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Lindsay Lohan's Midnight Maserati Run

8/26/2010 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It didn't take long for Lindsay Lohan to adjust to life without a curfew -- the rehabbed actress was driving around L.A. at 1 AM this morning ... behind the wheel of a Maserati.

But Lindsay wasn't hitting the club scene -- we're told she rolled over to the Venice area to pick up a friend ... and then went right back to her Hollywood home.

As we previously reported, Lohan was spotted at the DMV in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon to get her license reinstated ... and by the looks of things, we're guessing it all worked out.


No Avatar


late night carpet munching party.....

1418 days ago


why does she have rings on her ring finger.. engagement?

1418 days ago


I'm going to say this again. God forbid she falls off the wagon hurts herself or someone else, you know mommy and daddy will be the first to SUE the judge, courts and doctors and hospital for letting her go early.

1418 days ago


why is the friend in the back seat? no one in the front?

1418 days ago

who dat    

I would like to know how she reinstated her license at DMV in 15 min. No driving test or written test can be completed in that time.

As far as what she was doing out , that's simple. A fuzzbumper picking up a midnight snack.

1418 days ago


She was probably out getting some coke, you know the jail-house diet can really put on the pounds, and poor Lindsey isn't used to all those carbs - just drugs, alcolhol, and bad dye jobs.

1418 days ago

Enough Already    

This train is back on schedule for a wreck. Just give it time. There is noone in her family with a backbone to stop her partying because THEY want to be in the midst of all the partying themselves. She doesn't stand a chance. Buck says she's in trouble in the next 30 days.....

1418 days ago


What she done her 90 days already?
Well i guess if she can get away with all she has done and do a couple days in jail so can i.
The law is only good for "CERTAIN PEOPLE" and not for all.
This country has really gotton out of hand when it come's to the law.
"Do the crime forget about the time."
What will happen when she get's busted again?
It's all a joke to her anyway she could care less about the law.

1418 days ago


She does look hot

1418 days ago


Oh, the joy...TMZ will now cover ever move, burp and fart this former star makes. And how many people who work at TMZ does it take to post so often every day about such a mega star as Lohan?

1418 days ago


Leave her alone

1418 days ago


Honestly, these stories about Lindsay are pathetic and undermind your website. No one cares about her; her "troubled" experiences only rub the good life she was born in, into the regular public's face. There is no substance or relevance of the "ordeals" she has been through; her life is a joke (her own fault). You post these stories as if they were important; they are probably the most narcissitic stories on the web. It's obvious that the only interest TMZ has is to make money off of advertisement and have lost sight of true journalism; there is no dignity in what your goals are when stories surrounding Lindsay Lohan are posted.

1418 days ago


i wish she would use her natural hair color now. no real reason to copy dina's look is there?

1418 days ago



If Lindsay was oh so misdiagnosed, then why upon her release is she required to do sooo many different outpatient requirements a zillion times a week? Not one or two either, but a decent list of things!

-- Reside at home until Nov. 1
-- Random drug and alcohol testing twice a week
-- Participate in psychotherapy a minimum of 4 days a week
-- Attend behavior therapy sessions 2 times a week
-- Attend a 12-step program

That sounds like they still believe she has a legitimate problem! So why all the anger over a 90 day sentence?

1418 days ago


Once again she is on the road at 12:30am? Who will step in and help this lost person. certainly NOT her mother.. I am surprised that the "ORANGE OPRAH" is not sitting besides her. I will still hold her in my prayers, but, God can only do so much. The rest is up to the person. The enviroment that she has placed herself in is not condusive to the help she needs.

1418 days ago
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