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Woman Tosses Cat in Garbage Can (Yes, Really)

8/23/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman in Coventry, England was caught by a surveillance camera petting a stray kitten ... and then tossing it in a garbage can.


Word is the cat was found 15 hours later in good shape. Let's hope they catch the crazy woman.

(Thanks to Gawker.TV for spotting this)


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That is horrible, and you know she knew she was wrong in doing that because she looked around to see if anyone was watching first. I hope they catch and fine her.

1524 days ago


I think that was Susan Boyle.

1524 days ago


I never posted a comment before but this **** gets me mad!!!! Karma women!!! And you better watch out cause Karma has caught you on tape!!!

1524 days ago


I really hope they catch her.......

I have two cats one I got from a shelter the other I got from a corner store that was gonna drown the litter.

I don't know how things work in England but here in Canada if you find a stray you can call the Humane Society and they pick it up. They spay or neuter it clean it up and try to find it a home.

I can't believe she looked around then dumped the cat wtf is her damage?

You know they say those that start off by torturing animals usually work up to humans...........

1524 days ago


What a jerk. She clearly is trying to " help" w/ the over population of feral cats but this is just heartless. Didn't even faze this lady to dump that poor little kitty :( .... I guess it sure beats the creep I just read about in the news here in WI having over 100 cats in his freezer.

1524 days ago


OMG I wanna **** that bitch up, curbstomp her ass, gotta respect the *****

1524 days ago


I see the trolls are out in full force......when does grade school start up again? Will be very peaceful around here when it does.......

1524 days ago


Oh my God. I have never commnented on this site before but this forced me to do so. Please keep us informed if they catch her. People who abuse animals are also abusive to people (can even be serial killers). I could almost feel her coldness.

Thank you TMZ for posting this so she may get caught! You have a permanent reader now!

1524 days ago


Well welcome Anne :) We have only one rule please don't feed the trolls, your skin will get thick after awhile but sticking to topic and being straight up will net you lots of good aquaintences.........

1524 days ago


I cannot bare to watch this.. having 2 of my own kitties.This Bitch needs to be strung up and thrown in the garbage by her P*SSY!!

1524 days ago


#27 AcesNEights, Exactly, not everyone feels the same so how bout YOU stfu instead? You're the one who should have been really aborted, you do know people frown upon you not because you're an idiot, but because your parents are siblings right? It shows, even online. How else can someone be as retarded as you? Tonight when you go to bed, kiss your mommy and uncle goodnight or shall i say daddy and aunt? Either ways, your parents!

You and 2tellthetruth are just two 11 year old kids trying to get people all wound up by lying and saying you 'like to kill cats'. Go back to playing with your barbie dolls you closet case ;)

As for this video, it's sick! I'm sure they'll find her, i mean i'd recognize her if she lived near me. Anyone that is capable of hurting an animal is a sicko.

1524 days ago


dear heavens, she even looked around to make sure no one was watching.

I'd sit there and wait for her if I was a cop!

1524 days ago


You know why I like (errr hate) this story????

No celeb's involved.............I wish tmz would do more of these stories Lohan and company gets old after awhile this helps break up the cycle.......

For once I have to say good job posting this tmz.

1524 days ago


# 4 AND #10 yA'LL ARE SICK f*CKS!!you deserve to be thrown off a BUILDING!!! and as for as the lady, Her as* needs to be thrown in the garbage!!!!!!!!!

1524 days ago


OK! I watched it. I have the chills..... poor kitty!
this woman is evil and needs to be put in a psych ward.... HORRIBLE!

1524 days ago
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