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Scott Weiland

Plummets Off Stage During Concert

8/26/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland took a nasty fall off an elevated stage in Cincinnati last night -- and it took security nearly a minute just to pull him back up onto the stage.

After taking a minute to regain his composure, Weiland -- like the frickin' rock star that he is -- picked up right in the middle of the song and belted out the rest of the show.


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@#15. tiffany

"Quote" And if you think bands don't have pre-recordings playing "for just such an incident" you're an idiot.

If anyone is the idiot, it would be you!
When they use this pre-recorded sync stuff, it's throughout the show. Just like Miley, Beiber, GAGA, and every other lip sync loser, that they keep pushing on the unknowing public!
If you can't perform your music without a sync track, retire your sad butt, and get off the stage. They're tons of Artist's that don't need to fake it. It's embarrassing to the Music Industry for doing it, and it's a fraud to fans who paid for a live show. If I want pre-recorded music, I'll just buy the CD.

1486 days ago


Seriously?! Rockstar?! Anyone else notice that the pre-fall, during fall, and post-fall Weiland singing sounds exactly the same? Was his mic on at all? That's why the band didn't stop playing... they couldn't otherwise you'd hear the entire song with no band playing. I'd demand a refund after that crap!

1486 days ago


That was not Scotts vocal playing in the background. You can clearly hear Robert and possibly Dean covering the vocals.

I have seen these guys well over 2 dozen times and trust me, he does not need a backing track.

1486 days ago

The Dude    

All of you saying that Scott lip synced really are idiots. Anyone who has heard this song "Crackerman" performed over and over knows that he always uses a megaphone during the chorus. And guess what? When he fell and kept singing, there was clearly no megaphone being used. And as a matter of fact I was in the front against the railing and saw the entire thing going on and he was still singing and didn't miss a beat! So to all of you claiming that he lip synced I've got one word for you... FAIL!

1486 days ago


...That was not Scott singing after the fall. It was Dean and Robert. I have also seen this band perform over a dozen times. There is NO lip sync or backing track...These guys are AWESOME!!!

1486 days ago


All of you are fu(k!ng morons. The dude was tripped out on heroin like always and just wandered off the stage. You can clearly see the needle marks on his arm even in this grainy video. Dude should just kill himself like the *** from Nirvana and the qu##r from Alice in Chains did.

1486 days ago


To all you guessers. I was there and clearly heard the microphone pop when he fell, then it took a moment before he kept on singing. I've seen STP on a few occasions and the vocals always sound different, sometimes better, sometimes worse. How do you explain that? Do you think they record his vocals a little different before every show and with some mistakes here and there? BULLSH..
This is one of the few remaining live bands still out there that play and sing live. I've seen them play and sing amazing and not so well. They're jamming and playing different things, that's nothing you can do with anything pre-recorded. I'm a musician and record my own stuff and friends music as well, be assured that you smart-asses are WRONG! This was live and nothing's faked.
Thanks for listening.

1486 days ago


I just saw these guys play in Chicago last week and they were AMAZING. Scott Weiland sounds so good live and he puts his all in every show. The lip synching is not true. He's a true Rock Star. STP!!!

1486 days ago

The Dude    

It was not Rob and Dean singing... it was Scott. Rob wasn't even by his microphone and Dean doesn't even have a mic. How many of you people who are posting on here and saying all this B.S. were actually at the show????? I was there and I saw what happened. You could hear the breath get knocked out Scott for a second when they tried to help him up. STP are a rock band, not some teeny bop, choreographed dance move band like these so called "pop stars" are. Weiland was bad ass last night and certainly does NOT need a backing track. Why can't you people just admit it for once in your life?

1486 days ago


The real story here is that Scott is lip singing, lame! I actually wanted to see them on this toure, not anymore.

1486 days ago


"-- like the frickin' rock star that he is -- picked up right in the middle of the song and belted out the rest of the show. "

LOL he WAS totally lip syncing

1486 days ago


TD and Chantel, it's sad that you trust the gossip more than the people that were there and saw and heard what happened. It was an awesome LIVE CONCERT. Maybe some people that went to see concerts in the 70's and 80's still remember what I'm talking about.
Scott sounded sober when he was talking in between songs. Oh wait, maybe that was pre-recorded too.

Don't listen to the haters, trust the real people.....

1486 days ago


I attended the show last night in Cincinnati and was witness to this failure of music ethics.

To an STP/music fan, last night's show was like (as my friend put it) a kid finding out that Santa Claus isn't real.

Literally a minute into the show Scott Weiland fell off the stage, took a five foot high fall, disappeared into a void between the edge of the stage and the stacks for about 20-30 seconds, was pulled back up by security, and continued the show.

All of this without a vocal hiccup of any was clear that they were performing over a recorded track. Just a stunning, stunning turn of events. We were witnessing Milli Vanilli or Ashley Simpson all over again right before our eyes.

It occurred to me immediately after being pulled back up on stage and several times throughout the show that Weiland showed no ill signs of someone who had taken that kind of fall. This signaled to me and the friends I was with that he clearly isn't sober again. He looked out of shape compared to seeing him live the last two summers and his language was incoherent in between songs.

After the show we walked over to the spot on stage to see where he had fallen. There was nothing but wires and concrete for him to break that fall. A member of security for the venue agreed that probably the only thing that kept him going was that "he was so high."

This is an indictment of Weiland, STP, and perhaps the music industry as a whole. Had the great, great shows that I had seen of theirs in the past also been a sham, or is it only now that Weiland has fallen off the wagon the reason for the backup track? How many other bands out there are cheating us of our money, time, and adoration with shena****ns like this?

1486 days ago


I wasn't at last night's show, but I've seen them for every tour they've done and they do not lip sync. STP is one of the few bands left out there actually still playing rock & roll...WITH guitar leads. High or not, Scott is and will always be an awesome showman. Ignorant haters are always gonna hate.

1486 days ago


gwisniowski66, how do you explain them jamming and Scott singing what comes to mind, how do you explain, the mistakes he made during a few songs??? Do you honestly think that they pre-record mistakes? How do you explain that loud pop sound as Scott was falling??? Do you think that was staged and pre-recorded?
I've seen shows of "artists" lip-syncing. There are NO mistakes, everything sounds perfect. Not the case last night.
Don't be fooled. STP is a real band that makes honest music, like Alice In Chains still does and so many other great rock bands from the 90's that came back the past few years and play their great honest rock'n'roll for us again.
I'm glad Scott didn't hurt himself and that he gave us another great rock concert.

1486 days ago
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