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Lindsay Lohan

Released from UCLA Rehab

8/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been released from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital ... TMZ has confirmed.

Lindsay was released after 23 days at the Hospital.  Lindsay will receive outpatient care for the foreseeable future.

We're told the doctors at UCLA were very clear with Judge Elden Fox ... they felt Lindsay should be released from the facility immediately, and the judge saw it their way.

Judge Marsha Revel had previously ordered Lindsay to spend 90 days at UCLA.
A court hearing is scheduled tomorrow, although we've learned Lindsay will not be there.


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My two cents ;)    

Death watch...this spoiled sheltered little faker is going to overdose within 1 year. Way to go Dina, Congratulations Shawn Chapman Holley you both have won best supportive enablers in a young addicts life...Karma is a bitch...

1487 days ago


she'll be dead by New Years Eve.

1487 days ago


Who will Dina and Michael sue when her rehab falls to sh*t. Hope those Dr's that let her out have a few million dollars in malpractice insurance.

1487 days ago


So ends rehab stay NUMBER 4! This is just a revolving door for her.

1487 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Oh and we are not particularly lilo haters (teamlohan) we are haters of enablers who allow addicts to not face the music...Is that you Dino-saur Lohan??? LOL shouldn't you be giving some welcome home comfort to your addict because she wants it

1487 days ago


To those that are spewing out the ridiculous notion that Lindsay will take drugs and drink: she is still under the care of UCLA in an outpatient capacity. She has to report to the facility 2 to 3 times a week and will be drug tested. If she fails, she'll pay the consequences. Unless the judge throws out probation, she is still following the rehab program.

1487 days ago


Woot Woot!!! Lindsay Death Watch is now on!! I give her 1 month before she Od's..

1487 days ago


...and the winner for best actress in a rehab facility is....former teen-queen Lindsay Lohan.

She's a loser and is not getting any REAL job offers or REAL money like she did during the brief period after "Mean Girls."

The cuties who were on the cover of Vanity Fair this spring have NOTHING to worry about cause Lindsay Lohan is busy partying with loser rich kids.

Hollywood studios are busy creaming (as am I) over the cover of Vanity Fair in March 2010.

1487 days ago


This arrogant little tw*t still has taken no responsibility for anything she's done; everything is always everyone else's fault. With fellow douchebag and enabling mommy white oprah egging her on, there is NO WAY she's going to stay clean or sober, not to mention a different less arrogant attitude. She'll be drinking/drugging/having sex with random dudes & gals/acting like a jerk in no time.

1487 days ago


Parents like Dina are why they call this "LONG HIGHLAND" way to go Dina, instead of doing what was best for your daughter, you did what was best for how you look in the media. You are pathetic! You make me embarassed to live here in NY. Oh and by the way next time you talk to that thing called your ex husband... tell him god has a place for him and it is some where where he will be recorded all the time.

1487 days ago


@ 41 Delmar

Remember that most of the posts here are not from California based people and they comment based on what happens in their state or city. That explains the moron comments about the amount of time women spend in jail in Los Angeles. Lynwood has been severely too small for the number of ladies incarcerated for many years. At one time it was under federal mandate to reduce the population. It also has a long record of brutality and of being operated by mindless thugs. At the moment there is a lawsuit about strip searching groups of ladies in a parking lot done by female officers as their male counterparts look on. I would bet that this is unique to Lynwood and illegal in most other states.
TMZ has been mum on Alexis Neiers thus no bleating about her release. She was convicted of a felony and did 30 days of her six month sentence. If she was the subject of TMZ articles she too would be subject of these same idiot comments.

UCLA is a psychiatric hospital, yes it is called a rehab, and they do that, but it is a hospital and the rehab unit is very much like a jail. It is a hospital and for a judge to order someone committed to that unit for a set number of days is a breech of ethics and common sense. She should have been sent there for an indefinite period pending review of the doctor’s initial report. Again there are tons of idiot comments about the amount time she was there but consider these two points; it is hospital so how can anyone be troubled about the doctors wanting to best use every bed? Then consider that the doctors might someday be telling a judge, you only gave us 90 days and this person needs more but your order was to release them at the 90 day point.
Lindsay did all the things she did and she got off easy. In most other states she would have done almost a full year in jail but no controlled probation after. She would be free now for 2 years in most states because her crimes were in 2007 and she would have started her jail sentence then not 3 years later. The real group who should be being roasted are the probation officers that let her get away with so many twists and the original judge for not imposing more controlled probation.

1487 days ago


Graduate again of rehab...Dina for mother of the year!

1487 days ago


ya think she'll be hitting the clubs tonight and getting free booze?

1487 days ago

Dina Lohan    

Lets have a Carvel ice cream cake laced with cocaine to celebrate

1487 days ago


She will take that million dollars and snort it up her nose. We could only hope that she finishes the job right this time and puts us out of this misery!!!

1487 days ago
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