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Chyna -- Bugging Out Over Nasty Insect Bite

8/26/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another disgusting story about a bug bite -- this time the victim is former WWE star Chyna ... who claims a poisonous spider chomped on her leg, causing so much swelling ... that her doc sent her to the hospital.

Problem is -- Chyna didn't go to the ER because she claims, "It would have cost too much." So, according to her, she played doctor instead ... and operated on herself with a Swiss Army knife.

Chyna says she used the knife to essentially dig out the swollen golf ball sized lump that had formed in her leg ... leaving a pretty nasty, bloody crater. She then doused the wound in hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin ... but Chyna tells us she's in so much pain, she "can barely walk."

No word on what kind of spider is responsible for the carnage -- all Chyna knows is that the culprit attacked her while she was changing a toilet in her L.A. home sometime last month.

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Stupid People Hater    

Wow she looks different than when I was a pubescent high school kid watching her on TV.

1518 days ago


Did she actually see the spider bite her? I understand spider bites can be extremely nasty, but a lot of "spider bites" actually are MRSA boils, and that really looks like a MRSA boil to me. She better get to a doctor quick and get tested for MRSA, which is nothing to mess with.

1518 days ago


That's pretty gross. Poor Chyna has already ran through all of her money?? So sad!

1518 days ago


that's not a bug bite. It's MRSA. She needs to get to a doctor.

1518 days ago


that's not a bug bite.. it's MRSA. She needs to get to a doctor.

1518 days ago


ah yes, the wonderful american health system

1518 days ago


Is this what TMZ is turning into? No one cares about has beens and their nasty insect bites!!! I call BS on Chyna not being able to afford going to the doctor. If it had to do w/ implants she would find the $$$$

1518 days ago


Dennis Johnson, Chyna didn't get fired for being on drugs while in the WWE. She got fired because her boyfriend slept with the bosses daughter. She didn't develop drinking problems until way after the WWE.

1518 days ago


Why is this news? Why is Chyna posing like a porn star to show a spider bite?

1518 days ago


welcome to Obama care. Jack daniels a bite block and a knive!

1518 days ago


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1518 days ago


Looks more like scabies to me. Looks like a bite and then form a nasty crusty sore. Then it's a big scab and can be dug out. she is sickening ...

1518 days ago


MRSA alert

1518 days ago


I don't mind you posting this story, really but could you please, please, please make it so we have to click on something in order to see the nasty pictures and not have them right there in our face like that.

1518 days ago


If that was a spider bite, there would not of been a hard ball inside as she said. The brown recluse spider eats the tissues, so it would of been all hard but once opened it would of been more like cellulitites and had filled with pus, and would need surgery to de-bree the area..
If you look at the pictures, she is either really bruised up,or just plain old dirty. Her finger nails do not even look clean and i am sure she spread the infection when or if she cut it open or out.
She needs to get some IV anti-biotics the infection is only gonna get worse.

1518 days ago
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