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I Was Born to Dance

8/26/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman may have been a stranger to the rhythm method in the past, but now she's embracing it for a shot at "Dancing with the Stars​."

Octomom Nadya Suleman Dancing With the Stars

Octomom's legal eagle, Jeff Czech, tells TMZ, "Nadya is in top physical shape.  She has been working out for months.  She has had a strong interest in dance and 'Dancing with the Stars' is one of the few shows that she takes time to watch."

Czech adds, "She'd love to do it."

Our spies at "Dancing" tell us Nadya is not on their short list.  We're thinkin' she should be ... because at the very least she's got a built-in audience at home.


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Kimba, I guess notamama isn't worrying about saving the frozen embryo "lives" that she left with Kamrava. She only worries about the fresh ones??? I call BS on this one!

1475 days ago


Kimba, what happened with eyesore is that they pulled out and rescinded their permits.

1475 days ago


Kimba, You have to be Nadya, or some troubled soul with too much time on your hands needing to be the contrarian so someone will listen to you. You're way off on so many points I don't even know where to start... you're perpetuating more lies...why? It's simply not the truth what you say. Octo's lies are pathologically constant...she told men she was dying of cancer to get them to donate their sperm, she even told her own Mother she had tumors instead of pregnant. Her own parents don't trust her or believe anything she says.. why should you?> You really think those lips puffed out like that on their own (compared to her school pictures, and earlier pictures), and that bellybutton looks like that with no surgery, etc etc ETC. Her own Doctor has confirmed lies she has said about her IVF...everytime she opens her mouth it's to lie and conn people. It's a fact. Just check simple facts...octo's never on the same side of the fence. Check about SSI for low birth weight premies and her other 3 on SSI....cons of the system have used this ploy for a long time but Octo really hit the jackpot with over 6 HUNDRED dollars per month, per child (times 11!). She simply thought she figured out a way to never have to work in her life. I mean how else could a welfare Mom afford Jimmy Choo sunglasses, designer clothes, etc she thinks she deserves. Never mind she put innocent babies lives at risk to do it.. it's all about HER. She's disgusting to virtually everyone (including her kids it seems) but herself, those that want to make money off her, the ignorant, and the narcissist sociopaths that are probably just like her.

1475 days ago


Don't you think it a bit strange that you all now realize that everything kimba10/mssarcia puts into her posts are lies but you still be lieve she might not be Nadya Suleman. A creature who is such a comulsive liar she does not even go by her own given name. Nor do her parents.

You might want to think about how small the difference is between Suleiman and Suleman as far as not "naming" the father.
Why else do you think her parents would have gone along with changing their own names when it comes to their grandchildren?
Why else do you think the father demanded a contract?

What else do you think might be($$$$???)in the father's contract to keeep that eternally braying mouth shut?

Why do you think Toxomom leaned on a lawyer's services so hard when she most needed an agent and PR person INSTEAD?

And you might want to consider how much NON-TRACEABLE income a "donor" can make when he is supporting a coke habit,too.

1474 days ago


LLC, Nadya no longer receive benefits for her any of her children and not sure if she does for Aiden--kimba 10

This is an oputright LIE . She has never been OFF assistance for these kids. She hasn't been recieving it for HERSELF while she was getting Worker's Comp.

Does it really make any difference in the long run, though? Natalie Doud Gutierrez is over and done,done,done. Seh has chosen to turn herself from obstetric oddity to walking skidmark in a mere eighteeen months. Media have gotten the message that the public consider her toxic.

She'll be living on ever dwindling welfare as California gets more and more strapped. And when that happenns she will have to account for every dollar she spends to sonme socal service agency.

She can't even go blow it at whatever mall without instantaneously being reported by a flurry of tweets.

1474 days ago


I'd rather see her on welfare where her childrens' support money will have some responsible adult supervision and can't be squandered on more plastic surgery for her. Nadya Suleman's biggest FAIL? Underestimating the BS Detectors of the American public.

1474 days ago


i love reading donedonedone's posts!

1442 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

What the heck.I like the Circus.. Why I love freak shows too .. =|0o|=

1405 days ago


So Madya wants to DWTS...So what! She also wants to be rich and famous. Well the past 12 years of her life has been spent as a nobody...she has not even reached the status of a 'has been'. The social system has been her buddy and banker for eleven years.
She cannot dance...even if she had the ability... having been on disability for a bad back foe several years.I imagine that her back injury must have miraculously healed the day that she received a 40,ooo dollar settlement in early 2010,.

The social system is her saviour,her lifeline, her binkie....she is an entreprenneur... will do cheap gigs, in order to satiate her personal needs.,in the short and longrun the taxpayer is her tit.,,and that of her children.

Now, Hormoney that a pseudo tit....?

1368 days ago


leddy.she did not make a mistake, she made a deliberate plan, which resulted in fourteen children that she knew that she was not financially able to support...but delegated that responsibility to any one from whom she could bleed...that being...her parents....but primarily the social system. Well versed , she has utilized the taxpayer for eleven, perhaps more'
So you see, leddy it does take a village..a very large village, who are in fact taking care of her, and her own family......the village has a title............THe State of California Taxpayers...and backup from thr Feds...

1368 days ago


I agree with many others. This woman is not a "Star" How does a mom with 14 kids (or however many it is!) stay in top physical shape?? I have 2 and its a struggle to find time to work out! Her 15 minutes of fame ended long ago. Don't bring it back. Enough of this media whore!

1252 days ago
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