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Lindsay Lohan -- Orange You Glad to Be Free

8/26/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan's first order of business post-rehab ... TAN, TAN, TAN!!


LiLo's legs were so bronzed they were damn near nuclear as she arrived at an office building in Santa Monica today.

Judge Elden Fox never said a word about random testing for tanning.


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Did she undergo shock treatment?

1486 days ago


do you see her eyes through the sunglasses? looks like she's doing blow in rehab

1486 days ago


Spray tan, check.
See colorist, get roots touched up, check.
Get duck lips plumped up for next sexual conquest, check.
Get a hot rental car, check.
Do million dollar interview, next.

1486 days ago


Who knew should could look even more atrocious?

Good jerb, LiHo.

1486 days ago


What is the point in this article? Just to poke fun of her? Terrible.

1486 days ago

Tom Jones    

Dead by January 18, 2011.

1486 days ago

Samantha Diaz    

they shoulve kept that slut in Jail. she deserved that sentence! but no poor lil rich girl had to be a cry baby and pay her way out!!!

1486 days ago


Maybe a bio-movie about Ann-Margaret
A combo-dance hit with Madonna-Britney and herself
A retro beach movie guest role (Endless Summer 3 )
A reissue of Leslie Gore`s (California Nights)
Things will work out for her.

1486 days ago


she was only gone a month for god sake. there acting like she was held in prison for an eternity. while in jail she had,visitors daily only her, free phone only her, what ever she wanted only her. so where is the punishment?13 for 90,20 for 90, pretty good odds. for being good. she wasnt in long enough to be bad. and yet she will make a ton of money on this 30 day joke.the judge gave some restrictions for her,i wonder if he will quit and let another judge take over and cancel all her time and probation because she is so sorry.wait till she falls and see who picks her up.....dont get me wrong,i like her. but now i cant even stomach her movieson tv or the screen. she is like a kid who cant believe shes that bad.........

1486 days ago


Maybe she should stay home for a while, like most other normal people?
No one is forcing her go buzzing around LA in the early morning hours.
And why can't she wear a bra when she goes to see her shrinks?

1486 days ago


She needs to get a JOB!!!
Why do you spend so much time following losers????
Who gives a ****!!
Oh wait! Let talk about Tiger's Whores some more as well..

1486 days ago


omg, she is wearing my shoes, first time i see her wearing something exactly the same i have too

1486 days ago

Khate sucks    

Her lips remind me of the BLOB! They're growing bigger and uglier!

1486 days ago

I am Spartacus    

I wouldn't **** her with a stolen ****. She is just flat out gross. Its hard to believe this is the same girl that was in Mean Girls. They look NOTHING alike. In Mean Girls she was good looking. Now she's a dried up, orange, duck that is crazier than Gary Busey & Hunter S Thompson combined.

Someone earlier posted that none of us would kick her out of bed, i wouldn't even let her get in bed with me. There is nothing attractive about her anymore. And nobody gives a s*** about her other than the shock value of watching a train wreck in progress.

1486 days ago


She grew a new mole in rehab, wow that's hot!

1486 days ago
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