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Backstreet Boys

Pink Eye

Won't Kill Our Tour

8/28/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Backstreet Boys ain't afraid of a little contagious infection -- in fact, according to the band's rep, A.J. McLean's crusty pink eye won't have any effect whatsoever on the remainder of the band's tour.

BSB's rep tells TMZ, A.J. -- who was recently diagnosed with the leaky eye infection -- is "doing fine" ... and the band's current tour will go on as scheduled.

As for the other guys -- we're told the rest of the band was inspected by a doctor as soon as they discovered A.J.'s pus problem ... and they all tested negative.

No word on who farted on A.J.'s pillow.


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wow your first and I am second

1519 days ago


@Airbubble: Uh... who cares 'bout his pink-eye infection to actually drag up a whole article about it?
Their tour's been great- they've been putting up great performances and selling out shows. Good for you guys, keep it up.

1519 days ago


Hey A.J., you gotta watch where you stick your face when you do the groupy shake 'n bake.

1519 days ago


Thats pretty gross but I must say he is a trooper....I saw their show in Halifax NS and it was great, he was wearing an eye patch but nonetheless still broke it down when it came to dancing!

1519 days ago


really a story about him having pink eye and going on with the show. anyone with a child that went to daycare has had it at least once or more before age 4. they are able to keep there playdates

1519 days ago


Pink eye is painful and very contagious. I wouldn't go near him.

1519 days ago


It won't have any "effect" not "affect." English much?

1519 days ago


Pink eye doesn't come from poop. Sometimes you start spreading some dumb misinformation, TMZ. You have a bazillion computers in that place, use them.

I think the condition you were thinking of is a sty.

1519 days ago


That has to be a fake eyeball?

1519 days ago


I'll check for an update about the fart! Sounds special...

1519 days ago


Conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by viral infection, but bacterial infections, allergies, other irritants and dryness are also common etiologies for its occurrence. Both bacterial and viral infections are contagious. Commonly, conjunctival infections are passed from person-to-person, but can also spread through contaminated objects or water.
According to Wikipedia...ain't nuthin' 'bout poop!
The most common cause of viral conjunctivitis is adenoviruses[citation needed]. Herpetic keratoconjunctivitis (caused by herpes simplex viruses) can be serious and requires treatment with acyclovir. Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious disease caused by two enteroviruses, Enterovirus 70 and Coxsackievirus A24. These were first identified in an outbreak in Ghana in 1969 and have spread worldwide since then, causing several epidemics.[5]

1519 days ago


Hope he gets better soon--plan to see them in concert-want to see those gorgeous eyes!

1519 days ago


My whole family had pink eye in the winter 2 years ago. It is hell! Your eye feels like someone poured sand into it it's so itchy and painful. You have to quarantine yourselves because you look so awful and it is EXTREMELY contagious! Not to mention all the laundry you have to do - washing towels and pillowcases and sheets constantly.

I just saw the BSB show in Toronto on August 14 and it was incredible! They sold out a 20,000 stadium in a few hours. Their world tour was amazingly successful, sold out almost all of the dates! Their voices = unbelievable, no autotune or lipsynching, it's just them doing what they do best, SINGING THEIR TALENTED HEARTS OUT for all their fans! The first 17 years have been amazing, guys, hoping for another 17 years!

1519 days ago

susan flamand    

That is a funny picture of Lex put hope he gets better. Pink eye is painful and is very irratating.I Love AJ !!!!!!!

1519 days ago


He looks as if pink eye may be the least of his infections. He already looked gross.

1519 days ago
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