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Joe Jackson -- Dr. Murray Held MJ Drug Intervention

8/25/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson has re-filed his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray -- and now claims Dr. Murray and AEG staged an intervention with Michael Jackson one week before he died.


According to the new documents, Dr. Murray and representatives from AEG went to Michael Jackson's home on N. Carolwood Drive on June 18, 2009 -- and said they were there for a "drug intervention."

The suit claims during the meeting AEG demanded Michael "stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him." They wanted Michael to "take only the medications being given to him by Conrad Murray."

According to the suit ... the intervention was intended to get Michael to adhere to Dr. Murray's drug regimen so he could get more sleep.  AEG thought Michael was missing rehearsals because of medications from Dr. Klein and other doctors.  

The suit also alleges that in the days leading up to Michael's death it was apparent he was getting weaker and weaker, at times seeming "drugged and disoriented."

The upshot of the lawsuit -- the intervention and general concern over MJ's drug use is proof Dr. Murray had no business administering Propofol and other drugs to the singer and that Dr. Murray knew he was playing with fire.


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Oh gimmeafreakinbreak! So now all of a sudden after all this time Joe "remembers" that AEG and the good doc tried to stage an intervention one week before? What a crock of hot steaming pile of BS! LOL this is really laughable Joe! And LOL @ the fans who are actually buying this story. Joe is re-filing this lawsuit becuz his first one got tossed out by the judge, only this time, he's throwin in extra (fictional) details in order to get this one to stick. Yeah right Joe, you knew all this happend b4 but only now mention it. This is just as believable as the doctor hangin out w/hookers just hours before story. Joe and Oxman..whatta team!

1487 days ago


Michael Jackson was murdered.
Gary Coleman's was murdered.

Neither of them have received justice.

Their biggest crime was wanting to be loved and respected.

Michael Jackson said his dad, Joe Jackson abused him mentally and physically.

Gary Coleman said his parents stole his money.

The Justice system failed them.

I Pray they are rest in peace.


1487 days ago


The Dude was so drugged up and so messed up that he hadn't worked since the middle of the 90's. There was no way he was going to do a tour. Everyone knew it. If he could not make it to rehersal how could he do 50 shows. Its all moot.

1487 days ago


Whoops I meant to say this is just as believable as the doctor hangin out w/Strippers story

1487 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Bayo (presently number 3 above) who states: "This is looking more and more in favor for Dr. Murray," is closer to the truth than most folks here realize or will admit. There are jury instructions (reflecting what the Law IS) that deem: 1)medical perfection is not required, and, 2)that if there are several ways to go about treating someone, choosing one of them that ultimately fails is NOT medical negligence at all. End of story.

It is a bad omen about the merits of a case when the lawyer busts his butt literally, on the stairs, trying to get the amended complaint out the door. (News item from last week.)

1487 days ago


Except that there is still the issue of the delay to call 911 when MJ was discovered not breathing and CM's ignorance of proper CPR procedure. There was at least a half hour before 911 was called. A 911 call made an hour and a half sooner would have made a big difference in the outcome not matter what kind of drugs were involved.

1487 days ago


MJ was probably double-dipping into the drugs. Getting injections from Kline AND Murry is what maybe led to his death? I don't think Murray is totally an angel, but I'm sure there is so much more we will never know.

1487 days ago

Flying Blind    

The suit claims during the meeting AEG demanded Michael "stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him." They wanted Michael to "take only the medications being given to him by Conrad Murray."

"yow, how'd that turn out for ya?"

1487 days ago



I still think MJ killed himself.

Posted at 9:53 AM on Aug 25, 2010 by Alice Bzowska

The CORONER stated that it was not possible to self-inject propofol.The very NATURE of the drug makes it impossible to self-administer.Propofol is a CONTINUOUS DRIP;as soon as the drug enters the system,the person is rendered unconscious and remains so until the drip is stopped.

And re the trolls' entries: Each bullying and untruthful post you publish here only proves that you lack self-awareness.Projecting negative traits onto others you don't know is a manifestation of disassociation with your shadow self--your own unwanted,negative attributes.
Through your posts,everyone understands that you don't like Michael Jackson;this is made even more clear by your many erroneous statements.You only choose biased materials to read,materials that validated your own unbalanced viewpoint,rather than all evidence that would give you a more correct viewpoint.This is all symptomatic of self-preservation.
You could spare yourself aggravation,high blood pressure,by not reading anything about a man you don't like. But,the reason you post here is to cause trouble,to bully.You don't come here to really discuss,in a rational matter,the news at hand.

1487 days ago



Could it be possible that Tohme Tohme was the one that gave MJ the final dose of propofol? This man just vanish/disappear and no one seems to know where he is. Could it be that Dr Death left the room while Tohme Tohme completed the job?

I always said that Dr Death is the fall guy and he know a lot. Also, somebody with DEEP POCKETS is paying Dr Death legal fees, PR, vacation, security, renewal of medical license and so forth.

1487 days ago



Posted at 9:39 AM on Aug 25, 2010 by HumanNature

I Agree!! I've said that from the start.
And the fact that Dr. Murderer went running out of the hospital, like a lil'bitch, after MJ died, and wasn’t even arrested, shows me that someone (i.e….AEG) had his yellow striped back!!

Posted at 10:31 AM on Aug 25, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

Yes! That entire tragic day was super sketchy! With Tohme standing beside Jermaine confirming Michael's passing and Murray refusing to sign the death certificate and running off babbling about being hungry and needing to get his car, WTF??? And items being freely removed from the home and never being sealed as even a possible crime scene. None of it makes any legitimate sense other than something just ain't right about the whole thing! Yet no one in the media or law enforcement seems to talking about this anymore, it just kind of vanished.

1487 days ago


Sounds like a major cover up.

1487 days ago

mj fan forever    

Joe wants money as always. He wanted at all costs get in the business of the concerts to make money (again) but failed and now would want to have money in an another way, but are merely lies. Murray is the only responsible and indeed he is the only defendant!

1487 days ago



1487 days ago

Tom Jones    

The only Doctor who should have been involved in an MJ intervention is Dr. Drew Pinsky.

1487 days ago
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