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The Situation

Wants You to Drink

His Protein ... Vodka

8/23/2010 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you have ever thought to yourself, "Man, I want to drink whatever vodka The Situation drinks. And I wish it had protein in it too. But nah, that will never happen" -- boy, do we have a surprise for you!

Sources tell TMZ the "Jersey Shore" money machine scored a $400,000 signing bonus to be the spokesman for a vodka company called Devotion.

But this ain't no ordinary booze -- Devotion contains a clear protein called Casein ... which can support an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat if the user is also on some sort of weight training program.

We're told The Sitch's brother, Marc Sorrentino, brokered the deal through the company they run together, MPS Entertainment.

As we previously reported, Sitch is expected to rake in $5 million this year -- we're guessin' he'll drink to that.


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Sin D    

The American way huh? Get it while 'ya can...talent or not. Save yer pennies will need 'em...sooner than'ya think.

1521 days ago


The guy who owns this vodka come to a beach bar in NJ every weekend and passes out a $1 off coupon for this and nobody drinks it. The guy is an arrogant **** like the Sitch.

1521 days ago


You're right Dan, you "shouldn't of went". It obviously didn't help.

1521 days ago


I know this is a "chicken and the egg" concept, but what would actually work better:

1) Shoot the "Sitch" in the head with a shotgun, or:

2) Distribute his Vodka and shoot everyone in the head with a shotgun who says they are buying it because he endorses it?

1521 days ago

Amy Hu    

Devotion Vodka is the bomb!! Love that stuff.

1521 days ago


All this media can't lead to anywhere good. Never thought I'd see the day where media was THIS out of control. All this celebrity gossip, its only entertaining coz of the off the wall ridiculous and sometimes true comments. I have a feeling it's not going to end very pretty LOL all these d list celebs being treated as if they were a list because Americans want to see trainwrecks because to their no life its ENTERTAINING. HA. I can't stand being a part of this, I MISS real celebs ppl who were worth something and respected themselves. That's long gone for now.

1521 days ago


TOXIC DEPPRESSANT - have fun shutting down your brain, lungs, heart...___...____________ flat liner

40% of suicides involve alcohol.

1521 days ago


Whoever is saying "hate this guy if you want, he's a smart businessman", please, dude! You think this a$$ is making these money making decisions? There is a team of greasy turds working behind the scenes. Ultimately, they are taking 60% or more of the money this guy is supposedly getting paid, so no worries. The Sitch will be delivering your pizzas again in a year or two.

1521 days ago


we all need to go to the devotion web site and contact them..i just did. What a great spokes person for this!!!! hahahaa what a bunch of crap! Only in america!!!

1521 days ago


Why is this guy getting money? Tv and Hollywood went straight to hell. You don't have to do **** anymore, no talent. With help form places like TMZ your sure to stay in the news and popular for N F>>KING REASON!!

1521 days ago

Throwback kid    

It looks like his face caught on fire and someone put it out with an AX! That is one ugly guy! no wonder he never pulls any good looking girls on that lame show.

1521 days ago


All Haters - Any one of you would jump at the chance to be in his position and make the loot !

1521 days ago


Hey GiGi - Learn how to spell.

Shut Up and Get Devoted !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1521 days ago


You can't hate his hustle. A low calorie alcohol drink already that also claims to help burn fat. What's to not like? Marketing genius and if it really works and is safe-he'll have a customer right here. I'm not saying I like they guy but this is a great idea. Cheers!

1521 days ago


Looks like there's a video for this on Youtube

1521 days ago
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