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Joe Francis --

Wynn Gave Me a

Gambling Discount

8/26/2010 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis just fired a new shot at Steve Wynn in their nasty battle over Joe's gambling debt -- and according to the countersuit ... Steve actually owes Joe a discount on the debt!

Here's the deal: Wynn sued Joe for $2 million in unpaid gambling debts last year and won. Joe hasn't paid up yet (he's appealing) ... but just this week Joe filed a countersuit claiming the only reason he gambled at Wynn Las Vegas is because the casino offered him a bargain on his losses.

The suit is a pretty fascinating look into the world of "high-rollers." In the docs, Francis claims that casinos regularly give big-time gamblers comps including private planes, accommodations, and food and beverage. But the suit also states that casinos provide discounts -- anywhere from 10% to 30% -- off debts for the biggest spenders.

The suit claims the "Girls Gone Wild" honcho had such a discount deal with Wynn Las Vegas that began in 2007, and was arranged with Larry Altschul, executive vice president of player development for the casino.

According to the suit, Altschul rescinded the discount in 2008 because the casino claimed that Francis hadn't paid his debts on time. At that time Francis was more than $2 million in the hole -- and in the suit Francis claims the casino never told him there was a time constraint on the discount deal.

Bottom line ... Joe acknowledges he lost a ton o' cash at the Wynn, but thinks his tab should be discounted by the agreed upon amount.

Rich people's problems.


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Dude looks like a cro-magnon wax figure.

1488 days ago

vegas gal    

I worked for wynn and he is way better looking in the pic than he is in real life so thats not saying much. As for Larry giving the guy a discount all high rollers get some form of compensation for large debts usually its written off as air fare which is a load of crap. he needs "the beak" to take him to the high desert and teach him a lesson.

1488 days ago

Anony Moose    

Didn't Joe get kidnapped and buttraped a while back? Something like that should deter one from trying to be in the limelight for a few years.

1488 days ago


Dear God!!! Another one for facelifts gone bad. Steve Wynn looks grotesque!!! Why do people feel the need to mess with what nature gave them instead of aging naturally. Wynn looks so botoxed & cut up that it's disgusting. Too bad, I always admired the guy. You know what they say about vanity... guess there's a reason this guys so big in Sin City. Terrible job Steve!!!

1488 days ago


Wynn needs to sue his plastic surgeon instead! Wasn't he around in the days when the mob ran Vegas? Maybe he's a good looking 100 year old??

1488 days ago


Have you seen the movies CASINO and GOODFELLES ? These guys don't play games. They have power, money and contacts. If Joe doesn't pay up soon he is going to find himself inside a hole in the desert. He's playing with fire. These guys mean business.

1488 days ago


wow here we go again... first this guy steve wynn poked a whole in his painting a picasso original "Le reve" the dream,and won on that, now a casino bill....
will he take part of that 2 million when he gets it to pay for the large recreation of Le Reve created by a local artist in the BVI's.
we were just in Virgin Gorda BVI and got to see the recreation,by local artist Glenville, my father in law joked, is this for steve....?
We never got a price on the assumingly hefty priced painting.
But joe just in case you could allways contact the local tourist board office there, purchase it and then smooth things out with steve.... by the way keep your gambling in tact peace out... Garett Grand Rapids Michigan

1488 days ago


These are two utterly disgusting men. Steve Wynn has done things in Vegas to "non-expecting" women that would make Joe blush. Wynn is very much like Clinton was with Paula Jones or whatever her name was, and the Vegas police will not even take a report. We tried and tried when he accosted someone in my family.

1488 days ago


does anyone from TMZ has any information on the artist that recreated Le reve painting in the British virgin Islands.
Art collector of Picasso's recreations here....
Joe just give the guy his money..... i have worked on similar cases as an LA based Lawyer sooner or later you will be ruled to pay the settlement.

1488 days ago

East Coast Petey    

Larry Altschul is a Stand-up Guy and Joe Francis is a closed. Pay your debt Deadbeat

1487 days ago

Cynthia J    

What the hell is wrong with Wynn's nose?

1487 days ago


Bargain bonuses are really alluring. Even in online casino they also do the same thing. They offered lots of bonuses and freebies which in the end may just take the player to bankruptcy.

1401 days ago


Online casino freebies and bonuses does not necessarily increase the odds of winning, but rather brings a player into bankruptcy.

1378 days ago
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