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Chaz Bono

Time Warp

8/27/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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why are all these self righteous religious people spewing their hate on tmz?
HE HAS A PENIS NOW, so he is a man.

1521 days ago


OMG! Chasity was a beautiful child and young adult... WTF. Not masculine looking at all.

1521 days ago


In one picture , with the light blonde bangs and long hair, she was lovely, very pretty, I hope she has found happiness now, I just get the feeling it is easier for him to become a man than to go on a diet. Sorry, that's my opinion.You'll notice he didn't want to be a man until she became Obese, she was homely then and unhappy, a diet might have made all the difference, and cher is ultra thin, she might have felt like a frak around her. Now he is just a fat man and there is no one to compare him to,not in his family anyway. Of course I could be wrong, this is just my opinion. Now Annette Bennings daughter, who is very pretty and normal weight wants to have a sex change, she is 18, I hope this is not going to be a Hollywood trend.

1521 days ago

The Village Idiot    

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting "The Goodyear Blimp" er I mean Chaz Bono.

I wonder if they sewed up up her vagina before they installed her protruberance.

She could end up a pregant man after all.

1521 days ago


Chaz has his father's eyes and his mother's smile. Handsome combination!

1521 days ago


It should be called, "the making of a trainwreck turned teamsters truck driver"

1520 days ago


chas must ENJOY ALL THE ATTENTION she gets from being a fat/ugly PIG!! she dont have to WORK, or look nice. she just EATS all day long...and LAYS around on the couch!!

1520 days ago


A double mastectomy and testosterone injections don't change chromosomes and 'ol Chaz there is sporting a set of XX chromosomes. But hey, if she wants to call herself a guy then so be it. She can call herself a koala bear and eat eucalyptus leaves all day for all I care, but I still just see someone engaging in self-deception.

1520 days ago


I think I have been mean spirited and I hate to feel like that but its all true. This person is going to regret this someday, if she doesn't look at her pictures when she was twenty something she might be better off, there was not one thing to suggest she had anything masculine about her. I saw her in the papers getting out of a car in shorts and she had these big fat hairy legs, there wasn't one feminine thing about her left, she was a regular beer drinking, butt scratching fat guy. I will say he looks happier though, he was on a TV talk show not long ago and he was very nice and he seemed happy with what he was so I guess thats the bottom line, we are not walking in his big fat mens shoes so I wish him luck and happiness, I really do.

1520 days ago

Sadly Enough    

Only God can judge. Lets not take the speck from someone elses eye, until we've removed the plank from our own.

Sadly Enough

1520 days ago


All I know is that he better lose some weight for his health or he won't be living very long in his new live. This isn't about criticism but he is morbidly obese and now that he is in a happier place being who he wants to be, he needs to take the weight off.

1520 days ago


IGNORANCE IS BLISS for his detractors. Get with the program, we're a decade into the millenium, and this is nothing new. He is just the face of what has been around for a long,long time.
Have a little compassion for a brave person who has to live his life in the public eye with scrutinty from the ignorant.

1520 days ago


Can't change DNA

1520 days ago


Ummm, Are her eyebrows the same? Some things never change.

1520 days ago


Wow, how could someone as beautiful as Cher Bono have such a homely kid?
I wonder if "Chaz" would have had the operation if Sonny Bono were alive. I
don't think patriarch Sonny would have approved. One thing having a lesbian
daughter, but a transgender "son"? Poor Cher. Now that she's had the operation,
will she loose weight? All that fat is hiding a lot of emotional baggage. Diet time.
Get a job. Do something more than be a morbidly obese stereotype.

1519 days ago
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