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Rachel Uchitel Flaunts Bikini Body -- Tiger Hunting?

8/25/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after Tiger Woods became a single man ... Rachel Uchitel -- the mistress who wants him back -- spent her Tuesday flaunting the goods on a beach in Malibu.


As we previously reported, Uchitel told a very close friend that she's willing to "give up everything" to get back with Tiger.

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No Avatar


This is really what Tiger (in part) lost his wife over? Major trade down!

1518 days ago


For a woman who's all about her looks, I expected her to have a bangin' bikini body. She doesn't. Her as s looks like deflated balloons.

1518 days ago

South Beach    

If she wants to wait as long as Charles did to hook up with Camilla. There's no way Woods is going to have that skank, $10 mil or no, around his kids. If Elin would even make them available under those conditions, which I doubt.

"In the backseat" girls need to understand that they are not invited into the living room.

1518 days ago


I understand that this is America and we are free to do most anything we want, that includes wearing a very small bikini........but it doesn't mean you should. Poke that granny ass under something you stanky ole Ho.

1518 days ago


sorry TMZ...this gal has cellulite bums...and thighs.

1518 days ago


Good Lord, what a mess! At 53 I am proud to say that I look waaaaay better than Rachel...and I still wouldn't wear a bikini. I cringe to think what she will look like when she gets to be my age!

1518 days ago


Love your saggy baggy elephant butt, Rachel, it looks just like your face!!!

1518 days ago


Uglitel, put down the pills, and get thee to a squat routine stat!

1518 days ago

solar panel    

I think her photos from last winter look much better. There's a distinct loss of muscle tone going on there. She's been slacking off and not taking care of herself. Understandable. Too bad she wants to back to the trough that made her so ill in the first place!

1518 days ago


WHORE........yeah, that pretty much sums it up! Honestly guys - who would ruin a marriage for that skank???

1518 days ago


@ #14 - you are 100% correct...Tiger had it all and he threw it away. Comparing his ex with this trampy looking out of shape wallet chasing slut is just a joke. He was married to a Goddess and he's gonna follow that up with this trash? If you think his star has fallen alot now just wait until he hooks up with this bimbo...every paparazzi rag mag will be following the demise of his career and his life daily.

1518 days ago


Hey, she probably worked out all morning knowing the photogs were there. Feel sorry for her trying to milk her fading 15 minutes of fame.

1518 days ago


Girl you need to get your saggy, cellulite ass into the gym. She isn't overweight at all just not tone. She has a pretty face but needs to lay off the trout pout. Practically every pic she is in she is drinking alcohol. Lay off the booze. That makes you chubby!

1518 days ago

Desert Diva33    

I'm not nor have I EVER been a jealous woman..I will be 31 next week,just had a baby, exercise moderately and still have a better body than her.. I think ppl are annoyed that his wife was a freakin' Swedish model and he cheated on her with a bunch of chicks who look like garbage pail kids. I feel bad for Elin..He can crawl in a dark, dusty hole and take his b*****s with him.

How dare they have the audacity to demand an apology from him for their ''pain?'' Are u serious? It would be different if they didn't know he was married, but they did.They can not claim ignorance..Just like those tramps found every media outlet available when they started coming out of the woodwork, they could have saved their ''heartache'' and researched his ugly a$$ before they got involved to make sure his b**** a$$ was really ''separated'' from her..

1518 days ago


Ewwwww! God, get your eyes checked!

1518 days ago
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