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Woman Tosses Cat in Garbage Can (Yes, Really)

8/23/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman in Coventry, England was caught by a surveillance camera petting a stray kitten ... and then tossing it in a garbage can.


Word is the cat was found 15 hours later in good shape. Let's hope they catch the crazy woman.

(Thanks to Gawker.TV for spotting this)


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Well, I guess I have seen too many cats in my neighborhood that are simply too mean to have any sympathy. The cats in my neighborhood are all spoiled rotten, and when let outside are jus wicked. Plus they kill every bird, and chipmunk in sight.

Cats are very capable, they climb fences,trees, they meow when in trouble, they hunt they stalk and I guess this one was in the wrong place and the wrong time. She probably thought he would get out. No one would dump a meowing cat. She probably was just frustrated with it.

1492 days ago


this article is from Englands "the Sun" tabloid news . This footage was captured on a CCTV camera (the cameras that watch the streets)
the cat was not a stray it was in the front yard of its owners home and she coaxes the cat pets it a bit and then throws it away were the cat remained for 15 hours before being found by its owner who had rescued the cat when it was a kitten from being abandon

1492 days ago

solar panel    

Maybe that wasn't a garbage bin, but was one of those "Cat Detector Van" utilities as mentioned by Monty Python. Could be she was a professional Cat Detector and was putting the cat in a License Application Form Drop Off, to be picked up by a License Granting Officer in a Cat Detector Van within 5 minutes. Notice how she did a Silly Walk as she went away. She's probably a German in a British disguise. Check for maps of the south coast.

1492 days ago


EVERYONE please read this article.
ESPECIALLY the ones talking about "Feral Cat" attacks. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED HERE!
This poor cat was removed from its OWN front fence/property, and was shoved into its caretakers trash bin. I agree with all the other posters that that should be this monster's punishment (15 hours in a locked stinky trash bin). And then 2,000 hours of volunteer work at the UK's ASPCA.
Someone posted on YouTube that the woman was apprehended (there is a GOD).

1492 days ago

solar panel    

I think she should be forced to have sex with Tiger Woods. No protection, of course. "Tiger Woods" will be the nickname they give to the donkey she's intimately paired with at the zoo, just before they throw her into the real tiger cage so she can experience how big kitty's like living in a container (somewhat larger, but what the hey).

Now we have to catch those miserable Japanese illegally slaughtering the whales and dolphins all the time. Watch the movie "The Cove", and Google "Japanese whaling". Have fun!

1492 days ago


I hope she is quickly identified, caught, and punished severely. God only knows what she would do to a human being.

1492 days ago


Well, to me all cats can become "Feral" in a split second. Just try taking the little birdy from the little claws and fangs!

Poor Kitty... Meow!
Poor my you know what!

1492 days ago


lol Gee Wiz Solar Panel... Give poor Tiger a break.

He would only end up in the trash can with that woman!

1492 days ago


this is wrong, and heartbreaking on so many levels. I've had four cats in my house for the past five years. I've lost two of them, one was old and wandered away to die instead of doing it in front of me, the other was destroyed and carried off by a racoon. I have three cats right now that I rescued from abusive situations. Someone deliver this beatch to me immediately.

1492 days ago


What a mean old lady. That cat was obviously tame and sweet. She probably had a beef with the neighbors and took it out on the poor cat.

1492 days ago


They will never ID her since every woman in England over 50 looks exactly like that!

1492 days ago


Bob too funny. She looks like every woman in a pool hall in America as well.

Cats I think rank #1 for being at the top of the food chain in the modern day world of animals. She was just trying to reassert her dominance! Must be a mid life crisis.

1492 days ago


#128 bob Ooh visited England have we, that's akin to saying that all Americans are over 300llbs and obese lol!! Don't agree with either by the way and I have visited lol!!

1492 days ago


2tellthetruth: someone should throw you off of a 20 story building you freak. bet you wouldnt say that or do that to a cat again will ya? FREAK!!!!

1492 days ago


nah, I still disagree with the degree of meanness. If she were really mean, she would have have thrown the kitty down the hamper of the incinerator!

She was just testing how many lives he has.. its now Minus 1.

1492 days ago
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