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Joe Jackson -- Dr. Murray Held MJ Drug Intervention

8/25/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson has re-filed his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray -- and now claims Dr. Murray and AEG staged an intervention with Michael Jackson one week before he died.


According to the new documents, Dr. Murray and representatives from AEG went to Michael Jackson's home on N. Carolwood Drive on June 18, 2009 -- and said they were there for a "drug intervention."

The suit claims during the meeting AEG demanded Michael "stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him." They wanted Michael to "take only the medications being given to him by Conrad Murray."

According to the suit ... the intervention was intended to get Michael to adhere to Dr. Murray's drug regimen so he could get more sleep.  AEG thought Michael was missing rehearsals because of medications from Dr. Klein and other doctors.  

The suit also alleges that in the days leading up to Michael's death it was apparent he was getting weaker and weaker, at times seeming "drugged and disoriented."

The upshot of the lawsuit -- the intervention and general concern over MJ's drug use is proof Dr. Murray had no business administering Propofol and other drugs to the singer and that Dr. Murray knew he was playing with fire.


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Gsharon 710    

I just read some lyrics to "word to the bad" or something like that by Jermaine Jackson, where he disses Michael. If this is true, Jermaine is a creep.

Apparently many people knew about this, but after finding that, I read some sites who claim Jermaine was jealous of MJJ's sucess. This is the second sibling that has spoken out against Michael.

I guess we know now why MJJ praised Randy.

Jermaine needs to get a J O B and take care of his children and ex wife that his mother has taken care of it and stop showing the world through songs how you felt about Michael. He wanted to diss Michael but it is ok for his babys mama and their children to reside in the Jackson home that is cared for by Michael's generosity and concern for his children's future.

Now I understand why some people spoke about the very involved family of his wife's, and what may have happened.

Jermaine and Latoya...tct..tct...tct.

1498 days ago


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Pt.3..........
I often wonder what Michael thought about "Wicked"--I LOVE IT!! It has many of the elements Michael loved in a film and there are some similarities between him and the idea/character of Elphaba, IMO....sort of like "Edward Scissorhands" which I KNOW he loved, and so did I. It's funny that I knew he loved that film before I even read that he did.....
-#79: Hey Siggisiss and Cathy! Back in the day, Arnie was very popular among the celebs--he was tight with Michael's BFF, Liz Taylor, a patient of his also, and Carrie Fisher--you know how "Star Wars" crazy MIchael was...."The force has got a lot of Power, honey..."
-#80: Hey Moni! I know this has probably been answered but it's a great question! Joe and Oxman figure that if Murray and AEG were aware enough of Michael's alleged drug problems that they staged an Intervention, then Murray should've known better than to give Michael Propofol or any other drugs. This is their reason for making this accusation ON THE SURFACE...
HOWEVER, if you really look at it, the charge mainly implicates AEG and KLEIN and says that AEG was fully aware of what Murray was giving Michael and even was behind it, demanding that Michael only take meds from Murray, not Klein. This came out in a previous story where Oxman was stating he had proof that AEG was "directing" Michael's medical care through Murray. He also stated that he had proof that AEG had wanted and hired Murray, not MIchael--which I also believe....
On the other hand, it's saying that Klein was giving Michael inappropriate amounts of meds, to the point where it made him irresponsible and interfered with his treatment from Murray.
I think Klein did give Michael meds while doing procedures in his office which would make anyone appear "out of it". Was he giving Michael too much? Probably, but he couldn't have given him the massive amounts that Klein stated in his claim against the Estate because the Coroner's report said there were no signs of Drug abuse, and it did not list anything but the benzos and Propofol in Michael's system....
Bottom line, this latest drug intervention story does look bad for Murray, but then again, it only reiterates what Murray already told the LAPD (IF you can believe anything he says,) that he was trying to WEAN Michael off of Propofol for 6 weeks--meaning he thought he was addicted to it. Propofol is an inappropriate drug to prescribe as a sleeping aid, and it's illegal to prescribe drugs to a KNOWN addict..
-#82: Aston, problem is, the whole "Propofol story" is based on what Murray told the LAPD. We don't really even know if it went down the way he says it did, and MIchael's not here to defend himself.
You asked what is the Prosecutor doing? Not much. Chasing down ways to make Murray's fake story stick so they can get a conviction. Thing is, Murray is guilty, but I don't think he was alone which is why there are so many unanswered questions.
And as for AEG, I don't think the whole company was in on it, but I think Randy Phillips and Anschutz had to know what was going on. Watch TII and you see Randy Phillips practically breathing down Michael's neck. And on the Raffles-DiLeo Interviews, DiLeo claims Michael asked him to take a phone meeting with Randy Phillips to determine if he was okay with MIchael rehiring DiLeo.....last I checked, an artist has the right to hire anyone he wants to represent him....CRAZY!!
As for Michael's lungs and health, the autopsy said they were inflammed, but not life-threatening, and his health was good for his age....
-#83,84: Em, You hit the nail on the head! Yes, Joe maybe looking for a payday somehow--it's his nature, but I think he's also trying to get to the bottom of what happened to his son. I don't know how torn up Joe may be over Michael's death, but I do think as a businessman, he may feel like someone took something away from him when his back was turned, and he can't let them get away with that.
When I lived in LA, years ago, I remember they said Joe was part of what was considered a "Black Mafia"....if that's so, there's honor and pride on the line for him........
-#89: Marie, see this is why I hated this story on sight...because it propigates the Media LIE that Michael was an addict who allowed people to run him into the ground. Of course, he had a problem at one point, and had to take meds from time to time for various injuries and the LUPUS, but there's NO PROOF that he was an addict--the Coroner's report stated he had nothing in him but what Murray gave him.
You have to remember where we got that Propofol story from--MURRAY!!! And do we really believe that Michael begged Nurse Cherilyn for Propofol, ONE WEEK before he died--a time where it's do***ented that Murray had been giving him Propofol for 6 weeks? Why would he need it from her? They found plenty of it at his house, remember?
The whole story does NOT add up. Which is why I believe Murray gave him the Propofol, but that was only AFTER Michael was already in distress--more likely in a coma. I think Murray and his partners in crime decided that it was "beneficial" to everyone involved--Barrack, AEG, and the family, to end it permanently....
I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but it's what I believe based on research and do***entation in this case. However, I'm waiting on the trial to provide the facts to support the truth...
-#94: Cathy, I agree that Lisa Marie would've squashed a lot of this, but her problem was, she had her own agenda which didn't include Michael's needs. From what I understand she said she felt he complained about his childhood too much, which irritated her because she had a bad childhood, too, so she wasn't a very compassionate person, IMO. I may have gone through some bad times, but that doesn't mean I can't listen to someone else's troubles and be empathetic. And I'm sure he probably did overdo it a bit, but he probably did that before they married as well....
My thing with Lisa Marie is that she didn't know a good thing until she lost it. I know she was still trying to see Michael years after they divorced and Michael still had a soft spot for her, but I he told Schmuley on tape that he wouldn't get back together with her. I think Michael had a big thing about TRUST, and once you crossed him on it, you were off his list. When LisaMarie signed that contract to have his children, and then later renegged on it because she wasn't sure what kind of Father he'd be, that was it for her. I know she had both of her feet in her mouth when she was able to see how well-mannered and behaved MJ3 is.....
-#97: Shae, just google Michael and the Jacksons and you'll find a wealth of examples on why he kept them at arms' length. All the way from Joe, Katherine and the Brothers constantly pushing at him for a family reunion concert, to Randy signing deals behind his back while he was already dealing with the 2005 Trial, and mismanaging his financial affairs for years....
-#98: Marie, there's no proof to suggest that Grace had anything to do with AEG. She herself stated that Michael fired her for the THIRD AND LAST time because he disagreed with her having MJ3 call her "Mom"--that's HER story, but she also said a lot of other things that were false about Michael when she went to London. Google her name and Daphne Barak for the INterview where she accuses Michael of being on drugs and neglecting MJ3. When he died, she begged them not to broadcast the Interview, and when they refused to pull it, she claimed they distorted her words. I personally think Michael fired her because he was trying to clean house and get rid of all the toxic people in his life....he fired Tohme not long after firing her....
Furthermore, she was the one who brought in the NOI bodyguards, who turned out to be disloyal, one of them sold Michael belongings before he was caught and charged. Of course she later claimed she tried to get Michael to get rid of the NOI, but I don't believe it, because she has NOI background.....

1497 days ago


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Pt. 4...............
-#109: Hey Nan! While I don't think Michael originally wanted to do the concerts and was forced into doing them by Barrack, I think there are 2 truths here. In other words, a performer may remember all of the work, worry and discipline of doing a show--especially if it's a Tour, but once you hit that stage, it's like you never left it and you INSTANTLY remember why you fell in love with it in the first place--The magic of being in the moment, the connection of the audience, the instant gratification of their roars, the POWER of having people hanging on your every word and eating out of your hand....
No other performer has ever known these feelings better than MICHAEL--THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER EVER!! Once he hit that stage, he became another person or lifeforce, so despite the naysayers and the Media, he was BACK and happy to be where he felt most at home--onstage, that's why he looks so happy in TII, IMO. Because he remembered and KNEW he was going to be on top again.....
-#116: Vana, I read AEG's contract with Michael and didn't see anything about him being insured for a drug OD death, can you provide the links to this?
-#120: Hey Nan, you think he looked bad in that scene? I thought he looked cute there, but a WAY too thin--nothing new for Michael, but being older, I think the thinness looked harsh. He seemed in good spirits, though and had on that black jacket with the spiked shoulders that I TOTALLY love....I have one just like it now!!
-#125: dd, Jermaine's wife, Halima, is Tohme's NIECE....
-#130: Hey Chico! I LOVED TII, even though I don't think it showed Michael in the way he would've wanted, I loved that it showed Michael behind the scenes, where most fans/supporters had never seen him.
Like you, I hated that AEG and Barrack had manipulated him into doing these concerts, but I think once Michael got into it, he was happy again. Now that I've had time to review it, I think his main problem with doing these concerts is the micromanaging that went onfrom AEG--Randy Phillips did everything but go to the bathroom with Michael, and when he wasn't attached to him, he had Travis Payne or Ortega in his place. I know that really set Michael off! SO I think he may have been tired and such, but the refusal to attend rehearsals and so on was probably just Michael being stubborn and fighting to regain control of HIS show. As dancer Kryss Grant pointed out, they had no right to tell HIM--THE MAN--THE BEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD how it's done. And I think some of the happier times in the film is when you no longer see Randy, Travis, and Kenny micromanaging him, and he's allowed to show them how it's done......
As for Randy Phillips, I don't trust a word he says. I think if he and Anschutz aren't conspirators, they at least know who did it besides Murray and how. As I stated before, he was suspect to me the moment he went on every major news outlet and in essence, told his "side" of the story--that it was MICHAEL who wanted Murray, he tried to convince him not to hire him. Why would he feel the need to tell us that before anyone even asked? He also referred to Tohme as if he didn't know him by saying "I spoke to a Mr. Tohme....", well, TOHME IS HIS EX-BROTHER-IN-LAW!!!
Bottom line, I share your feelings about TII because everytime I see the credits, I know that most of the culprits are laughing all the way to the bank at MIchael's expense--they even have TOHME credited....I'm surprised they left off Murray....
BTW: They admitted that SOME of the songs were dubbed with Sony tracks, but not all....
-#134: Bayo, who would have benefitted? Read my post #210 and YOU tell me:
-#135: Cathy, I think you have to remember that the MEDIA had a field day tarnishing Michael's reputation, so most of what you've heard about him is untrue! I say this to you because I notice that you tend to have a dark outlook on Michael's life.
Yes, many fans were starting to lose faith but maybe that's because they weren't strong fans to begin with. When you love someone, you love them UNCONDITIONALLY--FLAWS AND ALL!! You're still here, so I;m not saying you lost faith, but clearly, many others did because they believed the media hype.
As for Michael's stability, you have to come out of the past. The only time I would say Michael could've considered suicide was after the '93 allegations or during the 2005 Trial--and who wouldn't with what they were accusing him of in that court. As for '93, they waited until he was about to embark on his biggest Tour ever, to go public with their accusations, so he had the weight of the world on his shoulders....
After Michael came back to LA from Vegas to begin prepping for his Tour, I think he was ready to go. Over the latter yrs of his life, he had matured and become a renaissance man by loving and caring for his children, receiving their unconditional love. I agree he had some anxiety, who wouldn't? Especially since he was a perfectionist, but he had no issues with drugs--the Coroner's report is PROOF of that, and he was of sound mind--every youtube clip I've seen along with TII shows him as lucid and in control....
Bottom line, I do think Michael thought he could pulled off the Tour and was ready to try it, but the people around him thought differently, and other elements were at play as well--see my post to Bayo.
Thing is, I think just the opposite of you: I think Michael had become so strong in his determination and ability, that he became a threat to the "Powers-that-be", and that's why they killed him....
BTW: TO ALL--50 is NOT too old to Tour...look at ROLLING STONES, MADONNA, U2, TINA TURNER, etc. All Michael needed was time and a decent Tour schedule. I agree with whoever said he would've had to cancel dates, but so what? How many times do I hear of Britney, Rihanna and whoever else cancelling their dates....and they're much younger!!
-#155: get a clue, Michael agreed to do even 10 shows goes back to when Tom Barrack of Colony Capital bailed Neverland out of foreclosure. Once he did this, he wanted to protect his Investment, so he told Michael he had to get back onstage to make himself more of a commodity again. I haven't seen the do***entation for his contract with Michael on Neverland, but it essentially made him the major shareholder, with Michael owning a minor stake in the partnership--Sycamore Valley, LLC. This agreement MAY have included a clause that said Michael had to Tour again. Not sure about this, but I know once Barrack paid off the Fortress (Fortress, btw, was a holding of Colony Capital) loan on Neverland, he told Michael to go and see Anschutz of AEG, who referred him to Randy Phillips of AEGLive--who had been drooling over getting Michael back onstage for yrs. and had even tried when Raymone Bain was working with Michael.....
-#157: K, I think the "female" they were referring to is Karen Faye. She said in her Interview with Michael's costume designers that she had mentioned his weight loss to Ortega and Phillips....
-#169: Tom Joyce, your post was short and right on point! You wrote:
There were other people who were not under contract to AEG who also said he was thin but in good shape the last few months. Also, the autopsy proved that the only drugs in his system were those that Murray gave him, so he wasn't taking drugs from another doctor.
Posted at 6:57 PM on Aug 25, 2010 by Tom Joyce
--#185,192: Kim and Nan, this is just ludicrous! Not sure if this is true, but I wouldn't put it past DiLeo. Remember, he was the cause of that All Good fiasco because he asked them to put a retainer in a Escrow account. He claimed he told them he would only ASK Michael about doing the Tour, but didn't think he would. He claims they never out the money in the acct, but now I'm not sure if I believe him since it looks like he did the same thing here, when hy his OWN ADMISSION, he hadn't been rehired by Michael at this point. Such a shame what USERS people became the minute they got around Michael.....
-#201: mspaap, Murray is only facing 4 years because the LAPD and DA screwed up as usual and didn't do their job:
-failed to secure Holmsby as a crime scene, allowing Murray, Tohme and family members to come and remove evidence
-Allowed Murray to leave UCLA and disappear for 2 days
-Allowed info vital to the case to be leaked
-#206: efsacramento, Thanks so much for your words of wisdom!!

1497 days ago


Posted at 7:19 AM on Aug 26, 2010 by Lisa
Thanks Lisa for posting this link about Propofol. I don't think defence is going to use this "Michael himself injected Propofoll" as its not going to fly in the court. They probably released this statement just to see the reaction from public or perhaps to influence potential jurors. Prosecutor will have experts lined up ready to testify against this sort of nonsense.

@ Siggisiss, about that CNN article, They just couldn't post the poll results without adding nasty, no needed comment of Michael!
"Almost 100,000 of you voted to tell us that the self-styled "King of Pop," who died suddenly in June 2009, is the musician you rate above all others."
According to comments there, they first printed "self-proclaimed" and then they changed it to self-styled. What is it with these people, can they not give any credit to Michael without this nonsense? I see this happening nearly every paper if they have an article of Michael.

Posted at 2:20 PM on Aug 26, 2010 by Vana
"MJ did not deserve this. He died as he lived. ALONE"
Very powerful statement and so sad.

Posted at 7:20 PM on Aug 26, 2010 by Kendrick
Amen to that.

1497 days ago


@danger baby, about the orange pants, he states the following:
"I was employed as one of Michael Jackson's personal bodyguards from June 2, 2009 until the day of his passing on June 25, 2009. He personally gave me the pants during this time period."

Ok, so he is being employed for 23 days and Michael decides he is good enough bodyguard and gives him his own worn pants? How about Kai Chase the chef, wasn't she fairly new employee too? What did Michael gave her? Used socks perhaps. LOL
I wish I was his employee, he could have given me some gold pants:-)

About how Murray can afford to pay his legal presentation etc. I hope this Son of Sam law applies to this case. I don't know whether they have to find him guilty first before this law applies?
I remember reading from the papers, that he made a deal with an english tv company, but that was one off deal, and will be aired when this court case is over. Not sure if its old news or if they cancelled the whole deal.

1497 days ago


According to Wikipedia:

The state of California's Son of Sam law was struck down in 2002 after being used against Barry Keenan, one of the men who kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr. in 1963.

So the law might not work in California now. But that means Joe can still sue and win if Murray makes a profit off any book pertaining to the case. Win/Win.

1497 days ago


Thanks Vana, good to know that he will not be making any money out of this way.

1497 days ago


I only hope that MJ's last thoughts before he died were of the three precious children he was leaving behind. I am sure he fought hard for that last breath. He did not want to leave his kids.

1497 days ago

lynn morales    

I will be soo glad when this doctor is convicted for what he has dune matter what Michael Jackson asked him to prescribe to him. This doctor was greedyand now it tis time for him to pay to price, Michael Jackson died from a lethal injection of propofol that Dr. Conrad murray give him. I am soo sick and tired of the haterr if you don't like MJ then find another site to type enviness and hate
TMZ need to monitor what these idiots type in.

1497 days ago


Enough of you dustin, you are nothing but a jealous ignorant .... yes I did said jealous because many of you MJ haters that keep talking bad about him and calling him names are just jealous of him because he was and still is love by so many people and no one knows who you are and they dont care so looser stop reading about Michael if you dont like him and leave him alone let him rest in peace he is in a better place than you right now. love U forever Michael.

1497 days ago


kathy40...Exactly the autopsy said he was on what dr prescribed but that doesn't mean they tell u everything he was prescribed. No an autopsy cant tell if ur a prescription drug addict. Yes u can perform if u r heavy on drugs cuz ur body builds up a tolerance and u have to take 5+ pills to get same effect that 1 pill gave in beginning. So u dont act or even feel like ur heavy on drugs. Ur not "doped up" but it still takes a toll on ur body. I know several people that died this way. Some were obvious by the way they acted and others u couldn't tell that doctors had them on massive amounts of meds. both controlled and non controlled. They don't make this very public cuz everyone who goes to these pain management drs would be suing drs and everyone from DEA to FDA. Also, not saying he didn't take care of his kids cuz I believe he did and don't believe hes a molestor cuz I read the unedited interview the child psych did with the 1st child too long to go into but it explains how this child was persuaded to say things. Some drug his dentist dad gave him that puts u half way under but u remember what people say and believe it actually happened if misused that way

1497 days ago


So AEG didn't really stage an intervention. They just had a meeting and where they were updated on Michael's medical status. Murray said that things were under control.

Calling it an intervention is somewhat misleading to say the least.

1497 days ago


@danger baby Unfortunately you are a day late. Please read post #341. This issue has already been addressed.

Joe could still sue and win if Conrad Murray profits from any product regarding the case.

1497 days ago


California 'Son of Sam' law struck down***entID=15773

40 states have Son of Sam Laws

1497 days ago


db - Yes I am aware of that. Trying to find more recent articles.

1497 days ago
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