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Joe Jackson -- Dr. Murray Held MJ Drug Intervention

8/25/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson has re-filed his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray -- and now claims Dr. Murray and AEG staged an intervention with Michael Jackson one week before he died.


According to the new documents, Dr. Murray and representatives from AEG went to Michael Jackson's home on N. Carolwood Drive on June 18, 2009 -- and said they were there for a "drug intervention."

The suit claims during the meeting AEG demanded Michael "stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him." They wanted Michael to "take only the medications being given to him by Conrad Murray."

According to the suit ... the intervention was intended to get Michael to adhere to Dr. Murray's drug regimen so he could get more sleep.  AEG thought Michael was missing rehearsals because of medications from Dr. Klein and other doctors.  

The suit also alleges that in the days leading up to Michael's death it was apparent he was getting weaker and weaker, at times seeming "drugged and disoriented."

The upshot of the lawsuit -- the intervention and general concern over MJ's drug use is proof Dr. Murray had no business administering Propofol and other drugs to the singer and that Dr. Murray knew he was playing with fire.


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I am sure he fought hard for that last breath. He did not want to leave his kids.
Posted at 7:20 AM on Aug 27, 2010 by Vana

At the hospital MJ was breathing for ten seconds before he died completely.It means he did not want to die so soon.He wanted to perform for his fans one last time,he wanted to see his kids grow up,he wanted to find his soulmate and get married again etc...

1517 days ago


db - There was a report that his breathing and heartbeat were maintained for about a few minutes but could not be sustained.

Poor thing! He really didn't want to leave!

1517 days ago


Why Conrad Murray isn't getting paid by AEG:

Randy Phillips, president and CEO of AEG Live, acknowledged the contract called for Murray to be paid $150,000 a month, but said the contract required Jackson's signature.

"Michael never signed the contract," Phillips said.

He also said the doctor's claim for payment may be against Jackson's estate, not AEG which was merely advancing the money to Jackson.

1517 days ago


The British do***entary on Conrad Murray is on hold -- for now!

Dr. Conrad Murray -- Lights, Camera, TV Show

12/23/2009 9:30 AM PST by TMZ Staff

Dr. Conrad Murray -- Lights, Camera, TV ShowOnly in Hollywood, could a doctor who's being investigated in the death of Michael Jackson score a gig to star in a international TV special.

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray struck a deal with a British do***entary crew to shoot footage of the Doc during his first day back on the job in Houston on November 23, 2009. We're told the footage was shot for an upcoming one-episode TV special.

A spokesman for Dr. Murray tells us the production company was "interested in the reaction of patients to his return." We're told the crew followed Murray around for the entire day, as he rolled by his office and his church.

The spokesman tells us Dr. Murray hasn't received a dime for his work -- yet ... but he will get paid an unspecified amount once the special airs.

One problem -- Dr. Murray is refusing to allow the company to air the project until the Michael Jackson investigation is complete. The spokesman tells us the wait could last "a couple of years."

And just to be safe, Murray's camp claims they're holding all of the footage.

The spokesman adds, "Dr. Murray is currently working 12 hour days ... to pay off his [child support] debt."

1517 days ago


To #359 Danger Baby - Thank you so very much for taking the time to post that article - I found it so interesting and informative that I made a copy of it for myself. Thank you again for it. Love, Peace & Happiness

1517 days ago


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - 2.0.....
Sorry, had to inject a little drama, there...
-#211,216,227: Hey Lee lee! Just doing what I can for Michael, and for all of us--his poor orphaned fans/supporters........
As for the person who sold the Mask and Orange Pants, they were one and the same--MUHAMMAD, head of Security--of all things....
I am very suspicious of his involvement in Michael's death also as he would've had access to all floors....
-#233: Hey Siggisiss! I think you and Lee lee are right on point in thinking he must've known MIchael was dead. Why would he steal Michael's things on that particular day? IMO it's because he knew it was over for MIchael, he had access to all floors, therefore he had access to Michael's room.....
-#235: Alice, he was more likely questioned when they went after him for trying to sell MIchael's things. I'm sure he knows exactly what down in the house unless for some unknown reason he wasn't there....
-#251: Hey Daphne! This article is very interesting about DiLeo trying to setup YET ANOTHER deal for Michael without any authority to do so. ANd he kept the money!
WOnder how fans who think DiLeo was God's gift to Michael, feel about him if this is true.....
As for the nic game, OW is NOT alone. I've picked up on a lot of posters here writing under nics, lately so they can make their controversial statements undetected. It's a shame that people are so quick to attack on these boards that even fan/supporters feel they have to resort to nics just to state their opinion. This is SUPPOSED to be America, last I checked, land of the free and so forth! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!
-#254: Thanks Human Nature! Thing is, AEG/Randy Phillips has implicated himself simply by instantly going on the defense when Michael passed and pushing the AEG side of the story--Michael insisted on Murray being his doctor and Michael was happy to do the 50 concerts!! He conveniently left out the fact that he was practically shadowing Michael or having someone else do it the whole time in order to enforce Michael's cooperation with rehearsals...
I agree that Joe's lawsuit does 2 major things:
-throws AEG and their practices into the spotlight. From what I understand, they did something similar to Celine Dion with her Vegas show where they had a rigorous schedule with no regard for her health or well-being.
-Throws Klein into the spotlight so he'll have to tell just what he was giving Michael during those visits and how much. Two reasons why this is important is because it tells us if it's true that he was giving Michael large amounts of Demerol--which I doubt because it didn't show up in the autopsy, and it tells us whether Klein lied in the claim he filed against the Estate...
-#269: Mine, of course we know about "functional addicts", but that doesn't mean Michael was one. Fact is, most of what we've read about his bout with drugs has been Media hype/lies because they knew most Americans would fall for it. We just seem to love to see our celebs cracked and on the ground...wonder why that is?
Bottom line, where's your proof? The Coroner's report said he showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE--meaning all of his major organs were good and functioning properly!!
-#277: Hey Pegasus, hope you're feeling better! Regarding the Propofol, I am fully aware that Michael had Insomnia--he's had it since the J5 days, and I'm not going to argue one way or the other about whether or not he had Propofol IN THE PAST--I'm sure he had it at one point, more likely during the procedures he's had.
Thing is, anyone who was associated with Michael knows this as well. IMO, they tied him to a drug most people consider strange and unusual so it seems likely that Michael would've done something like this--given the drug addict track record the media has painted for him...
It's Murder 101: you find something that people will easily relate to or believe about the person and you use that as a Murder weapon....
Remember who told us Michael wanted the Propofol--Murray, the accused administrator of the drug that killed him, and who has also changed his story many times
-Nurse Cherilyn, an unknown Nutritionist who upon hearing of Michael's death, did NOT go to the LAPD, but hired a PR Firm, and proceeded to go on every news program around. She also claimed Michael begged her for Propofol twice--the last time being ONE WEEK before he died--the same time he already supposedly had Murray giving him Propofol every night...
-Arnold Klein, the shady doctor who would've done anything to get in front of cameras and talk about Michael in those early days. He claims Michael asked him for it, but he turned him down. KLEIN turn down MONEY??
As for the "Mother's MIlk" reference, Propofol is called that in medical circles so it's easy to CLAIM he used that term whether it's true or not.
You have to remember that with Michael, most of what you hear or read about him is LIES! I don't doubt there's some article out there that says what you posted, and if you want to believe it, it's your right, but just know that there's NO PROOF for any of that unless you heard it come from Michael's mouth. What is more telling is the fact that it said he told Liz Taylor those things. Well, if he did, I doubt that Liz would've shared them with some news outlet. That's the reason she has so many good friends who are Mega stars, because she will protect and defend them to the death.....remember Montgomery Clift....
BTW: Please don't EVER think I will take offense to you stating your own opinion. I admit I have my issues with the whole drug addict deal, but regardless, you have a right to speak your mind as much as I do--EVERYONE DOES...well, ALMOST everyone....I hate to include non-fans--LOL....but that's primarily because it totally confuses me why they would waste their time posting on the story of someone they hate. When I dislike a person, I can't get far enough away from them....
Regarding that "shady" character Tohme, see these links:
-#286: Hey Moni! I agree--LAPD knew something wasn't right, especially when Murray bolted from UCLA. The proof is the fact that they impounded his sister's car. I think they just lived up to their bumbling reputation and failed to secure Holmby as a crime scene....
-#289: Vana, the Coroner said he showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ADDICTION because all of his organs were good and functioning properly...
Based on the CRAZY amount of drugs/meds the Media claimed Michael did, there would DEFINITELY be some deterioration of his body organs....
-#294: Hey Sue, you said a MOUTHFUL there! And I'm totally with you--squeeze Murray hard enough and you may find Tohme, squeeze Tohme hard enough and all heck will break loose!!
-#299: But Cathy, if something happened in your family, would you want other family members to just go to the house and help themselves?
Sorry, but I have 2 problems with that:
1. YOUR LOVED ONE JUST DIED!!! Why are you so concerned with material things when something invaluable is no longer available to you?
2. What about Michael's rightful heirs--Katherine, MJ3 and the Charities??
LaToya and the others were NOT in the will/trust and therefore had no right to ANYTHING in that house!
It's situations like this that prove the family has made it's own bed, reputation-wise.......
-#300: Moni, I'm confused about what we have to be careful about? Sue's post only named 4 people and was HER opinion. I may or may not agree, but this IS an open forum to express our opinions as they're apply to the story. Please don't think I'm getting on you, but I just wish we could have a TRUE forum where people are allowed to really say what they feel without worrying if they'll lose friends on here...
Thing is, with Michael, there were MANY people in his life that were TOXIC to the 10th POWER!! I have to admit that I've only found 3 that I'm certain had his best interests at heart at all times and that's MJ3....HOWEVER, one other person who seems guiltless is his ex-personal asst. EVVY TAVASCI. By all accounts she was loyal to Michael throughout her tenure with him and to this day--she even helped with the archives for TII...She's someone I'd love to chat with someday.....
-#324,325: Hey r.schildt! As usual a very thorough breakdown of the situation. And you're right, there's so many holes in this case it's unreal!
Someone--Tohme, Muhammad, Murray or a family member took the Security tape before the LAPD aka Keystone Cops could get there. I read Annie's post that there's supposedly a backup tape with the Company who sponsors the Security--if so, I'm sure they've been supoenaed by the DA....let's hope....
-#333,334: Daphne and Vana, thanks for providing this info, that's what I thought--you can't sell your book rights, etc. if you're on trial because if you're found guilty, it defeats the purpose because it's like you're being rewarded for killing someone. Once the trial is over, he can write a book or whatever IF he's acquitted.....let's hope not........
-#335: Hey I voted for Michael, too--of course he WON!!!! However, I think James Brown should've been in the Top 5.....
-#336: Gsharon, the sorry excuse for a single of Jermy's is not only dripping in jealousy, it's also pretty lame. Yep, he and LaToya definitely have had their "Hall of Shame" moments....then again, so has the other siblings, IMO.
As for Randy, Michael wasn't praising him so much when he agreed to that Prescient loan with Don Stabler, and practically bankrupted Michael singlehandedly during his tenure as Business Mgr, and had the Neverland staff walking out because he hadn't paid them. All of this happened during the 2005 Trial and culminated in Michael firing Randy. Read all about Randy here:
-#358: Marie, according to EMT's and the LAPD affidavit, Michael was already gone before they left the house, however when he got to UCLA, they gave him the "Hallelujah" treatment, which includes hooking him up to respiratory machines, but he never regained breathing on his own....
No Peace till Justice!

1516 days ago


Marie and ch

Marie and Cherwood, they only achieved some brief activity artificially induced, no spontaneous anything at the hospital.
Now to return to a point not adequately considered:Murray claims
in his first statement to detective S.Smith(see autopsy prior to autopsy) that he started to "administer" care at 01.00 hrs
on 6/25 2009.;Michael had 3 iv`s, the one in neck taken out before transport to hospital.I am returning to the re-hydrati
on.His weight acc. to autopsy=136 lb.I don´t think murray kept any records so he was anorexic and weihts of 110
120 lb have been mentioned.I am bringing this issue up as over-
hydration is dangerous.

1516 days ago


db -- That's the other thing. CM would not pronounce MJ dead at the house and insisted he be taken the hospital. So the paramedics and emergency personal were trying to do the impossible: Bring MJ back from the dead. Even if they did revive him, he would have been brain dead and need a respirator.

1516 days ago


Marie - MJ also had an IV in his leg, where he was getting the Propofol, which was also taken out before paramedics arrived. Where was the third IV? The neck, the leg and where else?

1516 days ago


I think Michael was getting weaker and weaker because of the bronchitis in his lungs in combination with other things I'm sure. Instead of Dr. Murray treating him for the infection he was more concerned with putting him to sleep. How was he going to perform with chronic bronchitis? He already had a constraint in his lungs so the fix was propofol. Dr. Murray could have determined this through a normal physical examination listening to Michael's breathing, the doctor just made bad moves all the way around, just wreckless.

1516 days ago


interesting. covers AEG's ass. But now Joe Jackson, yet again, is preventing the best possible outcome in regards to his late-son. His meddling for his allowance to be reinstated (i.e. his GREED) has created a a loophole and likely a large backfire for the entire matter regarding any and ALL involved in enabling whatever regimes Michael had and forcing his hand wherever AEG felt they could better contain/restrain him from doing anything outside of reporting to rehearsals and meetings. All a foul and Daddy's going to make it all worse, just like Daddy always did. Justice4MJ should start harassing Joe Jackson and forget Dr. Murray.

1516 days ago


In this You tube clip, Dr. Tohme Tohme can be seen as Jermaine walks by him to make the announcement of his brother's death and to walk off with him at the end. It was Jermaine that introduced Dr. Tohme to Michael. Michael later on began to distrust this guy and fired him by letter in May of 2009.

1516 days ago


db - Didn't you think it odd that Jermaine made the death announcement with Tohme at his side rather than the attending ER doctor. As if we wouldn't believe the announcement coming from a doctor or other medical official. MJ nsoon became scared of Dr.Tohme Tohme. He was actually the one who encouraged MJ to get back on tour. He said if you want to gain control of your life you must tour again. Hmmmmmmm.

1516 days ago


if you guys let joe jackson you will find that he knowns what he"s talking as long as you guys try to diss joe we may never know what when wrong. joe is michael father and he know i lot more than all u outsider looking in give him a break.....keep talking joe i am a big time jackson fan.....forever.

1516 days ago


To Cherwood - Thank you. I had thought about Liz Taylor being like that with her friends - I totally forgot! And you are right in that the media distorts the truth also! Thank you also for the link about that Tohme guy - I appreciate it!

To Kim - Thank you so much for sharing your trip with all of us here on the boards. God how I envy you being able to go there and see all of that and experience all that you are! I wish that it were possible for me to go and see it personally myself. In any case, have a safe and wonderful time - and bring back lots of pictures for everyone to see!

1516 days ago
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