement? She gets ten million and still goes public? Makes no sense.

I don't get it. She's no beauty, great body though but great bodies are a dime a dozen.

As for his competitors - if he was set up by those closest to him who knew his penchant for strange on the side.... only a coward with E D and no talent would resort to those tactics and only a fool would for fall for 'em.

1519 days ago


Leave her alone this is not Salem, Mass and its not the late 160......0's so all of you people with preconceived notions of someone disgust me, you should take a walk in someone else's shoes and have some compassion so that way others won't judge you as you are judging her, I hope that you are all judged the way you judge others at your weakest moment

Posted at 12:57 AM on Aug 24, 2010 by teamrachel
No thanks skank. Hooker shoes bunch the toes if you walk to much in the and this whore has been around the blocks waaaay to many times.
Not only that, I'm not into screwing other womens husbands. If you dont think shes a whore, shes got 10 million reasons showing that she is.

1519 days ago


Quote: She gets ten million and still goes public?

Yes, because she did it in a backhanded, devious way. She or her equally greedy attorney (media ho Allred) representing her SOLD them to the tabloids, who published them, AFTER she was paid off by Tiger to keep them private. Tiger shouldn't have paid that skank a dime to begin with. She KNEW he would never go to get his money back, because it would be ADMITTING she rooked him and reneged on the deal to begin with. There is NO END to the greed of skank, Allred and that gang of vultures.

1519 days ago


Yeah, what high profile golfer wouldn't kill to be seen with a high priced, sleazy slut on his arm attending public appearances...

I'm just sayin'

What a s*** bag you are Rachel

1519 days ago

West Vasquez    

I thought she already "gave it up".

1519 days ago


So exciting being the other woman, isn't it Rachel? Too bad for you and others that this is 2010 and you must face the "thinking minded public's" backlash. Whores aren't that popular anymore...didn't somebody tell you that?

1519 days ago


Careful Tiger, Oskanka is looking for a new meal ticket. Bitch will get knocked up so quick you wont know what hit ya. I'm sure Rachel played a part in Oskanka turning down the 15 mil settlement. She figured Rachel got 10mil just for spreading her legs and she should get more for trapping Mel with a baby. Whores and gold diggers and skanks, oh my!

1519 days ago

your not all that    

Poor little WHOR$!!! There ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS a reason your STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL single....... FAKE B!TCH.........You dont have any class in your WHOLE FAKE BODY........go get some MORE surgery maybe that will ease your pain.

1519 days ago


In the words of Forrest Gumps favorite sweet heart, "run Forrest (Tiger) run!"

1519 days ago


Next, to "improve" his image, Tiger might join a seminary, or give millions to worthwhile charities, or out of his own free will, give Elin 500 million more. That's a thought...give the mother of your children more money out of the goodness of your heart. And remember, you will always have quite a "following" of greedy whores who will stop at nothing to get to you!

1519 days ago


tiger is an ******* and a douchebag. he turned out exactly like his dad which he loathes as a child.

he just destroyed his marriage and the lives of his kids. he will forever be a s***bag. thanks to nike, just do it!

1519 days ago

Throwback kid    

These two losers deserve eachother! Elin makes this skank look like dog meat.

1519 days ago
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