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Lindsay Lohan Crashes the DMV

8/25/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan just rolled down to the Santa Monica Department of Motor Vehicles ... in an effort to get her life back on the road.


Lohan's license had been suspended -- and the actress rolled in today so she could apply to get it back.

Sources inside the DMV -- (yeah , we got those) -- tell us LiLo was "in and out within ten minutes."

Even when the DMV is nice .. it takes longer than 10 mins to get your license ... so we're guessing she was sent home to get more documentation.


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Catherine Malllory    

Sorry Mark,
You are mistaken. Never heard of Lilo until a few months ago, never seen one of her films. Not that interested in the person. I am involved in the medical field and am interested in this issues as it revolves around many issues of insurance and substance abuse and mentally screwed up kids.
As mention many times before, I am recovering from an accident and am basically bedridden. Someone came on her posting as Lindsay early on and got in a tiff with me. That is my interest.
If you percieve my comments as nasty jealous comments about a star, YOU ARE in that mentality of thinking that people are only jealous when they care about ISSUES.
THinnk what you want of me. I actually make a difference in many many sick people lives. I don't care what you think of me, Your post show you are ignorant.

1330 days ago


Did someone really say she got fat? Thats crazy she looks even thinner!

1330 days ago


I can't believe I'm actually going to stick up for her, but she could have had an appointment.

I just did it myself and I was in and out in 10 minutes.

1330 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I've been stunned by those comments too. I thought she look gaunt. I don't know, guess some people like that anorexic look. Wish it would go out of fashion. Then again, isn't saying YOUR FAT, like the biggest "put down" for women?

1330 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

There you go Mark, I'm giving you ammo, go ahead and call me fat...oh, wait you can't see me, that wouldn't really hurt. Oh, and I'm not fat, and amazingly cellulite free! Genetics.

1330 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I never quite get your post,maybe it's a california thing, but it is wonderful to see that someone out there actually seems happy!!!!

1330 days ago


@Catherine Malllory
Yeah Ill never get that! I always thought she looked alot better with meet on her bones. She looks sick.

1330 days ago


in and out in 10 minutes. home for more do***entations. if there is no line, than maybe. everytime I go to the DMV it takes longer 15-45 minutes. yea, sounds sexual. but her suto insurance will cost more than the car she drives. love you Lindsey, good luck getting your life back on track.

1329 days ago


Hopefully, she'll need either a court order or probation officer permission to get a RESTRICTED license so she can drive to work only just like any other DUI offender in CA. But a license so she can go out and party...HELLLLLLLL NAAAAAWWWWWWW

1329 days ago


She is pale cos she's been institutionalized. She's
gonna drive??? Oh, this is gonna be good.

1329 days ago


First of all, Lindsay does NOT look fat, she looks amazing. Give her a break, she just went through a huge ordeal and it's not over for her. Let's give her a chance to fly. Obviously she's relevant and a huge celeb or you wouldn't be bashing her so hard! so back off!

1329 days ago


Wow! 10 minutes? That is a record! I have had appointments at CA DMV's and it still takes me atleast 2 hrs ridiculous! I don't know what is absurd the DMV issuing her a license or the favoritism they gave her?

1329 days ago


Source inside the douche bag hall of fame (yes you have those). High up on yourselves much?

1329 days ago


give lindsay lohan one month and she will be back in jail she made promises while in jail sais she was not hanging around with the same click before she got jailed what bs she tells could not wait to get with them all again like i say one month she will be in jail again

1329 days ago


I dunno - what's her sober driving history? Has she only come to the attention of the police when drugged or drunk? If so - keep her sober, and the streets might be safe with her behind the wheel... I also agree that she probably had an appointment, they offer that here in my town also.

But her insurance rates must be through the roof. Between the cost of insurance and the costs of a car (owned or rented) - probably would be loads cheaper to hire taxis when needed or bum rides off all those so-called friends.

1329 days ago
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