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Leo DiCaprio:

'Delusional' Stalker

Thinks She's My Wife

8/27/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio was granted a restraining order against a woman who claims she's married to the actor ... and even carrying his child -- whom she says is Jesus.

Leonardo DiCaprio Stalker
According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, DiCaprio claims Livia Bistriceanu has repeatedly attempted to contact him through emails ... and has even tried to visit with him in person.

DiCaprio, in the docs, claims Bistriceanu "maintains a delusional belief that she is my wife and carrying my child, Jesus."

DiCaprio says in his declaration, "I am frightened of Ms. Bistriceanu and feel that my personal safety, and the personal safety of those around me, is in jeopardy."

In the legal docs, Leo's lawyer submitted a creepy, handwritten letter from Bistriceanu, in which she says, "You wrote to me 2 years ago that you love me and you don't love another women (sic).  You said I talk to you soon and it past 2 years already and still you don't want to talk to me.  Why?"

In another letter, Bistriceanu writes, "Do you want to be with me for real and to be the father of Jesus?  I've explained you I can't be with nobody virtually.  I have to have a father in reality for Jesus not like this."

And in yet another letter, Bistriceanu writes, "Why do you f*k me virtually and you don't leave me alone?"

DiCaprio also notes that Bistriceanu knows where he lives and has shown "a willingness to make physical contact with me regardless of the consequences."  

Bistriceanu has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the actor.


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This Livia person reminds of everyone so much of Danneel Harris for going around the internet claiming to be in Jensen's life. Here is the interview here

1480 days ago


There's another crazy stalker who pretends to be married to Jared Padalecki(Jensen Ackles) costar her name is Genevieve Cortese, she reminds me of livia and Danneel Harris. They both are very strange and very sick individuals. Who needs help because Jensen and Jared are already married to two beautiful and brilliant women.

1480 days ago


This person reminds of danneel harris doing this to jensen ackles. Jensen told the Press that he is married with

1480 days ago


And comments 76-79 by reese and chris would be from the stalker of the actors from Supernatural.

Leo (or for that matter any actor/actress) shouldn't have to put up with this.

1480 days ago


WOW....I feel really bad for him having to deal with that. It creeped me out just reading the letters!

1480 days ago


I have known Livia for over 15 years and in spite of what the story sounds like, Livia comes from a very reputable Romanian family, who for many years was unaware that their daughter had developed a mental illness. Her dad is one of the most known former Romanian sporting champions and her mum died many years back, before they moved to the US to work. Livia had actually WON sponsorship to work in the US thanks to her university achievements. I could not speak higher of the family. Livia is a Mathematics graduate who was a sports addict and a very beautiful lady. She used to do Karate and was an accomplished Volleyball player. No one could have anticipated what happened. Livia was diagnosed with Schizophrenia many years back. This disease is the result of chemical imbalances in the brain and IS CURABLE. She will hopefully be put on medication and she will feel better. Mr Di Caprio's family should know that she is suffering and she has no idea what she is doing, never in a million years would I have thought I'd read this in the paper about her. I would be happy to add any comments about this family who is deeply sad about what has been said in the papers. Both her brother and her dad have had their photos in the local papers and sometimes media loses the plot when it comes to celebrities. This lady is very unfortunate to be one of those hit by this brain disease, but with treatment she WILL cure and she will realise what she has been doing for many years. No point condemning her. If you know anything about this disease, it can pick ANYBODY, anytime and anyplace and the victim can resort to violence if left untreated, which is probably what has happened in this case. I am happy to comment more if media wants to hear. Clearly Mr Di Caprio is terribly upset and so he should, however, Livia has NEVER been anything but a darling and I hope with all my heart that this episode will soon be finished and peace will be restored in both households.

1480 days ago

passin thru    

he seems to attract lots of nutjobs? i wonder why that is. lol
at any rate...she didnt threaten him..why the restraining order? she was sending him letters, not physically stalking him.
bet the cops would have told any other citizen, sorry...we cant do ANYTHING until THEY do SOMETHING FIRST>

1478 days ago


OMG! This woman is insane! I'm scared for Leo. I mean just by looking at the letters she sent him you can tell she is crazy! It seems the more she writes the more she is getting upset. Her handwriting is slowly getting worse as well as her temper. She seriously needs to back off!

1477 days ago


I'm actually dying on the inside to send her a FB message that says I'm Leo's REAL wife n she better back off... LMAO, either that or say I'm his wife and since I can't have a baby, we're going to take baby Jesus when he's born... honestly I'm kinda scared to do it though...hehehe

1475 days ago


OMG! That material is so freakish! Strange I am in the same realm (only I'm not well-known) but man the simliarities are scary. Going through the same deal with an xbf and now he has my son (money buys liars so I have no way to combat corruption) but needless to say my son is his 'toy' and I am so far away to protect him. The comparison of the emails to Livia "Looneytic" letters is all the reference to our son being the 'chosen' one and his sacrifce like Jesus. That and all the other I can't even begin to understand his stuff only that I have just recently been able to see a pattern emerge within the writings and they are actually 'virtual-like written -future past tense' so they are written as pre-warnings but I wasn't able to see that before. Stupid me tends to be a sweet girl and very forgivings of most people's short comings but after a child comes into the picture-the unexplained behaviors and crap pretty much has to come to a stop. From the letters by Livia it looks like she's trippin' on some kind of chemical but she also is showing a pattern with reference to the same topic-being she is carrying the seed that only Leo can activate. If she is a writer and totally laughing her a** off over this, then she really needs to do a better job to express that she really isn't seriously thinking this stuff. If she isn't kidding then Leo needs to get a bodyguard for a couple of months and have him put the fear of "God" into her because this is stalking at it's highest with real crazy mixed in. Trust me the same deal with the xbf also has taken stalking to a level that keeps me up all night. So my x is an unknown and this Livia gal is an unknown person so these are the kind of people that do extreme things to 'prove' their love. Remember Hinckley shot Pres. Reagan for his love to Jodi Foster? These are truly sick people. Too bad judges can't see this kind of crap when a custody battle in going on. All they care about is co-parenting and 'keeping' a sane, protective mother as a target for the batterer to continue to threaten via their child. This Livia person better get a grip and get out of lala land. Leo did the right thing, but a paper is just that. He needs to carry some mace or a knife or some type of weapon just incase. If she knows where he lives that is even worse which is why I am so Anti-Papparozzi because they stalk around the stars homes and act like a bunch of roaches on poop when an actor is driving out their driveway. They and anyone should not be allowed to be within 1000 feet at least when they are exiting their exterior driveway. Sweet Dreams Leo!

1472 days ago


#83 You have a point there for sure! It is sad that when one has the threats and lots of WTF is going on with the person (not only via their written emails but also contradictory phone conversations etc) a person that doesn't know what is going on with the other person and unfamiliar with 'mental disorders' such as borderline personality or schizo has no idea to what degree the person is taking their thoughts or threats seriously and for the ones that are being told the bizarre stuff it can make them kind of whacky in a way because they have to be more on guard because the things said simply aren't 'normal.' My situation is so horrid because he deflects or maybe projects all that he is out to me and makes it from me. Very hard to explain but I have no idea how to handle it. Everything is twisted and reversed and I already get easily confused so it makes it worse when I fly off because I HATE drama and this is beyond because he finds my fears and then makes them into a reality. It is too much to deal with alone. A girl recommended a book called Stop Walking on Eggshells so I am going to get that and try to understand better how to cope with the behavior. It is sad that we live in a society that doesn't keep us safe first when the signs are present rather than crying over our pain, injury or death later.

1472 days ago


I read about this is in Entertainment Weekly and I'm proud Leo got the restraining order! God forbid we should lose someone like Leo to a crazy stalker ala Rebecca Shafer (link on Wilkipedia is for those too young to know about it)

PS, #76-79 were written by a stalker as #80 stated. Here is a hilarious Fandom Wank about the mother & daughter stalking the "Supernatural" tv stars and have been for over 4 years! I wish they would follow suit and file a similar restraining order against these stalkers.

1471 days ago


What a nutjob! Leo Leo you are so sexy! Guess I can't blame her for liking you but yeah, she sounds like a crackpot that belongs in a mental institution. Must be scary to be stalked by someone so delusional. He doesn't have a bodyguard huh? Maybe he needs one after this.

1448 days ago


Wow really let me see her facebook page and she such a crazy bi*** man skrw her

1429 days ago

Enchantress Jan Windglows     

My husband and I are high profile spell casters, and have been stalked by a psycho sociopath for 4 years. All the authorities told us is that we "would have to file a civil law suit on her." We erected this website instead, and exposed her on the Internet, as she was trying to ruin my innocent business. Anyone who has been stalked, should visit this site we made:

Jan Windglows & Jim Morgan

1352 days ago
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