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I Was Born to Dance

8/26/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman may have been a stranger to the rhythm method in the past, but now she's embracing it for a shot at "Dancing with the Stars​."

Octomom Nadya Suleman Dancing With the Stars

Octomom's legal eagle, Jeff Czech, tells TMZ, "Nadya is in top physical shape.  She has been working out for months.  She has had a strong interest in dance and 'Dancing with the Stars' is one of the few shows that she takes time to watch."

Czech adds, "She'd love to do it."

Our spies at "Dancing" tell us Nadya is not on their short list.  We're thinkin' she should be ... because at the very least she's got a built-in audience at home.


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#1: Why should be giving a shot at Dancing with the Stars just because "she has all those brats to support"? The last time I checked, the State of California and the California taxpayer were supporting her AND her 14 kids. Let this leech get a job at McDonalds or picking up trash on the freeway. GO AWAY PSYCHO OCTO LEECH!

1496 days ago


I thought she couldn't work because of a bad back, and was on disability????

1496 days ago


Why does ABC kiss Kate Gosselin's ass and doesn't help this woman, I bet she can out dance hoofin' Gosselin.

1496 days ago


Right, what about her bad back? Workers comp just settled her claim for permanent disability for a bad back in April 2010 for a final $40,000 payment.

1496 days ago


she is looking good now and let her do it.....

less money she will need from US.....

1496 days ago


What a ****ing joke, ABC is only doing this for the ratings and controversy this woman is pathetic.

1496 days ago



1496 days ago


That woman is completely nuts. I wouldn't watch with her on. It's just what she wants, more fame. She needs to stay home with those kids of hers. I still say they should have been put up for adoption. She was a horrible mother to the older kids, then to add another 8 to the mix........just crazy. That doctor should be in jail for letting a crazy welfare mother implant 8 embryos....stupid.

1496 days ago


Yea, putting someone on a show like that - ESPECIALLY WITH A BAD BACK - is just asking for a lawsuit!!! DWTS should definitely pass on this lunatic.

1496 days ago


#68 - Becka

She's ALWAYS going to need the money - from last year until those kids are 18! What do you suggest the networks do for the next 17 years? Support her? If she would have saved that money she got last year (what, about $1 mil?) she wouldn't be begging for TV shows to put her on.

1496 days ago


I think it's wrong that Octomom is trying to cash in on what I consider a very irresponsible decision. She should get a real job and doesn't deserve the spotlight nor the publicity. I don't think she should be on the show and they shouldn't consider it. Talk about "white-trashing" the show up. If she can do the show then she can get a real job and get off welfare and charity. Wow, she really makes me sick.

1496 days ago


shes not a star... shes a woman who had too many kids.... that doesnt make you famous... she should stay at home with her kids and stop caring about being famous... she is being neglectful to all those kids

1496 days ago

Heywood YaGetOffMyLawn    

DWTS is jumping the shark this season. "The Situation," Bristol Palin, and the Octomom are all something that begins with the letter S, but that word ain't STARS.

I'd rather see old child stars from seventies sitcoms than these jerks, REALLY. They're alienating their target audience with idiots that they don't like, don't know, don't care about, and cannot identify with--this is probably the worst crew ever. I feel sad for the real "stars"--the dancers forced to shove those clowns around the floor.

1496 days ago


#64 AND #66 are the Octo idiot leaving comments. Hey Octo can you have so much free time to surf the web? Who is taking care of that ****load of kids that you cannot ever even begin to support on your own? Oh wait...I already know the answer to that question. The State of California is bankrupt, laying off workers, yet this leech has sqeezed millions and millions of dollars out of the California taxpayer and workman's comp. just paid her 40 grand? Oh right...she needs to pay for the eyelash extensions, mani's, pedi's, MAC cosmetics, tummy tucks, lipo and lip injections, GAP clothes and other nonsense. LOSER!

1496 days ago


Would stop watching the show if she was on it....

1496 days ago
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