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Timbaland 911 Call -- 'We Can't Find Him'

8/25/2010 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the Timbaland 911 call, in which his mother-in-law desperately declares an emergency -- stating the rapper/producer was "tired of the stress" ... and noted that he was near a cliff.

Timbaland 911 Call

TMZ broke the story ... after receiving the call, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department dispatcher sent out a "possible suicide attempt" APB. 

A helicopter spotted Timbaland and deputies were sent to his location. Officers then took him home and determined his life was not in danger.

The Sheriff's Department tells TMZ ... "Initial information provided to the Sheriff's dispatch suggested that Mosley [aka Timbaland] might have taken some sort of medication that would make finding him more urgent."

As we previously reported, Timbaland was upset because someone stole his $2,000,000 watch.


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honestly, if he was willing to end his life over a watch..then he doesn't deserve to live. anyone agree?

1528 days ago


I say let him job other stupid person of this planet..His just selfish down to the bone carring more about some watch than what ppl really stress abuot like having FOOD OR A ROOF OVER THE HEAD..

stupid rappers have nothing better to do than waste OUR HRLY TAX DOLLARS..

1528 days ago


Timbaland (if you read this)?
Sorry to hear about your watch I get it sometimes stuff is important and a nice gift for yourself for all your accomplishments.Do you have insurance on the watch? look for your receipt.Hope they find it.
The good thing is your blessed with a great gift and can make the money back so I hope you can bounce back.
What helps me with stress is quite simple (walking)
I am unemployed and about as popular as Eleanor Rigby so if I can keep it together by living then so can you.

1528 days ago

terri gray    

does this guy realize how many dogs' lives he could save with that much money? Don't most people use their phones for the time anyway? Who needs that expensive of a watch!

1528 days ago


This is a publicity stint if I ever heard of one.

1528 days ago


Who would spend that much money on a damn watch when there are starving people in the world?? Really!

1528 days ago


Why would anyone buy a 2 million watch. It's just insane. Timberland needs help.

1528 days ago


All those Rappas spending millions on gaudy bling. It's an ironic crime.

1528 days ago


If you are that stressed over a watch, it might be "TIME" to inventory your life. Figure out what is important. It is certainly not a watch! By the way, who cares what the price is of the watch ...spending $2MM on watch only screams that you need counseling. I can tell u that ANYONE with big $$$$ would not be impressed on any level with that investment.

1528 days ago

Proud American    

I know how he feels about his property. I get upset too. But, I had to realize that it will not bring it back. What is important is that he is safe, I am sure his family was concern for his safety. These rappers need to learn to put the bling bling away for safe keeping and get insurance. They could afford it. Instead of stress over material things.

1528 days ago


I'm upset that he spent 2 mil on a watch. What could it possibly do that a Timex wouldn't?!

1528 days ago


She was using an iPhone with ATT connection that got dropped !

1528 days ago


you people will believe anything. 1 i'm sure that commmiting suicide over material things is the last thing on his list, if it even is on his list, and 2 wth does aaliyah have to do with anything?

1528 days ago


I was pretty depressed last week when someone stole my $2M watch. But, I just bought another one, and all of my stress was lifted.

1528 days ago


Considering the amount of people he could have helped with this amount of money is a shame that he's only thinking about himself how shallow.It's sad.

1527 days ago
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