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The Situation

Wants You to Drink

His Protein ... Vodka

8/23/2010 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you have ever thought to yourself, "Man, I want to drink whatever vodka The Situation drinks. And I wish it had protein in it too. But nah, that will never happen" -- boy, do we have a surprise for you!

Sources tell TMZ the "Jersey Shore" money machine scored a $400,000 signing bonus to be the spokesman for a vodka company called Devotion.

But this ain't no ordinary booze -- Devotion contains a clear protein called Casein ... which can support an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat if the user is also on some sort of weight training program.

We're told The Sitch's brother, Marc Sorrentino, brokered the deal through the company they run together, MPS Entertainment.

As we previously reported, Sitch is expected to rake in $5 million this year -- we're guessin' he'll drink to that.


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#30, I agree with you 100%. Most guys I talk to say the men on Jersey Shore are horrible and useless, but I think they are just all jealous. I mean what guy would not want muscles and abs like that? Also, more power to the cast of Jersey Shore for making as much money as possible. Everyone here would go party for 2 months and get paid a **** load of cash to do it. I think a lot of people need to stop being so jealous.

1486 days ago


How can the protein help him when he ends up puking his guts out after a night of drinking?

1486 days ago

Sad sad    

Don't be so bitter Bobo Frog because most woman turn you down. Look on the bright side..... you still have a working hand right?

1486 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

In honor of this azzhat, they should call it DoucheWasser Vodka- the drink made for when you don't want to lose your edge while being a serious douchebAg! Barney Fife isn't going to be loving life when this series dries up and people are sick of all of them and turn against them viciously.

1486 days ago


hopefully with this signing bonus he can use the money to get his teeth whitened! the dude looks like he got butter teeth!

1486 days ago


Soooo he makes all this money and can't afford a tooth whitener? 2 words of wisdom to you, mr situation... ZOOM WHITENING.

1486 days ago

Mongrel Mikey Beach    

I'm so happy for the "Sit".

He has no skills to speak of, no trade, so this is his only chance at life to make some money. About the most ridiculous Vodka ever dreamed-up. "Vodka-Roids" exercise your body while getting drunk catching STD's. Next he will market "Crippiettes", Marijuana laced Cigarettes with no filter, a mans smoke... As he smokes about 4-5 Packs a day as it is. The Sit's body is like the last years of Elvis inside his smoke-filled lungs. Blow? I'm sure they experiment.

Snookie will market a new Mini-Skirt with a built-in Depends Diaper so when she is trashed she does not pee on herself anymore.

And the other Boy with the grease-spiked hair will invent his own "Spike-Jel" Hair Foam. It will be strong like lacquer but hard as a rock. As these Gents look in the mirror more than the girls do.

It takes that kid 3 hours just to do his hair.

It kinda reminds me of the "Club-Kids" craze that was big in London back in The Boy George & Morrissey/Smiths Days

1486 days ago


TMZ, please magnify in his rotten enamel. It tells a story: smoker, drug user, drinks too much wine and perhaps coffee.

1486 days ago

richard pierce    

Hummm . . .MPS Entertainment! Could it stand for Morons, Pimps & S***bags or Midget Pumped-up Sicilians - either way, what a joke.

1486 days ago


I don't care who endorses what, it's painfully clear the celebs endorse whatever has the paycheck, not what they particularly care for (which is fine.) That said, I've had this drink and it is ass nasty. If you want good Vodka without spending a fortune, get something like 101 or Cape North. Devotion is really the Affliction of Alcohol.

1486 days ago


FOK YOU MTV. You all sure know how to bring retard supremes into our lives. You just made a guy with the IQ of a door knob a millionaire. Who the hell gives themself a nickname? Not to mention it has been like 15 episodes and has he gotten one chick in bed? He gets shot down all the time and they usually aren't even hot.

1486 days ago

Buh Bye Alexis!    

They should have made the bottle shaped like a douchebag.

1486 days ago


The fact this dude can rake in 5 mill for acting like a douche proves that the world is soon coming to and end.

1486 days ago


There's a brilliant idea, I can see college guys alcohol poisoning themselves drinking protein infused vodka

1486 days ago


No electrolytes?

1486 days ago
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