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Woman Tosses Cat in Garbage Can (Yes, Really)

8/23/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman in Coventry, England was caught by a surveillance camera petting a stray kitten ... and then tossing it in a garbage can.


Word is the cat was found 15 hours later in good shape. Let's hope they catch the crazy woman.

(Thanks to Gawker.TV for spotting this)


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****ing bitch - may she rot in hell. I rescued two of my cats when they were four weeks old from a plastic bag in a huge garbage dumper. I'd like to light that bitch on fire. She may as well start burning right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1520 days ago


Who knows? He may have tried to scratch her eyes out, and sh egot mad. Never trust a cat. I wonder if this was life #8? Lucky kitty.

1520 days ago


Possibly she's been caught. Read comment from user xXxCara87xXx

1520 days ago


sick bitch

1520 days ago


I have never left a comment here before but I had to after seeing this.
This woman is a disgusting, ****ing piece of ****, that should be stoned and ****ing dead.
I am a vegetarian, non violent, amnesty international, loving person but for this **** licking bitch.
I believe in violence.

1520 days ago


She needs to be caught, tried, and convicted. Perhaps the jail will farm her out during the day to clean cages at the local pet store. Sick b!tch

1520 days ago


stupid piece of ****. Obviously she has issue to do that so quickly. Dumb ****

1520 days ago


I just "love" the mostly men that come on hair whining about hating cats. What's the matter? Does their intelligence and independence threaten your manhood? Don't just go out and get your rottweiler and pitbull but remember you penis will still stay small.

1520 days ago


Horrifying!!! This monster deserves to be tortured, along with the horrible posters who are saying "I hate cats... " and are feeding fuel to cat torturers, who eventually turn into human predators. In general, self-proclaimed cat haters have low IQ's or a history of violence or cruelty. The very fact that they are capable of hating a defenseless animal - any animal - says it all. Cats are incredibly smart and intuitive - when they meet a "hater" - they immediately reject them and treat them with scorn. Unfortunately for the poor cat in this video, it was tricked by this woman's unspeakable deception. I am confident that the police will find her and charge her - guaranteed... Many thanks to the kind posters who are equally as horrified as I am. Especially since there is no doubt that if it was a dog or a puppy, the world would be OUTRAGED -- but when it is a cat, very few people (in comparison) seem to care. Shame on you haters. Enjoy your karma.

1520 days ago


Someone needs to drop her ass in the garbage!!

1520 days ago


lol Tell the Truth

One never forgets Cat Scratch Fever!

1520 days ago


Sympathy for the cat is like sympathy for the devil. They are quite capable little animals.

Have you ever been cornered by a feral cat? They are the devil's themselves. Honestly. Very scary incarnations of evil. I have had a cat attack me on my porch before. Believe me, if I could have won, I would have thrown it in the trash just to be safe! (I took cover in my house though and hid).

Who knows what this woman was thinking.

1520 days ago


I dont think that cat was a stray most stray cats are ferrell and wont come close to a human,and this is why!she probaly threw away someones pet.most likely her daughter or sons.People like that should be taught a lesson.Every life is presious!

1520 days ago


Sad very sad how cruel ppl can be.

1520 days ago


a cat doesn't even have to be feral to be mean as snake.

1520 days ago
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