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Leo DiCaprio:

'Delusional' Stalker

Thinks She's My Wife

8/27/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio was granted a restraining order against a woman who claims she's married to the actor ... and even carrying his child -- whom she says is Jesus.

Leonardo DiCaprio Stalker
According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, DiCaprio claims Livia Bistriceanu has repeatedly attempted to contact him through emails ... and has even tried to visit with him in person.

DiCaprio, in the docs, claims Bistriceanu "maintains a delusional belief that she is my wife and carrying my child, Jesus."

DiCaprio says in his declaration, "I am frightened of Ms. Bistriceanu and feel that my personal safety, and the personal safety of those around me, is in jeopardy."

In the legal docs, Leo's lawyer submitted a creepy, handwritten letter from Bistriceanu, in which she says, "You wrote to me 2 years ago that you love me and you don't love another women (sic).  You said I talk to you soon and it past 2 years already and still you don't want to talk to me.  Why?"

In another letter, Bistriceanu writes, "Do you want to be with me for real and to be the father of Jesus?  I've explained you I can't be with nobody virtually.  I have to have a father in reality for Jesus not like this."

And in yet another letter, Bistriceanu writes, "Why do you f*k me virtually and you don't leave me alone?"

DiCaprio also notes that Bistriceanu knows where he lives and has shown "a willingness to make physical contact with me regardless of the consequences."  

Bistriceanu has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the actor.


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I'll take my normal life over this crap any day.

1516 days ago


And by the looks of her Facebook page, I don't think "riling her up" is necessary...She seems to be pretty batsh*t crazy all on her own. What a nut.

1516 days ago


Her facebook page is unreal...she really believes she's married to him! I'd be terrified...

1516 days ago


Surely the courts could order this woman to be institutionalized. It's sad but when someone suffers from mental illness to this degree there isn't much else that can be done.

1516 days ago


she's doing herself while watching The Departed right now...giggity

1516 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I don't get what drives people to this state. I mean, yeah I read tmz and the celeb mags for entertainment, but if one passed me in the street, i'd pause and think to myself "hey that was so-and-so" and keep walking.

Hell, i met tom cochrane in a bar once, we bought him a beer and walked away... more to the fact that i was totally cheesed out by him saying "cheers guys, life is a highway" *gags*

1516 days ago


I looked up her name and it came up with a post on an US magazine article about Leonardo DiCaprio. She writes some crazy message about her being married to him on there too:

1516 days ago


OMG!! sometimes i dont know how these celebs to it. Crazy fans...

1516 days ago


Hmmmmm. Very interesting. Poor guy! But what I want to know is how does she know where he lives and works and has his email address? It seems to me that Leo is a very private person. I mean, she lives in Chicago. Does she just come out here and follow him around? Where would you even begin? I wonder if there isn't something else here going on that is not being revealed. I mean, another lady in her 40s??? I thought Leo was into 20-year-old supermodels. I can understand one nut job, but two? How many more are out there? You know, maybe I'll ask him tonight when I see him making "virtual love" to me. LMFAO!!!

1516 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

wow... she really IS bat**** crazy!

everything on her FB is LEO... LOL

some people's children...

1516 days ago


This girl seriously needs some help. After checking out that letter and her Facebook page, it's pretty clear she needs to be committed before she hurts Leo or Bar

1516 days ago


Is there really a child involved in all this? If so, Children's services need to get the boy out before it's too late.

1516 days ago


I just checked out her Facebook page and this b*tch is psycho and should be locked up for life.

1516 days ago


What a looser!

1516 days ago


Dude. Her Facebook is OUT OF CONTROL. She posts creepy stuff on his page wall, too. She needs some help...and Leo needs some security.

Quote from her wall:

"What? they are planning what? He is my husband and he can't have other one in my religion. Check on that sh.t back. It's written from GOD so they know who's the wife for real not that sh.t. I can't do anything about what he wants to be a sh.t with that sh.t or a King in Heaven with me as the mother of JESUS your KING. ...HE has to get born second time and Leo is not being resposible for his own duties as a father as my husband. He's out of his mind wanting that sh.t that is piing and sh.tting on bed. Believe that's how it is. He wants in sh.t"

1516 days ago
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